Elite Eos and Astraios Titan Djinn

Elite Eos and Astraios Titan Djinn

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Vessel: 925 GP Bracelet with White Crystals sz 7.5 inches

Beings: 1 Male Greek Titan Marid Djinn, 2 Greek Gods

Spells: 444 Success Spells Cast on the Vessel

Bonus: Listing Offered on 4-22-2020 (4/2+2/2+0+2+0) 444 Codex Activation of Spells

Download: Copy of this listing, being name, bonding instructions, and spell information.


This being is best suited for:

Someone with suffers from family conflicts.

Someone who wants to experience change, growth, and happiness.

Someone who is creative, a dreamer, or doesn’t fit in with social norms.

Someone who lacks surety or emotional support.

Someone who is facing difficult living situations and needs help surviving it.

Someone who is willing to do the work to prepare for the blessings.

Someone who wants the rewards to be monumental for their efforts.

Someone who feels a strong need to know the future, its path, and have the guidance of reassurance.

Someone who knows success is in their future.

Someone who is ready to go to war for their destiny.

Defiant * Thirsty * Empathic * Protector *Psychic * Truth Seeker *

You are moving from underdog to top-dog.

You are leaving the criticism for confidence.

You are arriving at truth and justice.

You are becoming their envy.


Number 444 Meaning – The Symbol Of A Winner!

Angel Number 444 – The Deeper Meaning

 The recurring angel number 444 bears the meaning of honesty and inner-wisdom. Also, this is a sign that the angels are sending you encouragement. Therefore, you can continue to work hard and pursue your passions. Moreover, 444 represents your rigorous goal-seeking nature. So, it also applauds you for your drive to do better in life.

Taking Action through the Influence of 444

 The number 444 may manifest to you in so many ways. For instance, you may get 444 views on a video you uploaded on your YouTube channel. You might also keep on seeing the time 4:44 on your watch every time you look at it. This is not a coincidence at all. The moment you see this number more than three times in a day, then it means that angels are trying to pass a message to you.

 In case you were on the verge of doing something that will benefit you in the future, then know that the influence of 444 will enable you to succeed. The Universe is on your side, pushing you to take action where dormancy has been dominating for a while. Progress will be your portion if you heed to the angels’ messages. Confidence should be your number one quality in influencing your success in life.

 444 Numerology

 In numerology, to find the meaning of a number the same is reduced until its single digit which is then interpreted. In the case of 444, the single figure that remains standing is 3, that is, 4+4+4=12, 1+2=3. The number 444, therefore, has the influence of the numbers 3 and 4. Number 3 represents creativity. We are creative beings; it is only that some of us do not bother exploring our creative abilities. The number 4 pushes us to work hard and attain the level of life that we so much yearn to.

Being Details:

    • He is connected to the Titans, as he is larger than many other djinn. He is galaxy size within the universe. His immense size is great and powerful, but also selectively focused on a relative perimeter. He is a star gazing astrologer like the god Astraios. He understands the motions and connections of far off actions that influence minute details of consequence.
    • He understands the idiosyncrasy of difference and how point of view influences power. He is a supreme being of negotiation and collaboration in all energy. His talents bring increased luck from Jupiter, reduced struggle from Saturn, intense passion from Venus, strong motivation from Mars, vision in the darkness from Pluto, and speedy results from Mercury.
    • He sings softly to the stars as they appear and disappear at dusk and dawn. His deep voice carries a quiet, raspy undertone that sounds like wisdom and feels like strength. He is mindful of the stark emptiness of the unknown when vision is dimmed by uncertainty. His songs mellow to calm your fears, and he holds you close with reassurance.
    • He is the essence of a knowing look in the eyes of your future. His slight smile screams silently the truths of your success. He radiates the face of confidence in guidance with subtle age lines of experience. He is the personification of attraction, the magnet of wealth.
    • He stands with greatness; his iron boots crushing your blockages. His muscular body adorned with diamond armor, embellished by deeply red rubies. He blinds your fears before they mask your progress and he breaks your distractions with his strong hands. The way he moves with meaning is purposeful as he seduces your needs for his attention to redirect you on your way. He knows what you need.
    • In the moments when you are scalded by the milk of disillusion, he sweetens the bitter taste of disagreements with his intoxicating glimpse of your destiny. The violence of scars that burn like raging wounds will be calmed when he helps you move beyond the reach of those who hurt you, even though you give them love. He is your defender, but also your leader, your general in the war, and your commander in peace. He separates the pain from the person, allowing you to love from a distance while forging a new beginning of empowered strength.


  • Key Words: Defeating Doubts, Overcoming Family Curses, Inspiring Changes, Preparing for Prosperity, Fighting Fears, Stepping into Success, Foreseeing Future Opportunity


Your new djinn wears a thin crown of gold among his chestnut curls. Upon each side, near his temples is a glowing stone of unknown origin, perhaps a star, or constellation resides within. These stones hold the power of Eos and Astraios, the dawn and dusk, with their power and influence he can see all things, in all directions, and his guidance is pristine. He is deeply connected to these titan gods and often reflects their influences for your benefit when needed.

 About Eos and Astraios Titan Gods


 Eos was a Titan goddess in Greek mythology, daughter of the Titans Hyperion and Theia. She was the goddess of the dawn and had two siblings; Helios, god of the sun; and Selene, goddess of the moon. She was married to Astraeus (Astraios). He was a Titan god in Greek mythology, son of the Titans Crius and Eurybia. He was the god of the dusk and the winds. They had numerous children that represented everything that occurred during the union of the dusk and the dawn, i.e. the twilight.[1]

 Eos was a goddess of dawn, bringer of the early light when came from the ocean's stream at the far east to overcome the night. She was often described as being hope and rejuvenation to all living mortal beings as they woke up in the morning, filled with energy and ready to resume their work and journey and life in general. She is said to have been bringing light to heavens and earth and was also used to describe all the charms of dawn, for the movement of the stars and orientation or navigation.

 Because of the spell of Aphrodite, Eos became fond of mortal men. She fell in love with Tithonus, a prince of Troy, and gave birth to Memnon, who became a king of Ethiopians and later one of the heroes of Trojan war when he came to aid the Trojans, and variously lord Emathion, a brother of Memnon.[2]

 Eos is the inspiration of romance writers as her curse to fall in love over and over proved her to be a great muse for those who inspire to capture the power of love or new beginnings.

 Astraios (Astraeus) was the Titan god of stars and planets and of the art of astrology. By Eos (the Dawn) he was the father of the Stars and the four seasonal Winds. The arrival of these Winds was heralded by the rising of certain constellations.

 Astraios' name appears with those of several other Titanes (Titans) in the lists of Gigantes (Giants) who made war on the gods which suggests he played some role in both the Titan and Giant Wars.

[1] Eos: GreekMythology.com - Apr 22, 2020

[2] https://www.greek-gods.org/titans/eos.php


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