Egyptian Home and Health Protection Spell - NVJ4 - Goddess Neith

Egyptian Home and Health Protection Spell - NVJ4 - Goddess Neith

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As one of the eldest goddesses, Neith emerged from the primeval waters to create the world. As time went on and myths evolved, Neith took on other characteristics and responsibilities. Although originally a hunter and warrior, and always considered a great protector of the Egyptian people, she was also a wise mediator between gods, as well as between humanity and the gods. In addition, Neith cared for the dead and helped to dress their souls in preparation for the afterlife. READ MORE HERE

Asking Mother Goddess Neith for help in times of unprecedented struggle, hardship, illness, threat, and fear is the most powerful protection available. She gathers all gods and goddesses to work together to heal and protect in balance.

She offers peace in the chaos and strength in times of weakness. Even if the great afterlife calls one home, she makes sure all the gods do their duty to protect and care for our souls.

She calls forth the greatest Egyptian powers to protect your home and those who dwell within.

The best way to survive is to be prepared. Ask for the extra support and protection from the Mother of the Gods. Everyone can benefit from Mother’s protection and love.

 Easy to Use Protection:

The spell is a spoken mantra that you say to invite the goddess and her protection. You will receive a document with the spell and the goddess info from this listing. As well as, a download of the entire mantra spell audio clip to assist you with saying the spell. All you need is a small amount of water in a cup or bowl.

Supplies to Use Mantra Spell:

 1 small cup or bowl of water

What you receive:

5-page Document (info about the Egyptian gods and the spell)

1 Audio Clip Download (speaking the entire mantra spell with instructions)

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