2021 Treasure Chest

2021 Treasure Chest

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2021 Treasure Chest

Inside This Chest

Important astrological influences in 2021 that you must see. Unlock the knowledge to find your treasure.

Using magick in practical ways to enrich your year. Learn how to open your treasure in 2021.

Understand how spirit keeping can enrich your spiritual path in 2021. Plus! Does Jinnandtonics have a favorite top five spirit beings? Find out!

The key to 2021 is connection to something greater than us. This year pushes us to embrace sincerity, authenticity, and realism. We find our power in connecting to groups that highlight quality over quantity. This is a time of needed strength to build and rebuild, to find accomplishment in simplicity over chaos, and strive for more integrity. This year we tackle the things we can control to bring long lasting results. We nurture more authentic paths for our ambitions. This year we learn what to treasure and how to innovate our success.

This purchase is a download document 60 pages.

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