How to Use Our Items

Believing is Only the Beginning

Now that you have the tools let us help you use them.

There is an amazing power in all of us, untapped power, to survive against all odds, to create greatness, to produce life, to dream of the future and to create that future.

If you have ever longed for more, or reminisced of lost times, or dreamed of a better life, or wished for it all...

Then you used that power.

We use that power everyday to bring you items that help you find your way, or rebuild your financial castle, or re-experience your youth, or heal your heart...

Our goal is to bring you back to who you really are and introduce you to the magick of your life.

The Time is Now

Experience it

We Present the Basic Guide on "How to Use Our Items"

We try very hard at presenting our magick in a user friendly format.

Dandelion Connection

The dandelion is an ethereal binding. It is extremely elegant and graceful energy, in a way that seems too perfect for this world. Like the dandelion, it can survive any environment and still produce a multitude of wonders. The binding is created to connect you to the being without a vessel coming to you. This allows you a faster connection and the ability to choose if you want a vessel or not. Instructions on transferring the binding to a vessel are included at the end of your documentation. Non-vessel binding is a connection based on the invocation of the being’s name and the binding code. Once you have completed the bonding invocation, the being is with you always. To charge, write the binding code and place it in a box. Any person can bond with the being using the code.

How to Transfer a Dandelion to a New Vessel

The binding code is prepared with a transfer spell. Write down the number code and hold it in your right hand with the new vessel in your left hand. Say binding invocation three times. Open your hands, your being is now in the new vessel, you can repeat to move to any vessels. To remove the binding from your keep, write the code backwards three times.

Elite Bonding

Bonding is an important part of acceptance. In order for us to bond with another we must open up, become willing to connect, and risk being vulnerable. The greatest adventures begin with accepting the risks and taking the journey. What are the Risks here? Something most of us fear. Change.

When we open ourselves to positive change, we open our lives to positive experiences.

All you have to do is wear the item, touch it, or hold it, a minimum of three days in a row. This allows the "spell of bonding" on the item, to infuse you with a spirit marker, like a name tag, the magick then unites with the marker and bonds to you from that point on, regardless of whether you wear or touch the item any more or not.

The marker is not transferable to others, so if you lose the item you do not loose the magick or being, unless it happens before the three days of bonding.

Avoid letting others excessively touch the item during the first three days of bonding.


The items that are special spellcast and are not wearable (enchanted items) will require bonding as well, so make sure you touch them daily for three days in a row after you receive them. Because of the types of spells and magick, and the enchantments if these items are lost you will need to replace them.

For continued use, just keep them near you, in your pocket, purse, under your pillow, or on a bedside table. When you need reinforcement of the spells or renewed intensity just make an effort to touch them daily as needed. They are sealed and never loose their magick, never require recharging, and the spells are waterproof, so the magick will survive the laundry machines if need be, but we do not recommend it as the item may break.

Radiant Magick Items

Certain items (example: portals) we use are cast with radiant energy and are in a continuous cycle of universal recharging. This means they do not ever lose their energy and it constantly radiates outward into the environment and affects its surroundings and those exposed to it.

How to Experience the Interactive Spirit Beings

All spirit beings can interact with humans, but not all want to. For some it's a matter of energy depletion, for others it is a personality issue. However, every relationship between human and spirit is a very personalized relationship. The boundaries are never exact and amazing things do occur.

First, bond with the item, then communicate with the being. You will need to first bond for 3 days with our items, you can do this by making sure you touch (or wear) the items at least once a day for 3 days in a row. The bonding is related to the person who touches it the most with an emotional connection. It is okay if others touch while admiring it, or if children touch or play with it. So, long as you are the one wearing it and interacting with it the most.

It may not even require the full three days to bond, once you feel connected you have completed the bonding. After this you can receive the benefits of the item without wearing the item, however, keeping it near you will work to help you remember to stay focused on your wishes and keep your energy on the positive. You are not required to carry or wear the item after the 3 days of bonding are completed. You can keep the item in a safe place at home, and wear it if you choose, especially during interactions.

It is best to not wear it in the shower or wash your hands with it on, the chemicals in soap and treated water can damage the vessel, although, this will not harm the spirit.

If at anytime you feel the need to strengthen or renew your bond, to help you feel more connected you can do so:

Use a candle in bonding, a new small (never been used tea light / votive size) white candle, a drop of oil (olive, almond, grape seed, vegetable, any of these will work)
Place a drop of oil on the candle surface rub it in a clock-wise motion (circle to the right) and Say: "With this light, you will see to keep and guide me. With the flame we are bonded, we be friends and I call upon thy name to which you will respond and know my desires, no harm be done, as we are one. Protect my home, my heart, and my humanity from this time on to eternity. Make it so."
Light the candle with a lighter (NOT MATCHES) and let it burn out all by itself. DO NOT BLOW IT OUT.
If you are going to leave the candle and have need to turn out the flame, extinguish the fire without blowing it. The renewal bonding will be completed when the fire burns for 1 hour.

This is not required, to bond, it is a ritual to help the keeper experience more emotional and spiritual connection and security. No charging box or bag is required, they are optional and if you did ever use one it will not harm the spirit in any way. Some of our items do come with a charging bag and can be used on any of your items.

Make your requests known and watch for the experiences. Never entertain thoughts of doubt. As they draw energy from you. It takes all their energy and all the belief from you to break through the veil! Do Your Part. There are certain types of spirits that are more interactive with humans than others.


Fairies - Dragon Fae - Guardian Dragons - Dysnomian Dragons - Succubi - Incubi - Human Ghosts - Merfolk - Djinn

These interactions vary among the spirits from flashes of light, orbs of light, unexplained noises, objects moving unassisted, mists or fog, faint voices in a distance, apparitions and many other things. These spirits communicate with us as well. The most common way is via telepathy. Which is a thought of other origin within our own mind, like someone talking to you but in your own thought voice. They also talk to us as they appear in dreams, day dreams or visions.

If you subconsciously fear this experience it will be blocked within you. You can ask for it, want it, and beg to experience it, but until you discard the hidden fears you are blocking it. Therefore, use of a communicator is helpful. A pendulum works great to help you "hear" their voice. Yes, the pendulum is controlled by your subconscious, it must be, since it is through our subconscious that we break through the veil and connect with them in the first place.

For more details and instructions on communicating with your being, please see the eBook titled, "When Dragon's Speak" it is available in our store, it is an easy-to-read eBook on this subject.

How to Make a Wish

You do not have to "speak" audibly. Just like a prayer, you can speak silently, in your heart or mind, and the being, will know your desires. Even more so by your thoughts than what you do or say. Your thoughts reveal your heart, your true inner self, your subconscious. So, it is very important to stay focused on the wish and "think" of the results of your wish as if they were already granted. This action on your part reinforces the desire of your heart, and literally creates the energy to produce your wish.

Be exact in what you ask for, and give the being a time frame. Remember, their time frame is not like ours, so remind the being that you want it done in your time frame. Then, like we said, most importantly, expect it to occur. If you don't the being will read your thoughts and assume the wish wasn't really wanted and will not fulfill it. As a good keeper or master makes a request of their helpers, they never doubts the helper will follow their orders. So, it is with your being.

Be strong minded (confident) in your expectations.

Be realistic in your wishes. Asking for the job as the next U.S. President is do-able, especially now a days, but it will take longer to provide, and you will have to take all the opportunities along the way that lead you to this dream. Those opportunities are given to you by the being as a way of granting the wish.

The being can't force a man against his own will, so you need to "realize" your wishes will comes true. Do this by taking action. When you ask expect, recognize the opportunities provided to you by the being, be grateful, and ACT on them to fulfill the wish. If your intention is to experience "proof" of the being when you place your wish, you will be greatly disappointed. The premise of such an intention is based on skepticism which will defy the wish and nullify the results. Think of it like this. Right after Christ was revealed to be the Son of God, Satan tempted Christ to make bread from stones and to jump from the ledge and have Angels rescue him. It is clear that Christ was capable of such things, but he understood the intention behind the request was not pure. Satan was the tempter, the taunter, the tester. Even though Satan also knew Christ was capable he asked with the wrong intention. There is no faith in a test. There is no belief in a test. There is no good intention in taunting the beings with disbelief and expecting them to fulfill your request just to satisfy your doubt or curiosity. To proclaim the test is just to see if you purchased a fake it is ridiculous. If you were not sure to begin with, do not buy. The being should have already reached out to you, tickled your intuition or touched your heart. You would not marry a person you do not love, do not start a keeper relationship with a being you do not feel a connection with. When you feel the connection you will overcome doubts.

There is no limit to what can be done, other than you!

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