Dandelion Towers
Dandelion Towers
Dandelion Towers
Dandelion Towers
Dandelion Towers

Dandelion Towers

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Dandelion Binding - Digital File Only - No Vessel - No Shipping - No Waiting

The dandelion is an ethereal binding. The binding is created to connect you to the being without a vessel coming to you. It is not a body binding, but a dýnami tis léxis, a power of the word binding. This allows you a faster connection and the ability to choose if you want to transfer to your own vessel or not. Easy to use instructions on bonding and transferring the binding to a vessel are included at the end of your documentation download.

What you receive

4 Page Document with:

Being General Info Summary

Being Attached: 1 Being per Digital File

Being Details, Powers, Personality, Likes, Personal Message or Quote

Included Article

Bonus Material

Binding Code and Instructions


Dandelion Towers

These are the strong foundational beings we have offered for years. They stand above other Dandelion Bindings with more powerful beings and well-established reputations for being a higher echelon. We are now offering them as a Dandelion Binding.


If you know what type of being you want, simply make your selection with the drop-down menu above and add to cart for check out. You will receive an email with bitly download links for your dandelion purchases.

If you want more information about our being types, simply explore our being library, then return here to select the one you want.

General Info: 

Being Library

Please Note: Sexually active beings in this section are indicated by "Rated MA" in the title.


Refunds & Rehoming

Refunds are not available on any Dandelion Bindings.

Dandelion Bindings are compatible with rehoming, adding to your own jewelry and reselling, or giving as a gift. Just be sure to follow the instructions and to give all documentation to the next owner.

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