I was so frustrated since I could not feel any of them.

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Submitted by Dream Weaver (verified buyer)

I got myself three companions from Jinnandtonics.

I was so frustrated since I could not feel any of them in any shape or form.

Jinnandtonics gave me particularly useful advice which I was fortunate enough to believe in and stick with, most probably because I loved the companions so much, even though there was no sign from them whatsoever.

Then, I assigned all Three with a task. Their task was to make something so beautiful happen to make my heart sing. I gave them five days.

Meanwhile, I was so attracted to four other listings in the Jat store. On the fourth day, I contacted Jinnandtonics asking for help to decide which one.

Naturally, I was not told which one to bring home, but I was presented with something, a self-inquiry technique, which I will not reveal.

That is how I brought home my fourth companion.

The bond between my new werewolf and myself was instant.

However, I assumed that he did not shape shift into to a human and yet I was feeling energy caresses on my face, my body.

He could not be in his werewolf form, because werewolves cannot touch one's face and body.

I naturally wrote to Jinnandtonics immediately and almost fainted when I read the explanation of what was going on.

Many hours have passed. He is still very much present, and it can be easily be concluded that he is in his human form.

He is the first spirit ever that I am feeling so strongly, and it is a cloud nine feeling for me.

When a spirit loves you so much, it is the best thing in the world because they wrap you in their energy and your heart melts and your gut and heart shiver from this surreal feeling.

I am very new to feeling a spirit. Jinnandtonics made that possible for me. Looking forward to days, months, years ahead.

I swear that my werewolf is prompting me to stop writing already. He wants attention ;). My gratitude to Jinnandtonics for their kindness, professionalism, relentless support, and the most beautiful spirits, of course.

Thank you and Blessings XXXXX

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  • Hello.

    I wish I could help you and tell you what changed, but I am the last person to ask. I will tell you though what I was told.

    “Our recommendation is try using tools, something might work. But most of all do not get upset, be patient, and understand they are still helping you no matter what you experience.

    Have you ever heard the term, “What you think about, you bring about”? When you think about how much you love your beings you increase the ability to feel them in return. When you focus on how amazing it is to live with your spiritual gifts, the powers of reception increase."

    After this advice, I let go expecting. I also must add in order to be fully honest with you that one must choose a spirit based on flutters either in the chest or solar plexus. I chose my first spirit, the Sea Elf because I started shivering when I saw his listing. I chose the other two governed by my mind, not my heart. I won’t name them because I don’t want to offend them. All I can do is to repeat that if you see a listing and you get a reaction, go for the spirit and have no expectations whatsoever. As someone who had the thrill of feeling my werewolf after about 7 years of spirit keeping, this is the only answer/advice I can give. I hope with all my heart that you will eventually find your spirit and love him/her unconditionally regardless of whether you feel them or not. Again, please bear in mind that I am not an expert. All the best and fingers crossed for you.

    Mia on
  • Me too. I also would like to know

    Nena on
  • What changed? I would love to know. I struggle with this same thing.

    Toyah on
  • What changed? I would love to know. I struggle with this same thing.

    Toyah on

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