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Jinnandtonics does not offer information meant to be the full knowledge on spiritual warfare. It is a deeply vast topic with ancient roots across many belief systems. Although it is practiced differently in parts of the world the art of war remains a nuanced skill. Anyone can get started forming their own path in spiritual warfare. We aim to simplify the concept and make it easier for beginner and advanced warriors to utilize what we can offer.

What is spiritual warfare?

Spiritual warfare is the act of battling evil influence on the human experience.

It is not the avoidance of personal responsibility for our actions. It is the direct action of taking responsibility for our part in battling evil and learning to take back our power.

To start we must clarify, good and evil are a spectrum of moral and humanitarian actions. Not opposites, but a sliding scale of power.

Spiritual warfare is the action of accepting responsibility for your role in the personal battle against evil in your life.

Evil is considered a profound immoral or wicked force or action. Evil can be an influence that prompts morally good people to be plagued by defeat, illness, stress, relationship struggles, career, or financial distress, and much more.

Taking up the fight against evil influences in your life makes you a spiritual warrior at some level.

The four levels of spiritual warfare divide the experiences into understandable levels to assist you with choosing what type of protection you need.

The four levels are as follows:

Personal Level is the most common level for most people. It is anything from your daily battles trying to achieve your goals to feeling attacked personally by evil forces. This could be a need to stop spiritual vampires, energy parasites, or spiritual attacks of fear or panic. If you are not reaching your goals or just feel happiness is out of your reach, this is a personal level of attack.

Ground Level is when you have come to the realization that you need to step up and protect yourself, you may start to recognize your close family or friends are also under attack. Those close to you are often a target for evil when you start to take back your power. Ground level warfare protects your loved ones, home, career, the environment you experience and those who interact in it.

Occult level is warfare that begins to go beyond a defense system of protection and builds an offensive to prevent future attacks and deliver blows to those darkest forces like online bullies, stalkers, or toxic or harmful relationships that you can excise from your life. This is where you get serious about your spiritual walk and choose to take actions that bring results. This can be forming a spirit family, changing your own behaviors, and setting boundaries for those in your life. This most commonly includes building a spiritual army to deliver you the destiny you desire to claim. This is doing spells or sending spirits to do battle for you.

Epiphany (Internal Realization) is the highest level of spiritual warfare and is the state of epiphany that sets you free, breaks all bonds, and transforms you. This occurs because of your three previous levels reaching an awakening where you can suddenly see life differently allowing you to reach your goals with new inspiration and power. This would be anything from physical and emotional healing to reaching a new self that is more capable to achieve your goals.

The main goal for starting spiritual warfare is to accept responsibility for your part. Get healthy physically, emotionally, and spiritually. At all levels of spiritual warfare, you use tools to help you.

A spiritual army is a group of spirit beings that you have put together to assist you in fighting evil. Many people may call it their spirit family or collection of beings.

Spiritual warfare is best started with some help from some source outside of yourself. This is because our perspective is purposely thwarted by evil influence through manipulation, beliefs, core experiences, triggers, etc. We can be influenced by our up-bringing, medical, emotional, or spiritual state, as well as our environment.

An objective outside source of knowledge, power, support, or expertise is highly recommended. You should make efforts to seek physical, spiritual, and mental health support from a professional. This information is not designed to replace professional care.

Along with your professional support you will always be held responsible for doing your part in your care. Spiritual warfare is the same. Nothing we offer will work without your consent or action.

A Powerful Resource

Raise your power when you raise your army. In all cases of spiritual warfare there are more resources in the spiritual realms that can fight against you than you may realize. However, there are also many resources to fight for you as well. Chaos and Order have been battling each other since the very beginning. This check balance is required for peace and growth to occur.  

When you first realize that you have been under attack you are already on your way to battle. By the time you find us, you may have been in battle for a long while.

You need a spiritual military force that is strong enough to fight your level of warfare (four levels of warfare). You may also experience rages or furies, which is when you are fighting multiple battles at different levels simultaneously. Problems rarely come one at a time.

If you are under attack you need a good defense.

Spirit beings of all types that choose to engage in spiritual warfare are ranked in some way spiritually. Others may use a different rank system than we do, but we try to keep it easy and divided into ranks to help you choose exactly what you need, thus saving you time trying to figure it out. It is up to you to determine where you are spiritually and on what level(s) you are battling. So, you can build your protection and army as needed.

We offer you one Omni Military Being that has a rank and number of other skilled beings under them to assist in your needs. We have chosen naval ranks as our rank system as we see spiritual travel like space travel. These are our ranks and recommendations:

For Personal Level

Rank 1 - Ensign with 4 Beings

Rank 2 - Lieutenant Junior with 8 beings

For Ground Level

Rank 3 - Lieutenant with 16 beings

Rank 4 - Lieutenant Commander with 32 beings

For Occult Level

Rank 5 - Commander with 64 beings

Rank 6 - Captain with 128 beings

For Epiphany Level

Rank 7 - Rear Admiral with 258 beings

Rank 8 - Vice Admiral with 492 beings

Rank 9 - Admiral with 3000 Beings (1/2 Legion)

6000 beings under command are a legion. We offer a group of multiple rank beings all with leadership not lower than Rank 5 Commander.  A legion is a large group of multiple ranked soldiers who can rage war in multiple battles simultaneously or combine to overtake an enemy with great resource and power.

Some who are born spiritual warriors will understand the power of a legion and will know how to rage in battle against evil. Others who are experiencing paranormal and spiritual attacks like astral injury, hauntings, or who have experienced a catastrophic trauma or have one in their immediate family can benefit from a legion to fight on their behalf.

If you want to mix and match lower rank groups or build your legion slowly you can start with anything we offer in warfare. We will offer warriors in multiple being types. 

If you are strongly connected to a specific being group (djinn, dragon, vampires, etc.), it is advantageous to have a minimum of 1 legion in that species. Multiple legions with multiple species give you the absolute strongest power in spiritual warfare.

We will begin offering our personal top beings dedicated to warfare soon.

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