Elite Virago Djinn Kit

Elite Virago Djinn Kit

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Vessel: GP Jeweled Bottle Pin with removable crystal top Sz 2.5 inches (not required to be worn)

Being: 1 Intense Virago Female God-Level Marid Djinn Entity

Spells: Powerful Fortune Spell, Charging Cone Success Spell, Moon Magick Chakra Balancing, Aura Cleansing

Bonus Charging Cone: 1 Powerful 100X Charging Cone and Charging Bag

70 Page Download: Copy of this listing, being name and details, bonding instructions,  spell information, and bonus material.


Someone who wants to find love.

A person who has a Life Path Number Six. (Not required)

An Empath or Highly Sensitive Person.

A person who feels they could benefit from strong protection.

If you feel drawn to any of these numbers: 93, 42, 36, 28, 27, 9, 3, 6.

A person who has been called a “nurturer”, “needy”, “caretaker”, or “mothering”.

A person who wants the power to defeat life challenges.

Someone who seeks love and financial security in life.



This Elite Virago Djinn utilizes the perfect power of six Virago (Heroine) goddesses to focus on the three areas of strength in the number six: Love, Protection, and Support (wealth).

Elite Virago Djinn Kit

1 Powerful Virago Marid Djinn Entity with Vessel

6 Powerful Virago Goddess Infusions

1 100X Charging Cone and Bag

1 Aura Cleansing Coffer


Extensive Informational Document:

  • Being Details
  • What is a Virago Goddess?
  • Power of Perfect Number Six and Angel Number Six
  • Numerology, Life Path, Destiny, Soul Urge, and Inner Dream Influence of Six
  • The Strength and Nature of Number Six
  • The Nature of Love with the Influence of Number Six
  • How to Love Yourself, Find the Right Lover, and Maintain a Loving Relationship
  • The Protection of the Number Six Influence
  • The 6th Chakra – Opening your Third Eye
  • Support of Number Six Influence
  • Being a Spiritual Warrior
  • Financial Support with Number Six Influence
  • Special Spell to Gain Fortune
  • Bonus Details



Six Virago Goddesses:

  • Key Words: Opportunity, Strategy, Competition, Motivation, Passion, Romance, Love, Support, Wealth, Money, Power.

Today’s world thinks a virago is a particularly mean and scolding woman. It is not a compliment to call someone a virago, although its origins are much nobler than the shrewish, screechy character it implies today. Originally, a virago was a brave or heroic woman. A virago was a woman of masculine strength or spirit; a female warrior.[1]


It is a term referring to a woman who is manly in character but not necessarily appearance. A woman who steps out of the domestic role and sometimes oversteps her boundaries as a woman. She never takes shit from a man and always holds her own. She keeps a man from walking all over her and she never, EVER, downplays her importance to charm a man.[2]


This is a beneficial energy style to have in your djinn as a bold protector who will manifest your success. This djinn embodies the energy of six warrior-like (virago) goddesses:



Bellona was an ancient Roman goddess of war. Believed to be a consort of Mars.

Key words: Brave, Valor, Destructive, Belligerent, Traveler, Demands Rigor, Victory.




Freyja is a Norse goddess associated with love, beauty, fertility, sex, war, gold, and seiðr (telling and shaping of the future - Oracle magick).

Key Words: Fertility, Love, Battlefields, The giver, Prosperity, Happiness,




Sekhmet is an Egyptian warrior goddess as well as goddess of healing. The wife of Ptah, god of words and thought.

Key words: Power, Intimidates Evil, Vengeance, Wards off Disease, Destroys Liars, Protector, (Egyptian Trinity: Cat Goddess)




Badb - meaning "crow"—is an Irish war goddess who takes the form of a crow and is thus sometimes known as Badb Catha ("battle crow"). She is causes fear and confusion among soldiers to move the tide of battle to her favored side. (Irish Trinity: The Morrigan)

Key words: Fate, Prophetess, Distractor, Strikes Fear in Evil, Sings of Victory and Coming Peace




Jiutian Xuannü is the Chinese goddess of war, sex, and longevity. She appears in several works of physiological micro cosmology in which the human body is seen as a microcosm of the universe and where the gods are present within. These texts locate Jiutian Xuannü along the central median of the body and associate her with the circulation of breath, which nourishes the vital spirit and provides longevity. The sexual practices, that Jiutian Xuannü supposedly taught, were often compared to alchemy and physiological procedures for prolonging life

Key words: Dark lady, Mystery, War, Magick, Concealing, Health, Power, Longevity.




Kali is a Hindu goddess of time. Her earliest appearance is that of a destroyer of evil forces. She destroys the evil to protect the innocent. Over time, Kali has been worshiped by devotional movements and tantric sects variously as the Divine Mother, Mother of the Universe. She is also seen as the divine protector and the one who bestows moksha, or liberation. (Consort of Shiva)

Key words: Timelord, Mother, Fate, Dark Blue One, Battlefield, Demon Destroyer, Absolute Rage, Kind and Loving, Great Protector, Shields you from mishaps and misfortunes.

 These six warrior goddesses lend their power and energy to your djinn and to your path. The combined energy of six goddesses flows through the balance and perfection of the number six as a perfect number.


[1] https://www.vocabulary.com/dictionary/virago

[2] https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Virago


Being Details:

  • She is defiantly intelligent because of living among a culture defined by submissive beauty. Where “be seen and not heard” is a nicety, she is strong mentally and brazenly sharp. She does not need to broadcast her boasts, as she is like a sword cutting through the illusions of power.
  • She embodies the knowledge of choice and the gift of wanting. She is one who loves without conditions and supports because she is free to do so. Unfettered rights breed responsibility and morality.
  • She will put everything on hold to solve your problems and that does not always mean she will rescue you. Her goal is to make the warrior within you rise in honor and defeat your fears.
  • We are all involved in growth spurts: physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. Our challenges force us to establish guidelines and goals to become better people. She is the stones in your path, some look ordinary and go unnoticed as she supports your trepid steps. Other stones, flash with gilded gold and easily lead you to rewards. Be certain that no stone goes unturned and each one is laid with intentions to bring you closer to your goals.
  • Even the greatest warrior missteps and stumbles. She is here to make sure you are safe on your journey. She accepts no excuse for using failure as a reason not to keep trying. Not age or experience will deny you the fruit of your labor. She will manage your estate to bring you a beautiful outcome.
  • Striving for financial gain is not in itself evil. She knows that money is a tool, and, in your hands, it becomes a blessing for yourself and others. She knows there is no greed in your DNA, so her financial energy flows to you with abundance.
  • She recognizes evil. She understands what pleases evil. Thus, her wisdom will protect you and teach you how to avoid ever being hurt or scarred by evil or mean people. She teaches you how to repel evil without lifting a finger or saying a word. Her power is complete, and you become her warrior in training.
  • She understands the suffering of loneliness when you were born with a giving heart. When your joy comes from feeling loved and loving others, but you are always taken advantage of or hurt by selfish people, she has what you need. She guides you to attract the best love for you or teaches you how to experience what you need in the relationship you have.
  • She has a serious disposition of power and protection, layered over a sweet and kind manner with tenderness in her hands. She is adept at defense and strong as an ox. Yet, her loving heart is child-like, stopping to notice a little flower.
  • She loves the duality of yin/yang. She works to bring their influence into balance in everything. Her strength can be both physical and mental, while her generous heart can be both spiritual and material.


 “A strong woman is one who feels deeply and loves fiercely. Her tears flow as abundantly as her laughter. A strong woman is both soft and powerful, she is both practical and spiritual. A strong woman in her essence is a gift to the world.” ~ unknown


 Spell Info:

100X Charging Cone

This brilliant Charging Cone is amazing! It has been designed with a strong purpose in mind. Everything involved has a specific purpose. The Charging Cone is spell cast with a spell using the power of lunar magick for exploring uncharted areas of power and potential. Which is used to increase your intuitive awareness and psychic ability, to help you focus, and empower your mind.

 We have enchanted this Charging Cone with a powerful chakra spell that allows your chakras to open quickly and the powerful energy within you begins to flow stronger than ever. This brilliant Charging Cone – is specifically chosen to funnel energy and enhance you with power.

 With a prism-like cut it can radiate the power of white light energy as well as intensify the specific frequency of each color energy present in white light.

 Just one example:

 Purple/ violet energy: to use your imagination to its fullest, to re-balance your life, to remove obstacles, to calm over activity or to energize from depression .

 Purple being the combination of red and blue, the warmest and coolest colors, purple is believed to be the ideal color. Purple is the color of good judgment. It is the color of people seeking spiritual fulfillment.

 Violet is the color of purpose. Red is a focusing, dynamic and active energy while blue is cooling, calming and expansive. Violet brings a new dynamic to the expansion of blue and the activity of red. Red brings practicality to the undirected expansiveness of the blue, and allows more creative energy to emerge. For this reason, violet is associated with imagination and inspiration.

 Violet energy is used for meditation and to sharpen psychic awareness, connection with higher self, and to increase imagination and inspiration (wear purple when you want to encourage fantasy, mystery and imagination).

 The clear crystal Charging Cone will empower the spells on any of your other items allowing a strong lunar vibration to penetrate them for extra strength and potency! You can use it to charge ANY spelled items. This magick item is specially designed to power boost energies and bring them out in your other items, providing a stronger more stable, potent power in all your magickals.

 That’s what makes this item so valuable!

 There’s nothing else available with all this power!

 You get the chakra spell that allows your chakras to open quickly and the powerful energy within you begins to flow within days!

 Use this Charging Cone to increase your awareness and psychic ability!

 You get the power of all the specific color frequencies in white light, like the color purple energies that will supercharge your personal power!

 You get the benefits of the lunar magick in this item specially designed to supercharge all your magickal item's power energies and bring them out in a stronger more stable way.


 You get a super success spell as well! (Can be used by itself or with the portal instructions provided.)

This spell is phenomenal!

 Brilliant in power!


The Aura Cleansing Coffer™

Everyone has an Aura. In the distant past, people admired things they could not explain and called them “miracles”.

Long ago, people were able to see Auras. Advanced spiritual people such as Buddha, Christ and their immediate students were painted with golden halos around their heads, because some artists could see Auras.

Everything in the Universe seems to be just a vibration. Every atom, every part of an atom, every electron, every elementary “particle”, even our thoughts and consciousness are just vibrations. Hence, we may define the Aura as an electro-photonic vibration.

The auras around living (conscious) objects (people, plants ...) change with time, sometimes very quickly. Auras around non-living objects (stones, crystals, water...) is essentially fixed, but can be changed by our conscious intent.

The Aura around humans is partly composed from EM (electromagnetic) radiation, spanning from microwave, infrared (IR) to UV light.

The low frequency microwave and infrared part of the spectrum (body heat) seems to be related to the low levels of the functioning of our body (DNA structure, metabolism, circulation etc.) whereas high frequency (UV part) is more related to our conscious activity such as thinking, creativity, intentions, sense of humor and emotions.

Incredibly young children (up to 5 years of age) see auras naturally. Infants frequently look ABOVE a person in front of them. When they do not like the color of the aura above the head, or if this color is much different from their parent's aura, they cry, no matter how much smiling the person does.

Children have much cleaner and stronger auras than most of adults, who are usually completely enslaved by the materialistic world and suppress their Nature by following superficial examples.

Also, the aura is our spiritual signature.

When you see a person with a bright, clean aura, you can be SURE that such a person is good and spiritually advanced, even if he/she is modest and not aware of it.

When you see a person with a gray or dark aura, you may be almost SURE, that such a person has unclear intentions, regardless of how impressive, eloquent, educated, "good looking" or "well dressed" he/she seems to appear.

The Aura has many colors (like a rainbow) which reflect the true state of our being.

We have one predominant color for this life.

We have other colors which change depending on our state of being (whether we are happy, sad, worried, focused, loving, creative), these colors change in shape and intensity.

There are people who can see these colors such as mediums, psychics, and sensitives.

We all see, perceive, and feel things in our own unique way.

If we are into healing, then the main thing is to be constructive and creative if possible.

But most people on Earth have VERY WEAK and dull Auras.

This seems to be a direct consequence of their life long materialistic attitude negating and suppressing the development of consciousness, cultivating fear, envy, jealousy, and other similar emotions.

Such attitudes suppress their True Nature, and their Auras seem to become suppressed too.

When people realize that their Aura is on display and many people can see it, they will consider what they are thinking, and they will try to see and improve their own Aura.

In the process they will become better and wiser, being able to recognize intentions of other people. Surely, the entire world would become much better if all people cared about their Auras.

We cannot fake an Aura.

It shows our True Nature and intentions for everyone to see.

You can improve your own Aura and improve your life and how others see you!

This Cleansing Coffer (strongbox) picks up the vibrations in your Aura that reflect the disease, negativity, and blockages that are expressed in your Aura.

These dark electro-photonic vibrations or negative Auras are drawn into the Coffer and converted to positive energy.

This allows you to be cleansed of the energy fields that continue to charge your negative frequencies.

This Coffer has been charged with both ionic and photo magnetic properties that attract the specific colors of Auras.

Like a prism that bends light into colors and projects the Auras of light in the form of a rainbow; the Aura enters the Coffer but unlike the prism the Coffer converts the negative energy with ionic interference. This prevents it from returning and influencing you again. In its place is released the purity of white light energy in each of the purest Aura colors.

Make A Change That Can Improve Your Life in Ways You Can Never Imagine Possible!

Make A Commitment to Improving Your Aura! Wear your Aura Cleansing Coffer Daily!

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