The Orchard Collection
The Orchard Collection
The Orchard Collection

The Orchard Collection

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8 Vessels: Felt Oil Pad with Silver Alloy Chuveil  Snap Pendant sz .75 inches (not required to be worn)

Included: 8 Individual Pendant Charging Bases and Extra Felt Pads

8 Beings: 1 Powerful Garden Fruit Dragon per Pendant

Oils: 1 Corresponding Fragrance Oil per Pendant sz 10ml (not required to be used)

Spirit Food: 3 pkgs of Dragon Food

Bonus Charging Bracelet: 1 Black Aluminum Chain Bracelet with one charging base sz (adj. up to 8.5 inches)

Download: Being Library Info, Being Name and Meaning, Being Personality Profile, Favorite Offerings, Instructions, and More. (22 pages)


This being is best suited for:

A person who loves dragons.


This is the only time we will ever offer this kit.

High Energy + Incredible Value

Each Pendant Opens to Hold a Felt Oil Pad

Each Dragon comes with extra felt oil pads and a large 10ml bottle of oil in their fragrance, ie: Apple Dragon + Apple Fragrance Oil, etc. Oil is not required to be used. You can also use any oil of your own with these dragons or no oil at all. Information about the oils in this kit is provided in the download after purchase. All oils offered are skin safe fragrance oils used in cosmetics, shampoo, bath and body products.

Dragons Included:

Apple Dragon

Banana Dragon

Blueberry Dragon

Coconut Dragon

Peach Dragon

Pineapple Dragon

Strawberry Dragon

Watermelon Dragon

Read More About Them Here: Being Library

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