Elite Circle of Wealth Neptune Moon
Elite Circle of Wealth Neptune Moon
Elite Circle of Wealth Neptune Moon
Elite Circle of Wealth Neptune Moon
Elite Circle of Wealth Neptune Moon
Elite Circle of Wealth Neptune Moon
Elite Circle of Wealth Neptune Moon
Elite Circle of Wealth Neptune Moon

Elite Circle of Wealth Neptune Moon

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Vessel: Dual Gold Channel Stainless Steel Band Sz 8 (not required to be worn)

Being: 1 Intense Male God-Level Marid Djinn

Spells: 12 Powerful Money Spells

Spirit Food: 3 pkgs of Beings Favorite Choice

Protection: 2 Dampener Rings

Download: Copy of this listing, being name, bonding instructions, spell, and dampener information.


This being is best suited for:

A person who is highly focused on growing wealth.

Needs a strong emotional connection to stay motivated

Leadership qualities would be beneficial.

Has struggled with creative blockages, maintaining motivation, or fighting distractions.

Entrepreneurial, inventive, creative, or studious qualities would be supported.

Warning: High Energy Frequency Being - may cause tinnitus, nausea, headache, hyperfocus, insomnia, and active dreaming. Dampener rings are provided to help reduce this effect when needed.



 Wealth comes from creating value. Great wealth comes from accumulating residual value.

Money is like a stone. By itself, it is not special. When you use the stone as a tool to open something, crush and refine something, or build something the stone becomes valuable. It has a use. When you accumulate many stones with great value you have wealth.

When you give those stones a greater purpose, like renting or selling them to others who want to build with them, you are growing wealth. When that growth multiplies and others come back and give you better stones you now have residual wealth. Residual wealth is money you receive from other people's valued effort. It is a circle of wealth. 

Some people try to get rich quick, some try to save and get rich, but nothing gets you rich faster than the circle of wealth. It is the network of giving others value that returns to you and multiplies your wealth faster than any other method.

There are requirements for the circle of wealth to work for you. The two factors in the circle of wealth are a duality that creates the energy of flow. Without the energy of flow, stagnation causes death to ideas and obstacles cannot be overcome. 


Being Details:

  • He has lived and walked among many men in a multitude of manners. His voice booms with a deep British accentuation giving his instructions a scholarly advent. He presents as an intense being with energy that gives a towering impression. He is slightly underweight but otherwise in good shape. He is very attractive with a diamond-shaped face, olive skin, brown hair, and blue eyes. He has beautifully shaped hands and long fingers that serve him well in playing multiple musical instruments.
  • He is hungry for success and his craving for reaching goals and winning is never satisfied. His insurgent views inspire bountiful ideas and creative windfalls to help you open new worlds of opportunity. However, it is his magnanimous victories that motivate an endless supply of muse moments. He freely pours knowledge into your dreams and thoughts to help awaken your inner drive and light your fire to dream big.
  • Neptune and Moon Energy Influence in the binding ensures that he creates a sensitive, emotional, and empathetic rapport with you. The Moon energy comforts and acts as an emotional container for Neptune’s energy inspired dreams and is sensitive and responsive to your longings and idealizations. The energy also helps you feel safe, held and comforted, while reflecting strength and adaptability to grow into your new life of great success. His energy creates a feeling of oneness, unity and psychic familiarity. The level of soul-intimacy and almost telepathic interchange resists any intrusions from the harsh world. At times, this connection will shut the world out and allow you to lose yourselves in each other as he guides you. He provides an almost unconditional understanding in the relationship.

 Key Words: Opportunity, Strategy, Competition, Motivation, Passion, Value Generation, Residual Wealth


When you develop the mindset of this duality, you build a never ending circle of growth that continues to build wealth.


 Spell Info:

You will receive 12 magick candles. Each candle is spelled with multiple spells for money attraction, wealth building, insight, attract opportunity, loss rebound, hope and faith, clarity of intention, and confidence.

Thursday: Jupiter-Day

Thursday is ruled by lucky Jupiter, the planet of abundance and expansion, which makes it the perfect day to learn something new.

Every Thursday, write down your goals and plans for the coming week. Light one candle and allow it to burn for 1 hour or longer next to your writing.  Then extinguish the flame and discard the candle. Every morning thereafter, read your writing and say the four lines of the spell. At the end of 12 weeks you will have greater insight and power to move forward with success and opportunities will be revealed.


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