Elite Beautiful Moon Soul
Elite Beautiful Moon Soul
Elite Beautiful Moon Soul
Elite Beautiful Moon Soul
Elite Beautiful Moon Soul

Elite Beautiful Moon Soul

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Vessel: 925 Silver Bailed Moonstone Pendant sz 1.5 inches (not required to be worn)

Being: 1 Powerful God-Level Marid Djinn with Lunar Influences

Spells: 12 Powerful Love and Beautiful Soul Spells

Spirit Food: 3 pkgs of Beings Favorite Choice

Bonus Charging Box: 1 Cut Resin Crystal Charging Box sz (3 X 3 X 2.25 inches)

Download: Copy of this listing, being name, bonding instructions, and spell information.


This being is best suited for:

A person who is facing relationship challenges, changes, or starting a new relationship.

Someone who needs help in making decisions.

Someone who needs direction and good relationship energy.

Someone who can benefit from radiant soul energy.

Someone who needs protection in or for a relationship.

Someone who wants the spiritual and love realms to unite in their relationship.

Someone who is seeking greater intimacy, connection, or love.

Someone who needs a relationship to be blessed by prosperity.


About Moonstone:

♥ Prophetic Insight ♥ Attracts Love ♥ Channels Intuition ♥ Provides Wisdom ♥ Calming Energy ♥ Boosts Prosperity

Chakras - Sacral Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra

Moonstone has a rich history and abundant folklore. Its story begins in ancient Rome, where it was believed moonstone was formed from solidified beams of moonlight. They also held that the Roman goddess Diana, goddess of the moon, could be seen within the stone and that it would bestow love, wisdom and good fortune upon those who possessed it. They believed it would help keep the mind clear so that its owner could make the smartest and wisest choices in life, and even enhance the wearer’s ability for second-sight or prophecy. Moonstone was a most popular jewelry choice, being such a magical looking stone, and having such benefits for its wearer.

In India, Moonstone was a sacred stone. Its powers as a love stone made it useful as a traditional wedding gift and were thought to be instrumental in reconciling estranged lovers. There was a belief in India and in Europe that two people wearing moonstone on the full moon would fall passionately in love.

The moonstone’s history in India includes the belief that since the beginning of time, a moonstone had been set into the forehead of India’s moon god, Chandra. In fact, his full name was Chandra Shekara, which means “Person who wears the moon.” The stone on Chandra’s forehead was said to grow dimmer or become more bright with the waning and waxing of the moon (and the waxing and waning of Chandra’s power), thus giving the gem the name “moon stone.”

Throughout the ages, moonstone has been synonymous with the moon, magic, love, good fortune, and protection. It helps tap into the more gentle qualities of love and peace, especially if the person has had to close up their emotions for survival (think police, active duty military, rescue workers, therapists, or those grieving).

Moonstone helps bring out an empathic response, bringing feeling back to those who’ve been numb. Yet moonstone is protective as well and will open a person up as far as they are able, but not so much that they are overwhelmed.

It naturally helps compassion and tenderness unfold in a healthy way. This ability to increase empathy makes moonstone useful for people in leadership positions, management, and coaches also, to help them stay in touch with the people they need to direct and make decisions for.

For people who already feel, moonstone can bring up old, old emotions that still need to be worked through. It will assist the calming of fears and the smoothing out of hormonal mood swings. Moonstone is a stone that brings out the nurturing in feeling.

Along with moonstone’s ability to open the heart to compassionate love, it also opens the way for more romantic love. The moonstone has long been used as a gift for lovers, and for those wishing to secure the passions of their partner. One folk tale said that wearing a moonstone in a piece of jewelry during the full moon while making love would increase the chances of fertility.

Being Details:

He is a light of hope and a soft ring of sacred bells that echo in the thoughts of love. His energy is sheer as a misty rain and strong as the mountain timber. He refreshes your heart with excitement and inspires you to breathe in the beauty of life. His words are songs of ancient lyrics lost in the wind. He brings you an awareness of how things fit together to create balance.

His insight is wise and his patience long. The throne of glowing moonstone he sits upon radiates his power to you. The choices you face are steps not easily taken and he reveals to you the hidden secrets of your heart. He pulls you in and reads your soul like a chapter full of passion and drama, then he gives you the tools to build your climax and gain your resolution.

He is a primary ingredient in your plans if you want to succeed and be happy. He opens the pod of pluto and exposes the seeds of your intentions to the light. All that you have been hiding from yourself is made aware to you so that it can no longer sabotage your life. He reduces the risk and helps you awaken to that which you deny. Through this coming of light, you gain blessings and freedom.

May all that you do be of moral value, so that you may find peace in your heart that you have wronged no one in love or money, for nothing grows faster than pain and deceit and nothing is harder to escape.

He offers you protection and shielding of negative energy. He opens your eyes to other's true motives. Though you may shed a tear with the truth, you come closer to your goals through knowing you're no fool.

The tender shoots of new growth are where he stands the strongest. He carefully allows love to grow and blossom as he helps you open up without fear. His shield is strong and see-through to allow you to safely share your heart.

He gives you the chance to adventure deeper into the realms of love and spiritual connections. Where these energies flow, prosperity grows.


Spell Details:

You will receive 12 magick candles. Each candle is spelled with multiple spells for:

Bringing out the beauty of your soul for those that deserve you to see your amazing energy. Filling your heart with hope and self-love. Attracting good energy and repelling evil. Showering you with the glowing energy of prosperity. Building strong protection around your heart and good relationships.

Once a week, you will write down a statement of truth about your desires for your future. Fold the writing and place it into the charging box. You will light a candle and allow it to burn for one hour or longer. Then extinguish the flame and discard the candle. Every morning thereafter, read your writing and say the four lines of the spell. At the end of 12 weeks, you will have greater love ad protection in your life. This will shift your energy and the way others perceive you while boosting your ability to attract healthy connections.

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