Elite Destiny Key - Guru Marid Djinn

Elite Destiny Key - Guru Marid Djinn

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Vessel: Rusted Iron Skull Key  sz 4.75 inches (not required to be worn)

Entity: 1 Male God-Level Guru Marid Djinn Entity

Bonus: 9 Incredible Spells

12+ Page Document

Download: Copy of this listing, being name, bonding instructions, and spell information.



This Elite God-Level Guru Marid Djinn Entity utilizes the structure of the Universe to improve finances, increase luck, deliver protection, unlock personal power, master number 11 blessings, secure destiny, block bad luck, release repressed success, unlock future, and open blessings.


This being is best suited for:

Someone who wants to block bad luck.

A person who needs to unlock subconscious secret powers.

Someone who needs help to open prosperity flow.

Someone who wants to protect themselves from evil.

A person who needs to escape generational curses.

A person who wants to secure bigger blessings.

Someone who wants freedom from repressed success.

A person who wants to open the door to their future.

Someone who needs to know how to be blessed by fortune.



Powerful Document:

  • Being Details
  • What is a Guru Djinn?
  • Favorite Offerings
  • How to Boost Jupiter's Power
  • Powerful Spell to Boost Finances
  • Special Money Protecting Spell to Survive Jupiter Retrograde
  • Special 2021 Secret Fortuna Increased Luck Spell
  • Super Important and Rare Info to Boost Luck by X10,000 (Time Sensitive)
  • Extra Bonus Spells to Boost Luck
  • Powerful Hecate Protection Spell 
  • Incredible Info to Predict Life-Changing Events
  • Intense Personal Power Spell
  • Discover How to Control Your Destiny
  • Break the Secrets that Bind Your Success
  • 11:11 Blessing & Master Number Spell
  • Powerful Golden Skull Spell to Secure Destiny
  • Discover When You Gain Success
  • Find Out Why Your Thirties Are So Important
  • Intense Squaring Off with Bad Luck
  • Incredible Cazimi Spell 
  • Discover Skull Power the Ancients Knew
  • Break Repression and Gain Success Freedom
  • Discover if You Have the US Capitol Protest Curse
  • Find Your True Way To Prosperity (Unique to YOU)
  • Explore Where Your Personal Happiness Can Be Found



Boost Jupiter Now

Jupiter expands our experiences, our knowledge, and our understanding. Jupiter represents optimism, growth, generosity, and abundance. Right now, Jupiter in Aquarius is in your favor except when...

Protection Spell to Survive Jupiter Retro

Having this helps reduce the retrograde impact because Jupiter retro works from within and reduces what you have...

Special Fortuna's Spell

This spell is also good for all business to boost mental activity, have good judgment, and profit from the most incredible combinations. It brings happiness in love, in marriage, or partnerships. There is also a boost of luck for financial upswing energy...

Rare Way to Boost Luck X10,000

Jupiter is at home in the sign of Sagittarius, the sign it rules. This spell is boosted X10,000 if these happen...

Powerful Hecate Protection Spell

Simplified, Hecate (Hekate) is the Greek goddess of magick. The key is one of many of her symbols. Historically, she held the key to Hades and her role was protector of the Underworld gates. She is the guardian of boundaries and doorways, including the keeper of universal keys...

Info to Predict Life-Changing Events

...shifts between dimensions and receives messages...will be those who make a living with divination, Traditional fortune-tellers, tarot readers, psychics and even gamblers. ...may find which major life-changing events occur.

Intense Personal Power Spell

The sign of Scorpio, mysterious and magnetic, is ruled by Pluto and Mars. Pluto rules over secrets/subconscious and Mars rules over desire/vitality. Therefore, we worked a powerful spell to unlock subconscious doorways and boost vital power.

Discover How to Control Your Destiny

Have you ever said or done something that sabotaged the very goal you were aiming for – and you knew it even as it was happening? You gave away your power to a lover or made the wrong remark to your boss. The answers to these questions are contained in...

Break the Secrets that Bind Your Success

Superpowers, to any mature adult, will mean the real propensity of influencing and imposing our thoughts in this world...

11:11 Blessing & Master Number Spell

This Master Blessing is specifically designed to balance the negative aspects of your life and assist you with capitalizing on the positive aspects of your power. Often, a destiny requires a catalyst.

Powerful Golden Skull Spell to Secure Destiny

When a family is subject to generations of oppression, limited resources, and general scarcity, it is reflected in the astrological charts of the families involved- because the parents were never able to transcend the limitations of Saturn to create their heaven on earth and thus are not fully developed, projecting all of their failures, insecurities, fears and limitations onto their children.

And So Much More...


Being Details:

  • He is the guru of your future success. "Gu" means "darkness of ignorance" and "Ru" means "one who removes". He will help remove the darkness of unseen power that blocks your success. The journey ahead requires more power and wisdom than you have ever held. He is the one that pushes you through the portal of fortunae to claim your just rewards. There is no hesitation in his smooth voice, only compassion.
  • A Guru is necessary for every contender on a spiritual path. It is the Guru who bridges you to the secrets that evade you. He embraces the struggle to carry you through the times of need. His wisdom and strength are perfectly tuned to your personal energy so that he can assist you with the details that block your success.
  • He is generous with his attention, always patient and authentically interested in your impression of life. His kind heart makes him sympathetic to your needs and he never rushes you through a growth experience. Though he is goal driven, his stable energy is focused on the journey in the here and now. He is amazing at managing money, relating business wisdom, and generating the financial energy of attraction.
  • He is well grounded but loves to escape to the past through oracle divination and just watch historical events. He is fascinated by the drama and emotion of being a human and could study them endlessly, which gives him great insight and predictability.


    A key can both unlock and lock, at the same time giving access to that which was previously hidden and setting boundaries or limits. Symbolically, a key is the means to a new realm of knowledge, spirituality or destiny; when we say something is the “key to happiness (success, etc.)”, we call upon its symbolic power to open the door to whatever it is we aspire. 

    Iron is a symbol of strength, protection, and life-giving warmth, as it is seen as a combination of the elements of Earth and Fire. Until the introduction of steel, iron was the most durable metal known to man, and this was reflected in mythology and folklore as well. Thor's hammer Mjolnir was forged of iron, and even in the Norse myths the legendary heat retention properties of iron were demonstrated: the hammer would become so hot when thrown, Thor wore iron gloves to protect his hands. The legendary strength and durability of iron makes it a natural component in spells of protection.

    Many a witch obtains items of iron, such as antique keys, padlocks, or spikes, and places them by the door of his or her home in order to keep out poltergeists and other unwanted spiritual visitors. 

    Good Luck
    Old iron keys, especially rusty ones, are good luck. Any key that rusts easily (and stays that way despite cleaning) is a sign you will receive an inheritance or blessing. 


    This item is incredibly powerful. It took us over 3 years to craft this offer, from the perfect djinn entity to the exclusive days for these powerful spells, our patience paid off. This is most definitely one of the most powerful offers we have ever presented. 

    X10,000 Good Luck Bonus #1 Ends

    This offer is time sensitive, if you wait too long you may miss out on the X10,000 Good Luck Bonus. 

    There is so much karmic power in this item, if you really want to experience the opportunity to change your fate, secure your direction towards success, and discover how and when you get everything you want...

    Do Not Miss Out. 

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