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Taking up the fight against evil influences in your life makes you a spiritual warrior at some level.

Occult level is warfare that begins to go beyond a defense system of protection and builds an offensive to prevent future attacks and deliver blows to those darkest forces like online bullies, stalkers, or toxic or harmful relationships that you can excise from your life. This is where you get serious about your spiritual walk and choose to take actions that bring results. This can be forming a spirit family, changing your own behaviors, and setting boundaries for those in your life. This most commonly includes building a spiritual army to deliver you the destiny you desire to claim. This is doing spells or sending spirits to do battle for you.

This is Rank 5 (Commander) -  Occult Level. These Warriors work well with any other ranks.

What you receive:

12+ Page Document with

Rank 5 - Commander with 64 Beings

(Total 65 powerful beings)

Names & codes

4 pg Squad Leaders Personal Being Details

2 pg Commander Personal Being Details

Favorite Offerings

Articles and/or Spells

We will begin offering more of our personal top beings dedicated to warfare soon.

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