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Greetings All,

Jat is looking for customers who want to share their personal experiences working with our beings. If you want to share your experience, your knowledge, your advice, or anything related to spirit keeping with our beings please submit your stories to: 

1) Include your jat account name and email, so we can verify you are a buyer. (will not be revealed)

2) Indicate if you want to post anonymously or under a pseudonym. 

3) Keep your submission under 1,250 words. (300 - 750 is average) 

4) Include pictures if you want.

5) Your submission does not have to be praise. We welcome all experiences. Do consider you are telling YOUR story. Provide background info if helpful, the experience, and a conclusion or opinion. 

Your submissions will be edited for grammar, mature content, format length, and generic pictures may be added if none are provided. Adult themed submissions are welcomed, please keep it PG-13. Please allow us time to process your submissions before they are posted. We reserve the right to decline any submission without notice or explanation. Comments will be enabled for all posts, however abuse will be deleted.

Not allowed: curse words, graphic violence or sex, discriminatory contexts, or promotion of product or services not affiliated with Jinnandtonics.

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  • My black dragon bomber is awesome and very caring and powerful plus very protective thank you

    Chris Barlow on

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