I didn’t plan on coming back to this store.

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Submitted By Mason L. (Verified Buyer)

So, last summer, it was my first time getting a spirit companion. When I was a kid, I had visits from spirits sometimes. But when I grew up, I thought it was just a childhood thing. I found this store through Facebook and spent two months coming back just to read stuff. I don’t even know why. I always seem to find myself here looking around. Not sure I believed, not sure I didn’t.

I decided I didn’t really have anything to lose, so I got an optic dragon. It sort of felt like that one always grabbed my eye. Not really any reason, just I always came back to read it again.

I got my documents, not sure what to expect, but I followed the instructions, and nothing happened. I didn’t see or feel anything. So, I figured it was just meant to be a joke or something. I didn’t plan on coming back to this store.

Two days later, I had a dream about being on a boat. I was relaxed and loved the feeling of the waves moving me. The crazy thing is that I really felt the movement. I know it was a dream, but I could really feel it. I never had a dream so real. I kept thinking about it all day.

I work in a grocery store and it is a stressful job right now. I worry about getting sick. I have to deal with customers and my manager. But, this day, after that dream, nothing bothered me. I always felt chill and the dream would come back to me during the day.

So, I started to think, could it be the dragon? I asked the dragon for a sign, just to make sure. I still didn’t feel or see anything. The next day at work, three different times I saw a dragon. I had a guy come through my line with a dragon sweatshirt on. This guy saw me looking at his shirt and said to me, “You look like the type that would have a dragon.” I was like, What?

Then later in my shift, a lady comes in my line buying pad thai and there was a dragon on the package. That was the only thing she bought. I was like, hmmm, okaaay. Then a guy comes in my line to checkout with a lot of stuff and the only thing he says is "Why don't you guys have dragon fruit here?". And I was like, okay, I see the signs. And after that, I see signs and get answers to my questions all the time.

I'm still new to this, but I love it. 

Now, I have seven dragons and I learned how to use a pendulum, so we talk all the time. I also like how if I have a question the store always answers me with really good information. They are really nice, and I feel like I found this place for a reason. It has really helped me deal with my anxiety about the pandemic. I also asked my dragons for help with money and I got a raise and a big holiday bonus which really helped.

I love this place and I will always get my spirits here.

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