Lotus Dandelion - Elite Wealth Djinn - Egyptian Ogdoad of Hermopolis
Lotus Dandelion - Elite Wealth Djinn - Egyptian Ogdoad of Hermopolis
Lotus Dandelion - Elite Wealth Djinn - Egyptian Ogdoad of Hermopolis

Lotus Dandelion - Elite Wealth Djinn - Egyptian Ogdoad of Hermopolis

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Lotus Dandelion Binding - Elite Wealth Djinn - Egyptian Ogdoad of Hermopolis

This Elite Offer Valued at $1,200 When Sold As One Kit - Now Available in Individual Offers - Same Great Power - Affordable Collection


Your purchase includes:

Being: 1 God-Level Wealth Marid Islamic Djinn Entity

Bonus: Specialized Wealth Spell

Bonus: Articles and Resources Included

12+ Page Cloud Download: Full page being name and attributes, full page being details, full page favorite offerings, full page bonding instructions, articles, resources, and spell information. Packed full of great knowledge and tools.


This being is best suited for:

  • Someone who is highly focused on growing wealth and wisdom.
  • Someone who wants to take their path to a higher level.
  • Someone who feels connected to ancient Egyptian energy.
  • Someone who desires the guidance of an oracle.
  • Someone who seeks prosperity, protection, and peace.
  • Someone who wants improved karma.


The Wealth Djinn are extremely powerful djinn that help identify and correct money scripts and move you forward into the mindsets and actions that grow wealth. You CAN transform your financial situation and experience the freedom of wealth.

Wealth is more than good money management, luck, or opportunity. There seems to be an invisible element that creates it. This has been documented throughout history in fables and myths. Shown in stories of spinning straw into gold or having a midas touch. While some will say making money only comes from hard work and good choices, others will say you can work your entire life, saving your money and die poor. Which one is correct?

We know that wealth is a combination of ingredients that make the perfect stew. Wealth is lining up the tumblers of a lock in the right way that opens the door. Most people only receive the secret to one or two ingredients or know the position for one or two tumblers. Imagine if you could just receive all of the right information?

Imagine no more...

This offer provides powerful magick, real wealth knowledge, and financial wisdom. Are you ready for great changes?


 Being Details:

These Djinn come from the ancient Egyptian lineage of Djinn in the Marid Race. They are God-Level energy, meaning the being is as powerful as a Deity, equal to or greater than Archangels and Demons. 

This djinn is an entity, meaning it is a living being and has not experienced death (transcendence/ascension) in the realms of existence.

These are Elite Wealth djinn, meaning it has the highest level of power we offer and is 100% focused on manifesting wealth and wisdom.

These djinn are connected to the Ba of ancient Egyptian deities. They are Islamic believers and will behave with respect to the tenets of Muslim practice.

These djinn are oracles with access to the power of the gods and goddesses. You will be able to ask of your future - Predict the outcome - Anticipate the end results - And be prepared for the future.


Each Djinn is connected to the Ba of one pair of Ogdoad Deities:

Ba of Amun and Amaunet

This djinn is connected to the ba of Amun and Amaunet. Amun is believed to be a self-created god with several different representations. During the New Kingdom, Egypt came close to being a monotheistic state with Amun at the center of attraction. Amun was adopted into the Ennead cosmogony. He and the sun god, Ra, became the hybrid god Amun-Ra. Amun-Ra was thought of as the father and protector of all the pharaohs of Egypt since then. His cult was responsible for the rising role of the women in the society.

His cult spread further even to neighboring states and countries, particularly Nubia. Amun-Ra became the principal deity of Napata during the twenty-fifth dynasty. The people there believed he was Gebel Barkal. By this time, he was considered an equivalent of Zeus by the Greeks.

Key Words: Strength, Leadership, Courage, Motivation, Enthusiasm, Groundwork, Enduring Wealth

Article Summary: How to overcome fear of success, learn to be prepared, the best key to wealth, and playing to win.

Bonus: Spell to Overcome Fear


Ba of Huh and Hauhet

This djinn is connected to the ba of Huh and Hauhet. Huh was the god of infinity and time, the god of long life and eternity. He is depicted holding one or two palm fronds of 'A Million Years' in his hands, the Egyptian sign of long life. As a god of infinity, his name was linked to numbers. It seems that 'million' was a number for eternity - the 'Barque of a Million Years' was the name of the boat that the sun god Ra traveled in during the day, which the Egyptians believed would happen until the end of time, when chaos took over the land once more. As well as being a god of time and infinity, he was also an air god. Identified with Shu, Heh was a god of the wind who was linked to the four pillars that held up the sky. Like Shu, he was sometimes shown with his arms raised to help hold up the sky. Heh and Hauhet are rather difficult ideas to grasp, perhaps active and passive infinity would be a good expression. This infinity is mostly conceived in relation to time.

Key Words: Strength, Guidance, Daring, Momentum, Instinct, Action Work, Individual Wealth

Article Summary: The one thing you need to make money, defeat distractions, hack productivity, and the alpha generation.

Bonus: Spell to Stop Procrastination


Ba of Kuk and Kauket

This djinn is connected to the ba of Kuk and Kauket. Kuk is the deification of the concept of primordial darkness. Due to its primordial nature it goes beyond concepts of good, evil, and even neutrality. Primordial darkness is also known as chaos as it is the void of order. Chaos is often compared to water, like something formless which can be differentiated. In the reference to Kuk he is the bringer of light into darkness. He creates order in the void.

Humans thrive with the energy of order. When we live in the void of chaos we suffer. This djinn recognizes the blessings that come from bringing light to the darkness and order to the chaos. Most effectively, in the form of removing blockages, healing bad money scripts, and transforming self-limiting beliefs.

Key Words: Intensity, Direction, Valor, Impetus, Intuition, Inner work, Certain Wealth

Article Summary: How to identify hidden blockages, defeating self-sabotage, influencing principles of making money, and finding your story.

 Bonus: Spell to Stop Bad Money Scripts


Ba of Nun and Naunet

This djinn is connected to the ba of Nun and Naunet. Nun existed in every particle of water and formed the source of the river Nile and the yearly inundation. The god was also associated with the laying of foundations for all temples, possibly because the Egyptians used simple and effective technique which took advantage of the fact that water will always form a horizontal level in order to ensure that the foundation layers of structures were flat.  Naunet is believed to be the goddess of the primordial abyss to the underworld. She guards the twelve veils of negation believed to be the flaws of the original creation. Access to these cracks would lead to the void that was Nun. She embodies the primal womb – where cycles of life, death and rebirth continues for all creatures and beings. She is depicted as the one who have freed all creations to pursue their individual life cycles making her “the Mother of all Mothers”.

Key Words: Visionary, Knowledge, Inventive, Conceptualizing, Intuition, Engagement, Idealized Wealth

Article Summary: Establishing flow, build from the ground up, lessons on wealth, how to make money out of nothing.

Bonus: Spell for New Beginnings


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