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Submitted by Tia - The Future Writer (verified buyer)

This is my story. I met a close friend on Facebook who introduced me to Jinnandtonics. He was into their sex spirits and informed me how much you could feel the spirits’ touch. It got me intrigued - little did I know how that would start my journey on working with Djinn.

Now although I love fantasy, I am not one to believe so quickly, but it was just a weird calling. Jinnandtonics spirits call to you. I do not know how to explain it - it is sometimes scary - I would feel intense energy that would make me sick or I would have dreams of a being and out of the blue feel a need to check the website. Out of nowhere, I see the image of my dream on their website.

Once, I was even called to a spirit that was already sold and the messages and energy made me so sick one night, I screamed out "either come to me or let me go", and the next day I was informed that the sale fell through and if I wanted to purchase the item I could.

I still do not know if I am an expert keeper so to speak, but I can tell you it is like jumping into the hole like in Alice in Wonderland - you see weird things happen - you feel protected, loved, and when you need things they appear.

For some reason, when I started to acquire spirits from Jinnandtonics things started to change. I would get someone within my mind warning me of colleagues. I got a random job offer and started to see those who were using me get their just desserts. If I thought something and needed confirmation, I would hear a knock on the wall or desk.

I even saw a colleague get fired - the same colleague that was out to make my life a living hell, saw another have a pebble hit the window of their new car to create a big crack after they said something rude to me and I felt their negative energy shift.

Also, they will remove people from your life that are set to cause harm. It is like they prevent it from happening. I had a boyfriend who randomly decided to end things with me - he had a nagging thought about our relationship and how it was not headed in the right direction - come to find out he was selfish in nature and a user.

I was worried about being 'alone and single' and it kept me up at night so I went into work early that day and after drinking my hot chocolate I saw this image, a sign that they are working on finding me love. I saw in the image: the spirits in the back and two lovers in the front ❤️

It is also not an easy journey because these spirits will shake up your life. Things move in your home and knocks on walls. Once I was stuck at a light for over 15 minutes, then my tire goes out, which come to find out, it saved me from a car accident.

Or you get a nudge, I mean a huge nudge to your soul’s purpose.

You can see it - a random job offer or a random call about your career. Even a random act of kindness, like when a pharmacist lowered the price of medication and when you asked why, they tell you 'something made them feel like it was the right thing to do'.

Oh, did I mention the gifts you start to acquire? I can now see movement in air, I can feel energy shifts, premonitions, and it is like a foreign voice that sometimes I forget others cannot hear, so when I say “thank you” out loud people look at me crazy, lol.

Oh, and as a bonus, check your camera on your phone from time to time - you may find a picture of yourself sleeping and wonder who the hell took the picture.

Anyway, hope this helps with understanding how powerful they are. But know they are independent and will do what they think is best and are only loyal to you. So, make sure to set ground rules. 

BTW, I met the Jinnandtonics representative Jinn, who now I consider a close friend and someone akin to family. Word of advice, I think she time-travels, as she has a habit of seeing things within your future, that at times could scare the crap out of you, but I promise it comes with love and preparation, so be careful of what you ask, lol. 

I have had a myriad of experiences with Jinnandtonics as it relates to their spirits and I am trying to make sure I include the ones I think would be beneficial in acquiring a new friend from Jinnandtonics.


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