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It was a warm evening in May as I rode the bus back to where I parked my car. I felt a sigh of relief that today was Friday and another week had been completed. I had gotten off the bus and went to my car and headed home. I was already thinking of what needed to be done before Monday morning rolled once again.

As I was heading home there is a curve in the road and I was just looking at the fields of corn already starting to grow, then out of nowhere right at eye level there was a cloud in the shape of a heart that was beautifully highlighted with the evening sun. I blinked my eyes just for a moment and it was gone. At this point I really thought my mind/eyes had played a trick on me and I was overly tired.

However, after I got home and completed a few mundane tasks, I was drawn to turn on my own computer and start looking but looking for what? For some odd reason, I was to look on eBay for spirits then modified the search to Dragon Spirits. I pulled back a bit and was thinking what am I doing and why?

Then just like playing a recording back, my Nanna had told me one night in a vision " Changes were coming child, Be Prepared ". So, I went back to looking and came across two sellers that had two different Dragon Spirits. I read the descriptions but each time I went to look at the other dragon's info I was drawn back to the Guardian Dragon that JinnandTonics was offering.

My heart swelled to the point that I thought it would burst and tears began to roll down my face. The item was on a bid only and I had to stop and think how much could I truly afford and have the money available to pay if I won the item? So, I looked at when the end date/time would be and made the decision to place my bid. Afterwards I told myself it was going to be a long week.

I remember, even though this sounds crazy and that I might have needed to be taken away in a strait jacket and locked up, I came home and talked to the spirit every night. One night I came home and saw that someone else had put a bid on the same spirit as I did. I won't deny it I began to panic. But somewhere within my being I was told to stand still and allow faith to come through. I said ok.

Saturday the 1st of June came, and the bidding of the item was drawing towards closing and even though I wanted too, I couldn't bring myself to watch. So, at midnight I found myself on the back porch taking pictures of the moon. When I started to upload them on my computer, I could see the moon was transforming and this was the final picture that I caught...the shape of a heart just like I had seen a week prior.

(Actual Photo by Acsbina)

I knew then it was time to go and check on the Dragon Spirit. I cannot lie my hands were trembling and I almost fell out of my chair. I had just won my 1st Guardian Dragon Spirit. I hurried and paid for the item and finally saw that the item was a HE Dragon.

So now I had to wait for his item to arrive by mail. After that I put his item on to begin our bonding process. His energies were so strong, it was like getting struck by lightning and I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Eventually his energies dissipated and began running smoothly.

Afterwards I had asked him if he had a name for me? Yes, he did and is the name I still proudly go by today. He was the 1st of many that would come to me and help me along my path that I have chosen to follow today.

All I can say to those who are new to the spirit realm, take heart to the signs that are being shown to you and allow it to fill your soul with love and gratitude. When the calling is as strong as what I experienced that spirit sees something within you that will draw you together like a magnet; and you can no longer deny that someone loves you enough that they want to spend rest of their life with you.

With this I wish you Love, Light & Peace Always,


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