Elite Easy to Experience Djinn - SENDI Dandelion Binding

Elite Easy to Experience Djinn - SENDI Dandelion Binding

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Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge. ~ Plato

The night air teased a sweet scent of magnolias blooming above. We raised our faces to inhale and bask in the softness of its floral delicacy.  Barefoot in the dewy grass, we tiptoed among a blanket of glowing blue orbs, the dandelion fluff illuminated by the full moon. On our way to our sacred place, whispering magickal words, a swift breeze pushed passed us. The darkness exploded with tiny dancing dandelion seeds that looked like floating magickal glitter. It only took a moment, the natural spreading of illumination, the vision of power in a gentle word; we stood still watching it unfold in slow motion.

Our dandelions are an ethereal binding created with elegant and graceful energy. Like the dandelion flower, they can produce a multitude of wonders, spreading illumination on the wind like a whisper, sharing the connection of spirits with just a magickal word.

A dandelion binding is a ritual using code for spirit connection and allows for a smooth transfer to a vessel or body binding if preferred.  The binding connects you to the being without a vessel shipping to you.  You can have a faster connection and the ability to choose if you want a vessel or not. Full instructions on transfer to a vessel, removing the binding, charging it, and more, are included in the document.

The SENDI Dandelion Binding is a multifaceted binding interwoven with emotion and knowledge to create a deeper empathic connection for those who want to experience more of the being.

S is for success in all they will do. 

E is for an explorer, always ready for the next journey.

N is for notable, unforgettable energy.

D is for descriptive, with a deeper connection.

I is for ideas that they bring to life.

The SENDI Dandelion Binding documents are about more than what the being can do for you. We go beyond our library references and generalities, to share the personal and emotional details of their essence through revealing our interactions with them in our dreams and lucid experiences. Now you can discover and get to know us and the being in a meaningful way.

* Learn a bit about the djinn's past, how he lived in Berlin, who he worked with there.

* Discover the way the conjurer meets up with the djinn.

* Step into the djinn's home and experience his surroundings.

* Feel his personality come alive.

* Find out when he came to Jinnandtonics.

* Follow him on a travel adventure with our staff.

* Observe him communicate with us through detailed dreams, telepathy, and intuition.

* Investigate how he protected us from real danger and loss.

* Explore his powerful energy and interactions.

* Delve into the mysteries of meeting strangers.

* Educate yourself on the complex interwoven hidden secrets in dream interpretations.

* Appreciate the blessings of how the unknown reveals itself.

If you are a collector who wants to know more than a list of traits, or a person who could benefit from much more details about your beings, THIS IS FOR YOU.

This purchase is for 1 Male, God-Level Marid Djinn, Elite Level Power, with binding code, details, and bonus dream interpretation material in a 17-page document download.





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