Elite Four Wind Fairy Kit
Elite Four Wind Fairy Kit
Elite Four Wind Fairy Kit
Elite Four Wind Fairy Kit
Elite Four Wind Fairy Kit
Elite Four Wind Fairy Kit
Elite Four Wind Fairy Kit
Elite Four Wind Fairy Kit
Elite Four Wind Fairy Kit

Elite Four Wind Fairy Kit

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Vessels: 925 Silver Bailed Lab Created Stone Pendants aprox. sz 1.5 inches (not required to be worn)

Beings: 4 Elite Tuatha De Danann Fairy Entities with Vessels

Charging Box: 1 Cut Resin Crystal Charging Box sz (3 X 3 X 2.25 inches)

1 Dragonfly Dust

1 Fairy Food

7 Spelled Fairy Beads and Charging Bag

Special Ebook: Sacred Secrets of Fairy Keepers

Full Page of Fairy Magick Spells

Download: Copy of this listing, being names, bonding instructions, favorite offerings, and spell information.



The Four Wind Fairies are supernatural beings, magical entities, who personify a particular force of the element Air. This kit offers fairy magick and spells galore.


This kit is best suited for:

Someone who wants good energy, luck, balance, and harmony.

A person who loves fairies.

Someone who needs help to inspire creativity.

Someone who wants to find their destiny and succeed.

A person who needs positive energy in their home.

 A person who wants to be blessed.

Someone who wants to attract more fairies.

A person who could benefit from motivation.



Wish Granting


Peace of Mind

Aura Cleansing

Good Luck and Fortune

Creative Inspiration

Discover your Destiny

Balanced Chakras



Family Healing


Amazing Ideas

Problem Solving

Harmony and Peaceful Home



Spirit Communication

Attracting Love

Decision Making

And Magick


The Four Wind Fairies are supernatural beings, magical entities, who personify a particular force of the element Air. Each one relates magickally to a property of air: Humidity, Movement, Mass, and Temperature.

Humidity is the wind of cleansing. The South wind fairy influences the winds of flow to clear your aura, release harm, and reinforce protection.

Movement is the wind of manifestation. The West wind fairy influences the winds of change to blow in accordance with your will, adjusting karma, and stirring the Fates favor.

Mass is the wind of attraction. The North wind fairy influences the winds of wonder to amaze you with blessings, admiration, and good fortune.

Temperature is the wind of balance. The East wind fairy influences the winds of power to mediate the temperament and frequency of your energy, adjusting belief, doubts, and peace of mind.

The Four Wind fairies are the, doers, communicators, feelers, and thinkers of the Air Fairies. They are messengers of the astral realms, masters of illusion, and keepers of destiny maps.


Being Details:

  • South Wind Fairy - Female

    She has piercing blue eyes bright with determination and partially covered by her chestnut hair with streaks of dark blue, like waterfalls, flowing in waves over her shoulders.

    She is a rebel at heart, with many friends from all walks of life. She prides herself on being loyal to others. Her friends would describe her as meticulous and energetic, but she just calls it motivated. 


  • West Wind Fairy - Male 

    He has color changing hazel brown eyes with specks of green. His soft mop of auburn curls grows wildly in all directions. He has two faces, one expressively happy with a beaming smile and the other a serious contemplative furrowed brow that darkens his light.

    He is a brilliant mind with amazing ability to read energy, adapt, and change in a flash. He talks on and on about most anything. However, this also makes him a powerful tool that can turn the hand of fate and attract amazing luck and opportunities. 


  • North Wind Fairy - Male 

    His white-blond hair styled in an edgy spiked undercut looks like a crown of icicles. He has stunning golden eyes that rest upon his round cheeks. He is often playing with his single diamond earring with his head tilted towards his right shoulder.

    He is a deep and clear energy, like the translucent blue ice of a glacier. His heart is filled with emotions that emit a loving glow under the rising moon. He believes that the wonder of wishing on a falling star helps baby fairies take their first flight.


  • East Wind Fairy - Female 

    Her long golden locks thickly braided down her back are tied with a twine of roses. She smiles with her dark blue eyes as her pale face blushes. A sweet grin erupts above her long chin and two tender dimples appear.

    She is kind and understanding, praised by many as being patient and helpful. She is authentically true to her heart, thus always showing her best side. Her relaxed charm is embellished by caring and sensitivity. She never forgets an act of kindness and rewards them as well.



Fairy Bells Blessing

Fairy Wish Spell

Awaken the Magick Spell

Wind Blowing Spell

Sweet Dreams Spell

Charm the Fae Spell

and More!


Dragonfly Dust

When dragonflies are present in your yard, it means there is a Fairy hill nearby. A Fairy hill is the secret place Fairies gather and it can be the place where they will allow you to travel into the realm where they live. Dragonflies can bring the Faeries to you. There is a special radiant quality to the beautiful translucent dragonfly wings. You will always find Fae where you find the dragonflies.

Fairy folklore reveals they are attracted to specific things, you can attract them to you and receive gifts from them by befriending them. According to the stories, to attract Fairies, you must get their attention and lure them to your yard or garden.

This beautiful and elegant Dragonfly Dust has been enhanced with a unique spell that seduces the Fairies with a glimmering magick.

Fairy Food

How to Feed Fairies

You might like to use ornately carved trinket boxes, an upturned seashell or walnut shell, a thimble, a crystal cup, a crystal goblet, or a simple china plate to place the fairy food on. Small trinket boxes, miniature ceramic or bone china tea sets, and small candle holders can work well.

The two best ways to attract and feed fairies are with indoor alters and outdoor gardens. Do not be dismayed if your food offering is still on the plate in the morning. It is well known to traditional cultures that fairies, being creatures of spirit, feast on the "essence" of the food and not on its physical form. In fact, it is well known that food prepared for fairies is usually left untouched by insects or animals until after the fairies have eaten. Where the fairies bless the animals with gifts and healings and then leave the blessings in the food for the animals to consume. But be sure to discard the food the next day - its goodness is gone and should not be eaten. The fairies would consider that an insult.


Fairy Beads

This complete set was specially handpicked for its color's elemental qualities and specific spells are chosen to balance the attributes of each color. The spells are carefully prepared and cast onto these Beads, making them powerful and easy to use!

Lunar white bead: spiritual enlightenment

Protection (from the material plane)



and More

Light Blue Bead: Protection during sleep

Astral projection

Harmony and Peace

Tranquility at home

and More

Radiant Red Bead: Increased magnetism

Good health

Passion and True love


and More

Grape Seed Green Bead: powerful qualities of bio-cellular regeneration, mild aura cleansing, appearance purification, spiritual protection barrier, and energy rejuvenation.

Deep Blue Bead: Love with the idea of family and home



and More

Solar Yellow Bead: Concentration


Gain another’s confidence

Persuade others

and More


Do not miss out! 







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