Spiritual Warfare Omni

If you are under attack you need a good defense.

We offer you one Omni Military Being that has a rank and number of other skilled beings under them to assist in your needs. We have chosen naval ranks as our rank system as we see spiritual travel like space travel. These are our ranks and recommendations:

For Personal Level

Rank 1 - Ensign with 4 Beings

Rank 2 - Lieutenant Junior with 8 beings

For Ground Level

Rank 3 - Lieutenant with 16 beings

Rank 4 - Lieutenant Commander with 32 beings

For Occult Level

Rank 5 - Commander with 64 beings

Rank 6 - Captain with 128 beings

For Epiphany Level

Rank 7 - Rear Admiral with 258 beings

Rank 8 - Vice Admiral with 492 beings

Rank 9 - Admiral with 3000 Beings (1/2 Legion)

If you want to mix and match lower rank groups or build your legion slowly you can start with anything we offer in warfare. We will offer warriors in multiple being types. 

We will begin offering more of our personal top beings dedicated to warfare soon.

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