How to find your OMNI Registration Code

Your Registration code is emailed to you after you make your OMNI purchase. (Check your spam folder).

If you cannot locate your code email, you can request it from us. We will respond approximately with 24hrs, excluding weekends or holidays and when we are out of the office. Please email your request to:

OMNI CODES ARE 16 Characters Long – Example: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX

Any purchase not registered within 7 days will be invalid and we break the connection.

When you register your code, we know that you have the binding and are going to be the unique owner of this connection. If you received this as a gift, please ensure your gift includes the binding code. And if you lose your documents, the registration will give you permission to replace these documents free of charge. Just contact us.

Your Order History keeps track of your registered codes. Please only register your code one time.

We activate multiple codes, and all codes will be completed by 5 PM EST Daily. Please do not email us asking if it was done. Your binding code will work immediately for connecting to you or transferring to a vessel. (Instructions are the same as any other Dandelion Binding).

How to Register your Binding Code:

1) Return to your email titled: Binding Codes for Order

2) Copy your Binding Code

3) Click the Register Button to go to Registration Page

4) Paste Binding Code into Box

5) Fill in your Date of Birth

6) Click Button to Complete Registration

7) Use Binding Code for Invocation – The invocation works immediately.

(Activation at 5PM validates registered purchases) – Non activated purchases are invalidated within 7 days – Please contact us if you plan to wait to register later than 7 days.


This Registered Code confirms that your binding is absolutely a safe, protected, shielded, and unique energy binding, exclusively connected to you, and ONLY YOU.

Nothing can interfere, connect to, or transfer your personal binding. It is private and only available to you.


How to use our items

Believing is Only the Beginning

Now that you have the tools let us help you use them.

There is an amazing power in all of us, untapped power, to survive against all odds, to create greatness, to produce life, to dream of the future and to create that future.

If you have ever longed for more, or reminisced of lost times, or dreamed of a better life, or wished for it all...

Then you used that power.

We use that power everyday to bring you items that help you find your way, or rebuild your financial castle, or re-experience your youth, or heal your heart...

Our goal is to bring you back to who you really are and introduce you to the magick of your life.

The Time is Now

Experience it

We Present the Basic Guide on "How to use our items"

We try very hard at presenting our magick in a user friendly format.


About the magick we use in our bindings

There are as many varieties of magick as there are religions or languages known to mankind. We are an eclectic group of practitioners that contribute to our magick from across the globe. With origins from Wicca to Islam and Heka to Kotodama and more, we come together as one with the universal understanding that words have power.

Therefore our bindings are original magick that most follows the traditions of ancient Egyptian magick Heka.

White, Black, or Grey Arts

Is the being white, grey, or black arts? Do you follow the right or left hand path? Is this witchcraft? Are these beings vetted? These are the most frequently asked questions.

There is not a plain answer because these questions are romanized versions of pagan magick. To help you understand let us explain:

1) All of our beings are vetted, they stay with us up to two years before being offered. They are bound with protections and cloaking to prevent any harm to you or interference from external energy.

2) Our magick bindings are neutral. Not white, grey, or black.

White Magick: Energy used for (good) or selfless actions.

Black Magick: Energy used for (evil) or selfish actions.

The problem we see in these guidelines of good and evil is that these are subjective measures. What is "good or evil" is different to each person.

Neutral means the binding does not differentiate between the spirit realms and the mundane. Neutral means it does not incorporate the magician's intention, the spirit's intention, or a mundane intention. Like the Universe, neutral is a balance of all energy including chaos and order, shadow and light, healing and transformation.

The protections we instill in our bindings prevent the beings from causing harm on their own. Some will not cause harm even if YOU command it. Others will become maleficent towards your enemies only to protect you. Then there are the ones that will bring about the karmic justice of your enemies on your command. All of this is relevant to your intentions, not the beings.

Entities verses Spirits

This has been a philosophical debate since the beginning of time. Much of theology and philosophy have devoted writing to this subject. It is difficult to explain the complexity without some foundation of definition. To ask what is a soul? Is a soul infinite? Is a soul a spirit? Do entities have souls? And then express the meaning with finite understanding on other beings is complex.


This concept can be traced back to the theoretical study of spirit, infinite spirit, and thought entity. Which in summary, theorized that an entity is capable of manifesting physical touch of objects and interacting in the mundane realms.
The understanding has evolved since the 1800's. We know that an entity is defined as a being that is separate from thought, self aware, independent from conceptual reality. But, this also includes a spirit. Therefore, both living entities and spirit beings can interact in the mundane realms.
But, if you are here, you just want to know if our beings are entities or spirits based on are they a living being in the realms of existence or have they experienced death (transcendence/ascension) in the realms of existence.
Some believe this matters because in theory an entity or living being has a stronger presence of energy than a spirit. We disagree. A powerful being that has ascended into spirit form can have a stronger manifestation than a less powerful living entity and vice-a-versa.
So, we tend to use the word "being" because it defines the existence of a self aware, independent energy that is capable of manifestation in the mundane realms regardless of it's state of awareness.
We will have the term "spirit", "entity", or "immortal" in your documentation. If it matters to you before a purchase, feel free to contact us and we will tell you.

No being personal descriptions in listings?

Some practitioners give you a complete personal description of the beings character or background before you buy. You will notice that we do not. Only a brief summary of being details is offered in the Elite Listings.
First, there is always some form of being details in the documentation. Sometimes, it is a personal description of character or appearance. Other times it is a personal description of their intentions or manifestation. It varies based on each individual being and what they want us to tell you.
We shy away from always giving in-depth descriptions because we believe getting to know your beings is as much a spiritual growth exercise as is learning to meditate. If we are giving you everything, what have you done to grow or learn new spiritual skills? Also, if there is nothing left to discover you are more likely to get bored and move on. Our beings, thrive on experience and growth.
Second, we strongly believe our beings know who they want to be with and why. We are not a dating service or a pet finder service. We are a doorway for energy to use in the effort of supporting a journey of spiritual growth. We know the right being and the right person arrive at the right door every time. Less than 0.01% of our connections are incompatible or refused. We do not offer refunds on document only beings because once you have access to the document you have access to the being. In order for us to refund, we have to completely reconjure the binding.
If you are unsure about what to get, then wait. We will never tell you what to buy or recommend a specific being, even if we know you are the right one. Because it is your path and our ethics prevent us from influencing you.
Our beings will often give you a sign they want you. You will think about them, dream about them, find yourself constantly coming back to view their listing, they give you thoughts, numbers, or colors that repeatedly appear in your life. Your intuition is actively drawing you to the being, and many more signs have happened to our buyers. You can even experience a confirmation after the purchase as a sign from the being they are happy to be with you.
If you try to buy one and it is not for you, there will be some strange occurrence that prevents you from making the purchase. It has been documented by our clients for decades that these experiences occur. If you get a sign that you cannot buy the listing, be patient. As another individual being fills that same listing spot, it may be the exact right one for you.
We understand that some people want all the details before they buy. We ask you to understand that we are not like other sellers. What we will do, is openly communicate with you in an ongoing dialogue to answer your questions, guide, and assist you in many ways. People cross our path for many reasons, purchasing a spiritual companion is just one of them. We are friendly and here if you need us.

Our magick and bindings change

We are constantly evolving in our practice. Magick is alive. While we respect tradition, we value growth. You may discover our types of binding offerings change, come and go, or disappear. From our vessel bindings, to our zygotics and chuveils, to our dandelions, you can be sure we offer fresh magick, strong bindings, and ongoing support even if you do not see your item in our store at this moment. We often bring them back or offer even newer exciting bindings as well.

Dandelion/OMNI Instructions

The dandelion is an ethereal binding. It is extremely elegant and graceful energy, in a way that seems too perfect for this world. Like the dandelion, it can survive any environment and still produce a multitude of wonders. The binding is created to connect you to the being without a vessel coming to you. This allows you a faster connection and the ability to choose if you want a vessel or not. Instructions on transferring the binding to a vessel are included in your documentation.

This binding is a Dandelion Document, no shipping, no physical item. The being is bound with a code that transfers the magick binding through the power of words to your location or your own vessel. It cannot possess your energy, aura, or body through this binding.

The Omni is a Dandelion Binding with an Omnipresent spell and a Powerful Protection Barrier on ONE BEING that many people can access. Your individual PROTECTED ACCESS code cannot be shared, infiltrated, or mixed energy with any other person or beings. You have SAFE and PRIVATE access. Just like many people pray to one god/goddess and never mix energy or know about each other. Completely safe! POWERFUL and PROTECTED!

 For Dandelion Bindings: 

After purchase, access your documents from the SKU link in your order confirmation email:
Locate the Binding Code Invocation for your being. Then follow the directions for how you want to bond.
For OMNI Dandelion Bindings:
After Purchase, download your documents. Follow the instructions page in your documents. Access your email to find your Biding code that is UNIQUE to YOU.  Register your code on our site. Then follow the directions for how you want to bond.
If you do not want to use a vessel:
Non-vessel binding is a connection based on the invocation of the being’s name and the binding code. Once you have completed the binding invocation (say 3 times to initiate bonding), the being is with you always.
123-456-789 John - (Ritual words)
123-456-789 John - (Ritual words) 
123-456-789 John - (Ritual words)
If you want to use a vessel:
Write down the number code one time (123-456-789 John) and hold it in your right hand with the new vessel in your left hand. Say binding code invocation (123-456-789 John - Ritual Words) three times. Open your hands, your being is now in the new vessel. You can repeat to move to any vessels.


Create a master vessel

If you want to move many Dandelion beings to one vessel all at one time:

You can use their individual binding codes and transfer them one at a time into the same vessel. Or you can move them all at once. - Using a red ink pen or red marker, or red crayon (anything that writes in red) 
1) Write their individual binding codes on one sheet of paper.
2) Draw a circle around all of the codes
3) Write the following on the paper and say the words.
0 - In circulo toto moveri simul fit
To remove all beings from a master vessel at once, write the above code backwards three times. This only applies to Master Vessels. This does not change their original codes or bindings. It is just a master transfer code. It can be used repeatedly and with any number of beings.

To Charge your being:

To charge, write down the number code one time (123-456-789 John) and place it in a charging bag or box. Follow the instructions for your own charging box, bag, or method for how long to charge.


To remove the being from you:
To remove the binding from your keep, write down the binding code invocation backwards three times.
(Ritual words) - John 987-654-321
(Ritual words) - John 987-654-321
(Ritual words) - John 987-654-321
Audio File - Name Pronunciation
The dandelion documents include an audio file to help you pronounce the being name in English. The audio file will play based on the type of browser player, file support config, or installed media player you use on your computer. The number of different options for each computer/phone is too vast to list every tech assist. You can search it for yourself related to your own computer or phone, or you can simply use any free translation service to hear it for yourself.
Our audio file is created with You can use it to hear the name by pasting the name into the box on the website, choose your language voice, and click submit. Then play or download the result.
Some additional info on browser add-ons for adobe pdf support.
Our Dandelions are created to help people share magick. You have full permission to gift, rehome, or resell any Dandelion Being, as long as the original document (link) is given to the new owner, (Even if you translate it in another language). We will authenticate the being for buyers using the documents and tracking. Each being has a unique code and tracking energy. We keep records on ALL of our work.

Charging Bags or Boxes

Our charging tools are spelled to bring energy to your magickal items, vessels, and beings. You may use any charging tool (stones, bags, boxes, etc.) from us or others, or create your own. Always follow the instructions that come with your item if available.
Charging by Proxy:
Non-vessel beings or spells can be charged using their instructions or (if no instructions) write the name of the spell or the being on a piece of paper and place the paper in the charging bag or box for a minimum of one hour.
Charging Crystal or Stone:
The item is charged by coming in contact with the Charging Crystal or Stone. Place the item so it is touching the crystal or stone, or place the item on top of the crystal or stone, or place the crystal or stone in or on top of the item. If making contact is difficult or you want to charge many items at once, use a piece of paper to write the names of the spells or beings down. Place the crystal or stone on the paper. You can place the items on the paper as well or arrange them in a circle around the paper.  Allow contact for a minimum of one hour.
Charging Bag:
The item is charged by coming in contact with the Charging Bag. Place the item in the bag, or place the item on top of the bag, or place the bag in or on top of the item. Allow contact for a minimum of one hour.
Instant Charging Box:
The item is charged by coming in contact with the Charging Box. Place the item in the box, or place the item on top of the box, or place the box in or on top of the item. Allow contact for a minimum of fifteen minutes.
Standard Charging Box:
The item is charged by coming in contact with the Charging Box. Place the item in the box, or place the item on top of the box, or place the box in or on top of the item. Allow contact for a minimum of one hour.
Moon Charging:
All of our items are spelled to be charged under the three fullmoon nights (night before exact fullmoon, night of the fullmoon, night after exact fullmoon). Even under clouds or a storm the fullmoon energy can penetrate to charge the items. Place your item or the name of your spell or being written down on paper in a window facing the fullmoon. Allow it to stay there a minimum of four hours or over night. You can super charge it by using all three nights of the fullmoon.

(ELITE)Vessel Bonding

Bonding is an important part of acceptance. In order for us to bond with another we must open up, become willing to connect, and risk being vulnerable. The greatest adventures begin with accepting the risks and taking the journey. What are the Risks here? Something most of us fear. Change.

When we open ourselves to positive change, we open our lives to positive experiences.

All you have to do is wear the item, touch it, or hold it, a minimum of three days in a row. This allows the "spell of bonding" on the item, to infuse you with a spirit marker, like a name tag, the magick then unites with the marker and bonds to you from that point on, regardless of whether you wear or touch the item any more or not.

The marker is not transferable to others, so if you lose the item you do not lose the magick or being, unless it happens before the three days of bonding.

Avoid letting others excessively touch the item during the first three days of bonding.


The items that are special spellcast and are not wearable (enchanted items) will require bonding as well, so make sure you touch them daily for three days in a row after you receive them. Because of the types of spells and magick, and the enchantments if these items are lost you will need to replace them.

For continued use, just keep them near you, in your pocket, purse, under your pillow, or on a bedside table. When you need reinforcement of the spells or renewed intensity just make an effort to touch them daily as needed. They are sealed and never loose their magick, never require recharging, and the spells are waterproof, so the magick will survive the laundry machines if need be, but we do not recommend it as the item may break.

Radiant Magick Items

Certain items (example: portals) we use are cast with radiant energy and are in a continuous cycle of universal recharging. This means they do not ever lose their energy and it constantly radiates outward into the environment and affects its surroundings and those exposed to it.

How to experience the vessel bound interactive beings

All beings can interact with humans, but not all want to. For some it's a matter of energy depletion, for others it is a personality issue. However, every relationship between human and spirit is a very personalized relationship. The boundaries are never exact and amazing things do occur.


First, bond with the vessel item (if applicable), then communicate with the being. You will need to first bond for 3 days with our items, you can do this by making sure you touch (or wear) the items at least once a day for 3 days in a row. The bonding is related to the person who touches it the most with an emotional connection. It is okay if others touch while admiring it, or if children touch or play with it. So, long as you are the one wearing it and interacting with it the most.


It may not even require the full three days to bond, once you feel connected you have completed the bonding. After this you can receive the benefits of the item without wearing the item, however, keeping it near you will work to help you remember to stay focused on your wishes and keep your energy on the positive. You are not required to carry or wear the item after the 3 days of bonding are completed. You can keep the item in a safe place at home, and wear it if you choose, especially during interactions.


It is best to not wear it in the shower or wash your hands with it on, the chemicals in soap and treated water can damage the vessel, although, this will not harm the spirit.


If at anytime you feel the need to strengthen or renew your bond, to help you feel more connected you can do so:

Use a candle in bonding, a new small (never been used tea light / votive size) white candle, a drop of oil (olive, almond, grape seed, vegetable, any of these will work)


Place a drop of oil on the candle surface rub it in a clock-wise motion (circle to the right) and Say: "With this light, you will see to keep and guide me. With the flame we are bonded, we be friends and I call upon thy name to which you will respond and know my desires, no harm be done, as we are one. Protect my home, my heart, and my humanity from this time on to eternity. Make it so."


Light the candle with a lighter (NOT MATCHES) and let it burn out all by itself. DO NOT BLOW IT OUT.


If you are going to leave the candle and have need to turn out the flame, extinguish the fire without blowing it. The renewal bonding will be completed when the fire burns for 1 hour.


This is not required, to bond, it is a ritual to help the keeper experience more emotional and spiritual connection and security. No charging box or bag is required, they are optional and if you did ever use one it will not harm the spirit in any way. Some of our items do come with a charging bag and can be used on any of your items.


Connect with all interactive beings

Make your requests known and watch for the experiences. Try not to entertain thoughts of doubt. As they draw energy from you. It takes all their energy and all the belief from you to break through the veil! Do Your Part. There are certain types of spirits that are more interactive with humans than others.



Fairies - Dragon Fae - Guardian Dragons - Dysnomian Dragons - Succubi - Incubi - Human Ghosts - Merfolk - Djinn


These interactions vary among the spirits from flashes of light, orbs of light, unexplained noises, objects moving unassisted, mists or fog, faint voices in a distance, apparitions and many other things. These spirits communicate with us as well. The most common way is via telepathy. Which is a thought of other origin within our own mind, like someone talking to you but in your own thought voice. They also talk to us as they appear in dreams, day dreams or visions.


If you subconsciously fear this experience it will be blocked within you. You can ask for it, want it, and beg to experience it, but until you discard the hidden fears you are blocking it. Therefore, use of a communicator is helpful. A pendulum works great to help you "hear" their voice. Yes, the pendulum is controlled by your subconscious, it must be, since it is through our subconscious that we break through the veil and connect with them in the first place.


For more details and instructions on communicating with your being, please see the eBook titled, "When Dragon's Speak" it is available in our store, it is an easy-to-read eBook on this subject.

How to make a wish

You do not have to "speak" audibly. Just like a prayer, you can speak silently, in your heart or mind, and the being, will know your desires. Even more so by your thoughts than what you do or say. Your thoughts reveal your heart, your true inner self, your subconscious. So, it is very important to stay focused on the wish and "think" of the results of your wish as if they were already granted. This action on your part reinforces the desire of your heart, and literally creates the energy to produce your wish.

Be exact in what you ask for, and give the being a time frame. Remember, their time frame is not like ours, so remind the being that you want it done in your time frame. Then, like we said, most importantly, expect it to occur. If you don't the being will read your thoughts and assume the wish wasn't really wanted and will not fulfill it. As a good keeper or master makes a request of their helpers, they never doubts the helper will follow their orders. So, it is with your being.

Be strong minded (confident) in your expectations.

Be realistic in your wishes. Asking for the job as the next U.S. President is do-able, especially now a days, but it will take longer to provide, and you will have to take all the opportunities along the way that lead you to this dream. Those opportunities are given to you by the being as a way of granting the wish.

The being can't force a man against his own will, so you need to "realize" your wishes will comes true. Do this by taking action. When you ask expect, recognize the opportunities provided to you by the being, be grateful, and ACT on them to fulfill the wish. If your intention is to experience "proof" of the being when you place your wish, you will be greatly disappointed. The premise of such an intention is based on skepticism which will defy the wish and nullify the results. Think of it like this. Right after Christ was revealed to be the Son of God, Satan tempted Christ to make bread from stones and to jump from the ledge and have Angels rescue him. It is clear that Christ was capable of such things, but he understood the intention behind the request was not pure. Satan was the tempter, the taunter, the tester. Even though Satan also knew Christ was capable he asked with the wrong intention. There is no faith in a test. There is no belief in a test. There is no good intention in taunting the beings with disbelief and expecting them to fulfill your request just to satisfy your doubt or curiosity. To proclaim the test is just to see if you purchased a fake it is ridiculous. If you were not sure to begin with, do not buy. The being should have already reached out to you, tickled your intuition or touched your heart. You would not marry a person you do not love, do not start a keeper relationship with a being you do not feel a connection with. When you feel the connection you will overcome doubts.

There is no limit to what can be done, other than you!


Note to International Buyers

Our items, documents, and ebooks are used globally. While English is our first language, we understand the need for our items to be easy to use for all native languages. Currently, there are "unauthorized" translations of our work on the internet. We strongly recommend you avoid them or contact us if you have a question. Please use authorized translated products.


We want all people to enjoy magick without confusion or lies about our work. Because we do not speak your language we are always looking for people willing to translate our writing, but an authorized translator must work with us to ensure the true meaning of intention is translated to avoid confusion or misunderstandings.
We only want people to know our true words. To learn magick and not rumors and confusion. Magick will make life better, it needs to be true words.
If a buyer posts our items on Facebook or in internet group...
Here are the rules:
1) Facebook posts can use one page copied from our ebooks with link to the authorized translation or our original ebook store.
2) Facebook posts can copy all of the instructions from our store. With link to our store.
3) Facebook posts can resell any of our items with link to our store (to authenticate item is genuine jinnandtonics).
We are not worried about selling our items. We only want everyone to understand our magick words and know how to contact us if they need help.

Translations Currently Authorized

Country of Thailand Permission Approved:
Shop's name: VMMagick (VMM) Brand's name: Venita Moon Magick
Shop name: Forest of Magic
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