Elite Egyptian Wadj Protection Portal

Elite Egyptian Wadj Protection Portal

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Vessel: 18KT GP Emerald Green Austrian Crystal Ring sz 8 (not required to be worn)

Being: 1 Powerful Female God-Level Marid Djinn

Spells: 444 Protection and Attraction Spells Embedded

Bonus Charging Cone: 1 Powerful 100X Charging Cone

Download: Copy of this listing, being name, bonding instructions, and spell information.


This being is best suited for:

A person who needs help blocking fear, worry, and anxiety.

A person who wants extra health protection in their home.

 Someone who needs help protecting others who are not protecting themselves.

Someone who needs good energy.

Someone who can benefit from increased balanced and peaceful energy.

Someone who needs protection for finance.

Someone who needs increased abundance in finances

Someone who can benefit from extra security in their home and for their job.

Someone who needs a strong spiritual shield.



About Wadj:


♥ Protection ♥ Shielding ♥Health ♥ Fertility ♥Calming Energy ♥ Boosts Prosperity ♥ Wealth

 To the ancient Egyptians, color was an essential part of life. If a god was considered to have no color, then the meaning was that the god could never be thoroughly understood. The magic of color dates back to prehistoric times.

 The Egyptian palette had six colors: red (desher), green (wadj), blue (khesbedj and irtiu), yellow (kenit and khenet), black (khem or kem), and white (shesep and hedj). Most of these colors were made from mineral compounds, which is why they retained their vibrant colors throughout thousands of years. And most of the gemstones they used were semi-precious and chosen not as much for their beauty as they were for the symbolism or the perceived magic they contained. Whether these materials were carved into everyday jewelry or ground down and painted on tomb walls, their colors were not used randomly. Great forethought was given to the colors used on the deity being portrayed, the deceased persons' afterlife requirements, or living Egyptians protection.

 Meaning of green in ancient Egypt

 The word Wadj (green) also means “to flourish” or “to be healthy”. The hieroglyph represented the papyrus plant as well as the green stone malachite (wadj). The color green represented vegetation, new life, and fertility. In an interesting parallel with modern terminology, actions that preserved the fertility of the land or promoted life were described as “green”. Earth and fertility gods such as Geb and Osiris are depicted with green skin, indicating their power to encourage the growth of vegetation. However, the ancient Egyptians recognized the cycle of growth and decay and so green was also associated with death and the power of resurrection.

 In the Book of the Dead, the deceased is described as a falcon with wings of green stone and in the Pyramid, Texts Horus is described as” Lord of the Green Stone”. Because of this connection with Horus (the hawk god) the “Eye of Heru” amulet, which offered protection and healing, was often green. During the mummification process, the heart was left in the body and a green heart scarab was placed over it to magically protect it from damage.[1]

[1] https://ancientegyptonline.co.uk/colourgreen/

Healing with Emerald

 ♥ Love ♥ Romance ♥ Joy ♥ Cleansing ♥ Intuition ♥ Clairvoyance ♥ Faith ♥ Serenity ♥ Intelligence ♥ Clear vision ♥ Truth ♥ Memory & Communication ♥ Physical & Emotional healing

 Emerald is known as the “stone of successful love”.  It brings loyalty and provides for domestic bliss.  It enhances unconditional love, unity and promotes friendship.  Keeps partnerships in balance and can signal unfaithfulness if it changes color.  Emerald stimulates the heart chakra, having a healing effect on the emotions as well as the physical heart.  It ensures physical, emotional and mental equilibrium, bringing harmony to all areas of one’s life.  Focusing intention and raising consciousness, it brings in positive actions, eliminating negativity and enhancing the ability to enjoy life to the fullest.

 Emerald enhances psychic abilities, opens clairvoyance, and stimulates the use of greater mental capacity.  It helps bring awareness of the unknown to conscious recognition, imparting reason and wisdom.  Emerald assists in inciting activity and focus in ones actions.  It strengthens memory and imparts clarity of thought.  It inspires a deep inner knowing, promoting truth and discernment.

 Emerald treats disorders of the heart, lungs, spine and muscular system.  It aids in recovery after infectious illness, helps sinuses and soothes the eyes, improving vision.  It has a detoxifying effect on the liver and alleviates diabetes and rheumatism.[1]

 Emerald Uses and Purposes

 Emerald is an excellent stone for reviving passion, whether for an interest, a person, or a job. To attract romantic love, wear or carry an Emerald out of sight near the heart. To call back an estranged love, speak the words you wish to say holding the stone close to your lips and seal it in an envelope. If appropriate, send it to the person with a message. [Eason, 250]

 In tumblestone form, Emerald promotes good self-esteem, especially in restoring the confidence of young girls or teens that have been teased about their weight, or any young person made to feel inferior due to the inability to afford the latest designer goods. [Eason, 250]

 While Emerald has a calming effect on the emotions, it has an invigorating effect on thought, reflection, and philosophy. It is a marvelous crystal for activating artistic creativity, and for bringing focus and intensity to one’s lifework. [Megemont, 81][Melody, 257]

 Emerald is a remarkable support stone for the workplace. It increases mental acuity, strengthens memory and inspires eloquence in speech. Natural Emerald or tumblestone held for five minutes a day brings rapid recall of facts, and is ideal for occupations where visionary insight is a significant benefit. It enkindles success in business, especially for older women, and is particularly known for assistance in areas of legal affairs, trials and litigation. [Kunz, 78][Hall, 127][Eason, 250][Melody, 258][www.jewelsforme.com]

 Emerald brings a soothing mental and emotional equilibrium, making it extremely beneficial in stimulating cooperation and understanding within a group of people. It is also helpful in relieving claustrophobia. READ MORE HERE

[1] https://www.charmsoflight.com/emerald-healing-properties


Being Details:

  • She is a warrior princess. Her determination and charm are her secret weapons to disarm your nuclear fears. She has a way of shocking you with her energy to get your attention. Sometimes it’s a tingling sensation or a flash of light, but however she grabs you, it will be to redirect your thoughts and save you from your own worries.


  • She is a principal leader in her realms. She cares for thousands of others. Her skill levels in management, opportunity, strategy, and prosperity are above reproach. She meets the needs of all who call on her. She is dependable and her powers are vast. Financial hardships will be overcome with her influences. Abundance will flow under her manifestations.


  • She understands the core of all Egyptian magick and can access even the lost spells that escaped mankind. Her power to shield can wrap around you and soothe your spiritual journey as you grow from this shift. She reminds you that you have been preparing for this event and you are stronger than you realize.


  • Her bright light and energy is full-spectrum with healing powers and blessings that flow. She can boost the magnetic attraction of all good things. You may never become aware of the tragedy she prevents in your life, so try to wear a grateful heart. Her power is working to save you.

 Key Words: Strong Protection, Healing Energy, Attract Wealth, Greater Abundance, Defeat Fears, Survive Struggles, Transformational Changes, Spiritual Growth, Survial Strength


“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.”
Leon C. Megginson


 Spell Info:

100X Charging Cone

This brilliant Charging Cone is amazing! It has been designed with a strong purpose in mind. Everything involved has a specific purpose. The Charging Cone is spell cast with a spell using the power of lunar magick for exploring uncharted areas of power and potential. Which is used to increase your intuitive awareness and psychic ability, to help you focus, and empower your mind.

 We have enchanted this Charging Cone with a powerful chakra spell that allows your chakras to open quickly and the powerful energy within you begins to flow stronger than ever. This brilliant Charging Cone – is specifically chosen to funnel energy and enhance you with power.

 With a prism-like cut it can radiate the power of white light energy as well as intensify the specific frequency of each color energy present in white light.

 Just one example:

 Purple/ violet energy: to use your imagination to its fullest, to re-balance your life, to remove obstacles, to calm over activity or to energize from depression .

 Purple being the combination of red and blue, the warmest and coolest colors, purple is believed to be the ideal color. Purple is the color of good judgment. It is the color of people seeking spiritual fulfillment.

 Violet is the color of purpose. Red is a focusing, dynamic and active energy while blue is cooling, calming and expansive. Violet brings a new dynamic to the expansion of blue and the activity of red. Red brings practicality to the undirected expansiveness of the blue, and allows more creative energy to emerge. For this reason, violet is associated with imagination and inspiration.

 Violet energy is used for meditation and to sharpen psychic awareness, connection with higher self, and to increase imagination and inspiration (wear purple when you want to encourage fantasy, mystery and imagination).

 The clear crystal Charging Cone will empower the spells on any of your other items allowing a strong lunar vibration to penetrate them for extra strength and potency! You can use it to charge ANY spelled items. This magick item is specially designed to power boost energies and bring them out in your other items, providing a stronger more stable, potent power in all your magickals.

 That’s what makes this item so valuable!

 There’s nothing else available with all this power!

 You get the chakra spell that allows your chakras to open quickly and the powerful energy within you begins to flow within days!

 Use this Charging Cone to increase your awareness and psychic ability!

 You get the power of all the specific color frequencies in white light, like the color purple energies that will supercharge your personal power!

 You get the benefits of the lunar magick in this item specially designed to supercharge all your magickal item's power energies and bring them out in a stronger more stable way.


 You get a super success spell as well! (Can be used by itself or with the portal instructions provided.)

This spell is phenomenal!

 Brilliant in power!


444 Protection and Attraction Spells

The ring, djinn, candle holder, and charging cone are all prepared to work together to radiate 444 protection and attraction spells. They repel evil, illness, bad energy, loss, and more. They attract good energy, health, wealth, abundance and more.

You can update or change the names of those you want to be protected and repeat the spell with any candle in the candle holder.  These spells are replenished by the magick power of the djinn and the universal energy of the charging cone. You have unlimited use. The more often you perform a spell, the stronger the energy. Step by Step instructions are included.

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