Power of 13 Spell - M13M - Money Spell

Power of 13 Spell - M13M - Money Spell

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The disconnect in people with the number 13 is due to a belief that it is unlucky. (It leads to bad luck. No one wins with 13.)

Wish you had the true lucky number?

What if there was a secret to success?

Would people really share it?

Would they hoard it and hide it from others?

Would they lie about it?

Would they convince others it was not really a secret of success?

Would you expect this kind of secrecy and brain washing from the rich or the government?

Thirteen is actually a secret sigil of great power. A sigil being a seal or symbol that embodies the conscious power of intention impregnated into it to serve for the purpose of manifestation. In other words, it is a way of concentrating the magical will into being. When a known sigil has incorporated the will or intention of a mass of people the symbol can invoke great power. An example of this would be a country's flag or emblem, can invoke loyalty of service in arms against foreign invaders.

But, what if there was a sigil that was so powerful that it could create wealth for those who can see it or use it, while remaining hidden from others in plain sight?

What if while it was in plain sight, it caused people to make you rich?

Would you believe it is the number 13?

It is a powerful number of great wealth. One that helped propel the USA into a position of 1st world country. The American flag has 13 stripes in honor of the first 13 colonies. The country was founded by men who understood the power and its connection to growth. In commerce and countries, growth is important. It was important enough to be placed in the currency. It is no accident that "M" is the 13th letter of the English alphabet and it begins the word Money. Even the letter "B" has a 13 in it. Thirteen can be found in reference to secret wealthy societies like the Illuminati.

As a sigil, the symbol can ensure greater prosperity when used in marketing. It brought great wealth to many companies that used it in their logo. Take a look at these signs to see if you can find the hidden 13 or reference to M or B.

Now, you wonder how is it that you never noticed it before? It was deliberately hidden in plain sight to be used as a tool to seduce the consumers to spend money. You are 80% more likely to spend a dollar bill to pay for a 99 cent item, than to spend a $20 bill and receive change. The dollar bill is printed with more references to 13 than the twenty. The companies that utilized the 13 in their logos made sure to encourage your spending by putting it in plain sight. It influences you without you realizing it.

So, now you know, the hidden secret to success, is in a power sigil that most people believe is unlucky. Well, just how powerful is it at bringing success?

Several successful sports figures have worn the number 13. Alex Rodriquez began wearing it upon joining the New York Yankees (three, the number he had previously worn, is retired by the Bronx Bombers to honor Babe Ruth). Dan Marino, an American Football player known for passing the 3rd most yards in NFL history, wore the number 13. Basketball great Wilt Chamberlain wore the number 13 on his jersey throughout his NBA career. Also, FIBA rules require a player to wear the number in international competitions (only numbers from 4 to 15 could be worn, and as there are 12 players, one must wear 13); Chris Mullin, who wore No. 20 in college and No. 17 in the NBA, wore No. 13 for both (1984 and 1992) of his Olympic appearances. Shaquille O'Neal wore No. 13 in 1996; Tim Duncan wore No. 13 in 2004. Steve Nash wore it for most of his basketball career.

American country-pop singer-songwriter Taylor Swift considers number 13 to be her lucky number.

  • "The Lucky One" is the 13th track on her album Red. It has a 13 second intro and the word "lucky" is said 13 times in the song.
  • She was born on December 13, 1989.
  • Her debut album went platinum in 13 weeks
  • Taylor says whenever she is seated in row 13 or row M (the 13th letter) at an award show, she always wins.
  • If she sees a 13, it will bring her luck, but if she sees no number 13 that day, she will lose.
  • Four of her songs - Teardrops on My Guitar, White Horse, Ours and Gorgeous - peaked at #13 on the Billboard Hot 100.
  • Taylor's first number one song on the Billboard Country Chart, Our Song, has a 13 second intro.

What if you had a way to break the belief of bad luck and at the same time you were suddenly able to see the secret power behind hidden 13?

Break Bad Luck - Wipe Bad Karma - Attract Money, Luck, Love, and Success

Included in this 13 page document:

 What is Triskaidekaphobia?

History of Number 13 Success

Discover Your Karma Luck

Spiritual Blessings of Friday 13th

Friday 13th Love Connections

13 Good Luck Money Traditions

Power of 13 Spell


(Not Included) Supplies Needed:

13 Coins (any type)

1 Votive Candle

Earth (a potted plant, a baggie of dirt, your garden or yard)


Bonus Power Boosts:

1X – Do spell on any day

10X – Do spell on a Friday

100X - Do spell on the 13th date

1000X – Do spell on Friday 13th

 Do this spell on the above days for built in bonus power!

This spell attracts good luck, money, fortune, success, and fame. If you have a blockage, this spell can be repeated as often as needed to unblock bad luck and wipe bad karma.

 This is an upgraded version of our Power of 13 Portal with stronger magick and bonus tiers. You can do this spell with your portal and the above bonuses will be multiplied three fold.

3X – Do spell on any day (while wearing your power of 13 portal)

30X – Do spell on a Friday (while wearing your power of 13 portal)

300X - Do spell on the 13th date (while wearing your power of 13 portal)

3000X – Do spell on Friday 13th (while wearing your power of 13 portal)

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