Elite Egyptian Money Angel Djinn

Elite Egyptian Money Angel Djinn

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Vessel: 925 Sterling Silver  Black CZ Tennis Bracelet sz 7 in. (not required to be worn)

Being: 1 Intense Male God-Level Egyptian Angel Djinn

(1 Djinn * 3 Gods * 5 Money Angels)

Spells: 12 Powerful Wisdom, Money, and Flow Spells

Spirit Food: 3 pkgs of Beings Favorite Choice

Bonus: Blue Voice Burner and Sacred Rose Oil

Download: Copy of this listing, being name, bonding instructions, spell, and wisdom, voice, and meaning of life information. (21 pages)


This being is best suited for someone who:

Wants Supernatural Intervention Has a Financial Destiny

Can Feel Something Special is Missing Knows the Truth but

Sometimes has Doubt   Is Considering Changes Needs Money to

Flow so You Can Achieve What You Are Born to BE!



Voice - a particular opinion or attitude expressed.

Your voice is the creator; your words are the spell; how you use your voice can deplete or magnify the power of your desires. When you have found your voice, your power will manifest and destiny opens the gates of your dreams.


Being Details:

  • This djinn is one of the strongest we have offered in our experience. He is energy influenced by the powers of many incredible forces.

         1 Djinn – 3 Gods – 5 Angels

             He is associated with the following:


      • Wisdom and Writing:
      • Thoth the Egyptian god of writing, magic, wisdom, and the moon. He was one of the most important gods of ancient Egypt said to be self-created.
      • Raziel the Angel of Mysteries, Keeper of Secrets, master of divine magic to help you manifest abundance and prosperity through writing, wisdom, magick, and manifestation of your highest path.


      • Money and Wealth:
      • Osiris, one of Egypt’s most important deities, was god of the underworld. He also symbolized death, resurrection, and the cycle of Nile floods that Egypt relied on for agricultural fertility (Money).
      • Archangel Gadiel, invoked in the key of Solomon, – also known as the holiest angel. His name means “God Is My Wealth”. He is one of the divine angels of prosperity.
      • Archangel Gamaliel - means “Recompense of God.” Known to be one of the most generous Angels, he is a gracious gift giver. He can help you create your desires, and build heaven on earth.
      • Archangel Barakiel, is an ancient Angel whose name means, “God’s Blessing.” Being the Angel of good fortune, He will assist in opening your heart in ways that abundance will get attracted to you.


      • Energy Flow
      • Ptah, Egyptian god, the God of Creator. Ptah also known as the God of wisdom, craftsmen, pottery, and creation means the “opener” in the sense of “opener of the mouth”. The ceremony involved a symbolic animation of a statue or mummy by magically opening its mouth so that it could breathe and speak. This power helps you find your voice, confidence, and power. It develops a flow of energy for abundance.
      • Archangel Pathiel – means “the Opener”, open your gates to the manifestation of abundance and prosperity by surrendering your doubts and fears to the direction of your path


      • He is calling you to speak, to find your voice, to claim your prize, to manifest your destiny. You have known there is something better coming your way, but you have failed to fully commit to it. Your blessings are teetering on the edge of your will and it is up to you to act on your desires to create their reality. He is telling you, Speak it Now, Make it So, Take that Step.
      • Key Words: Empower, New Beginnings, Miracles, Creation, Strength, Abundance, Prosperity, Wealth, Development


      Roses and Angels

      People regularly report smelling the fragrance of roses while communicating with angels in prayer or meditation. Angels use rose scents as physical signs of their spiritual presence with people because roses have powerful energy fields that vibrate at a high electrical frequency—the highest of any flower on Earth.


       Spell Info:

      For Wisdom * For Money * For Flow

       “Guard well your thoughts when alone and your words when accompanied.” ― Roy T. Bennett

       You will receive a special blue oil burner (spelled to open your throat chakra), sacred rose oil, and 12 candles. Each candle is spelled with 12 spells for wisdom, creative inspiration, money attraction, wealth building, spiritual insight, energy flow, destiny manifestation, chakra healing, angel communication, open opportunity, boost career, and wish manifestation.

       The number 12 is an important one when it comes to numerology since it signifies completion. It also belongs to the star sign Pisces who is known to be a spiritual sign that is in constant touch with the energies of the universe.

       The number 12 is made up of two numbers, 1 and 2. 1 is a prime number and signifies the beginning and the singular nature of the universe. It is also related to completion, perfection, harmony, motivation, achievement and independence. 2, on the other hand, is all about seeing two sides of any situation, diplomacy, partnership and the mutable nature of life.

       12 is at the very end of the numerology spectrum, and it offers those who see it in their daily life the opportunity to turn over a new leaf by giving them a chance to wrap up a certain life stage and situation before moving forward to bigger and better things. this number is like a curtain call that allows you to get your affairs together so you can benefit from the windfall that the universe is about to bestow on you.

       These are very powerful spells. Powerful enough to deliver you to the next level of your life, to open the doors of your dreams, to usher you into the realm of your achievements. Utilize this power!

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