Spirit Guide Quiz

How to know what type of spirit guide you need:

Each person’s life path is focused on a type of journey based on their stage of life. Therefore, the best type of spirit guide you need will constantly change and evolve as you grow. There is a way to know exactly what type of spirit guide you need for every situation you face. The connection can be fine-tuned to you, personalized for your path, and uniquely specialized for your situation.

Take the Spirit Guide Quiz and discover your own dosha and how to match it to a spirit guide.

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Answer each question as objectively as possible, selecting the option that best describes yourself for most of your life, not necessarily in this moment or situationally. If you’re having a hard time doing so, try selecting the option that best describes someone similar to you.

If you developed an illness in childhood or as an adult, think of how things were for you before that illness. If more than one quality is applicable in each characteristic, choose the one that applies the most.


Keep track of your answers to calculate the number of A's, B's, and C's for results at the end.

1. My natural frame can best be described as:
a) Slight and narrow

b) Average, with good muscle tone

c) Sturdy and strong



2. My lifelong tendency with weight has been:

a) I typically don’t gain weight easily, or I have trouble keeping it on

b) I can gain or lose weight easily, depending on what I focus on

c) I tend to gain weight easily and can have difficulty losing it


3. Most of my life, my body temperature has felt:
a) Cold—my hands and feet are usually cold and I prefer warm environments

b) Warm—I am usually warm regardless of the season and prefer cool environments

c) Comfortable—I am adaptable to most temperatures


4. In general, my appetite is:
a) Inconsistent—my hunger fluctuates and I tend to nibble, or sometimes forget to eat

b) Strong—I feel ravenous and can get irritable if I eat late; I don’t like to skip meals

c) Steady—I tend to feel full for a while after meals and can comfortably delay eating if I need to


5. In general, my stamina over the day is:
a) Mild—I tend to start strong with lots of energy, but lose steam

b) Average—but I can push myself with a mind-over-matter attitude when needed

c) Enduring—I have great stamina but don’t typically like to test it


6. My lifelong tendency with sleep has been:
a) I am a light sleeper and awaken easily

b) I sleep soundly for shorter periods of time than most people

c) I enjoy deep, long sleep


7. I prefer my daily routine to be:
a) Flexible and spontaneous—I like to mix it up

b) Goal-oriented and challenging—I enjoy long, productive days

c) Predictable and steady—I’m good at keeping a routine and like structured days


8. Most of my life, I have made choices:
a) Spontaneously and spur of the moment based on how I’m feeling at the time

b) Precisely and confidently after researching options

c) Slowly, or am fine letting others make the choices


9. Overall, my temperament is:
a) Enthusiastic – I enjoy trying new things

b) Purposeful – I am goal-oriented

c) Easygoing – I like to go with the flow


10. Usually, when under stress I become:
a) Anxious and worried

b) Irritated and impatient

c) Withdrawn and unmotivated

Count your answers and calculate your result below:


A______      B______      C______


The highest number is your Dosha. If you have equal numbers, you are BI-Dosha with two main energies.

A = Vata Dosha

B = Pitta Dosha

C = Kapha Dosha

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