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Falinn (Wood) Elf

Walk in the wood and feel the presence of others. Though not seen, but, understood, you walk with ancients. The Wood Elves' reclusive eyes among the leaves still peer into your soul. Their songs still echo in the dancing wind swept trees. Their footsteps lay below the forest floor, as their impression never fades.

Loyal to their life, they have no need to seek more than nature can provide. They are in tune with the rhythm of the season's breathing. They feel the earth moan and sigh. The animals are sacred and do live and die with their keep. They live by oaths of give and take. They give their protection to those who take from the earth with respect.

An ancient power resides in the woods. One that the Falinn Elves understood well, for in each moment of stillness there is abundance of action. Rarely is it quiet, that no bird calls out, no cricket chirps, or frog serenades. Ever is there growth and death, renewing birth, and even sleeping is not silent. As in our lives the Falinn lend to us their gifts, to help us know that we ourselves cannot be still even in death we are approaching something or leaving something, and eternally ever will.

When we get distracted by the nature of the world around us, we can close our eyes, and focus upon the wood elves who know the secret to serenity comes from within. They sing to be a part of their home, to bring their voice to lend a song. But, know they keep many secrets of which this is only one. They teach us to release our song to calm our soul.


Gold Elf

Within the High Elves there are those who hold themselves above other races. They call themselves the Har Alfur which means "pure elf". They are known by others as a part of the Gold Elf races, for their energy radiates a gold hue. They can be reserved, not distracted by the affairs of others. They keep their focus on their magick, most of the time. Some may see them as reclusive or haughty; however, if you have an appreciation for the higher spiritual realms of thought, then you will understand the Har Alfur. Like all High Elves, ageless splendor upon their faces, frame the pools of wisdom in their eyes. They hold a presence about them that sets them apart from all others. They are ethereal light in our dark reality. Sacred and utmost high, second only to the gods themselves.

The Har Alfur, have pristine energy of magick which encompasses the light from the stars, the song of the night winds high above the mountains, the breathtaking coolness of dawn erupting on the new day horizon. Their magick is like the pull of a magnet against the iron soul of the earth. Their presence is weightless like space, a silent effortless dance in the beautiful ethereal colors of stardust.


Malmur Alfur (Metal Elf)

Within the Metallurgy Elves powers, metals are mysterious materials found deep inside the earth and believed to be full of spiritual powers and potential for creation as well as destruction. As such, metallurgy and spiritual alchemy became the foundation of magick and clan that evolved into the Malmur Alfur. Each of the first five native metals, gold, silver, copper, iron, and mercury were believed to have a personal spiritual connection, and all metals carry a special spiritual significance. The elves believe that each element has a physical representation and a philosophical meaning that connects the elven realm to the human realm.

Bismuth Elf

The Bismut Alfur (Bismuth Elf), are associated with Uranus. Traditionally rainbow Bismuth has been used to ease us through transitions, encouraging a calm acceptance of change and increasing our energy levels to be able to adapt and transform. It brings the philosophical traits of vitality, shamanic journeys, and calm assurance. The Bismuth Elf can transfer the powers of Bismuth to your spiritual energies to transition through change, relieve loneliness and isolation moods, aid in astral travel, and building virtues such as patience and courage.

Benefits: Easy Transitions, Calm Lighter Moods, More Energy and Motivation, Achieve Goals, Boost Astral travel, Support Shadow Work, Sharpens Intuition and Focus, Sooths Feeling Overwhelmed, Improves Loneliness, Eases Responsibility Stress, Encourages Cohesieveness, Promotes Honesty, Builds Faith, Brings Peace of Mind, Promotes Spiritual Growth, Strengthens Courage, Purifies Aura, Improves Physical Healing

Copper Elf

The Kopar Alfur (Copper Elf), are associated with the planet Venus. Copper activates the sacral chakra, expanding the intuition, sexuality, desire, and vitality, directing these energies toward the pursuit of one’s path of evolution. The Copper Elf can transfer the powers of copper to your spiritual energies to remove barriers in your path and support your development.

Benefits: amplifies thoughts, healing energy, physical/emotional balance, clearer thinking, less aggressive, calming, boost self-esteem, warming energy, releases resentment and anger, nurturing aspect of women and their youthfulness, love & lust, charisma, feminine beauty, artistic creativity, affection, caring, fulfilling life, and life/work balance.

Silver Elf

The Silfur Alfur (Silver Elf), are associated with the Moon. Silver is associated with philosophical traits of intuition, self-reflection, and inner wisdom. The Silver Elf can transfer the powers of silver to your spiritual energies to boost divination, healing, protection, emotion, love, wisdom, dreams, luck, and wealth.

Benefits: Strong Healing, Cleansing, Eliminates Evil Energy, Protects Home from Harm, Boosts Magick, Improves Spirit Communication, Purifies Aura, Encourages Good Social Energy, Shields from Narcissists, Boosts Confidence, Protects Empaths, Calms Nerves, Boosts Karma, Repels Evil Eye, Strengthens Psychic Skills.

Verneite Elf

The Verneite Alfur (Verneite Elf), are associated with Uranus and Mercury. Verneite is named after Jules Vern and his novel, Journey to the Center of the Earth. It is associated with Aluminum and Yellow Fluorite, bringing philosophical traits of Genius, Creativity, Problem Solving, and Career Success. The Verneite Elf can transfer the powers of Verneite to your spiritual energies to boost mental focus, chakra, and aura harmony, aligning future success, deflecting negativity, boosting communication, reducing performance pressure, attracting wealth and abundance.

Benefits: Genius Thinking, Creativity Boost, Prophetic Dreams, Stronger Psychic Energy, Higher Mental Focus, Problem Solver, Future Success Alignment, Success in Entertainment Industry, Enlightened Inventions, Deflects Negativity, Naturally Attracts Abundance, Career Success, Harmonizes Chakras with Aura, Boosts Communication, Reduces Performance Pressure


Elf - Sea Elf - Sjo Alfur

Water is an amazing element required for life, yet can easily take life. The Sjo' Alfur had great understanding of the power in the sea. They held its magick in their veins and loved it as if it were a part of them. If you have a love of music you may find your heart adrift for without echo the Sjo' Alfur sing among sea mist. If you have a love of poetry, your ears will ring and itch, to hear the silent sayings of sweet words of white shores distant. If you have a love of salt, it’s said you are an ancient soul, who once upon a midnight walk did kiss a Sjo' Alfur. The Sjo' Alfur are good and strong, elvin made of might, their love of kin and kindred cannot be matched. You will know their powerful love as they protect and lead. You can count on them to show you how to achieve all that you may need. Your late night and early rise when light is not around, will be filled with wonder as you look eerily a ground. Fear not that you are alone, for it just is not true. Your Sjo' Alfur walks behind and protects you in the places you are not looking.

These elves are strong protectors with big hearts. The value life and never take it for granted. This makes them live it to the fullest with great passion and love. Their magick is incredibly strong and can bring good fortune, love, luck, healing, and destroy your enemies.

These elves are also passionate lovers, full of nurturing attention and care. They know exactly how to get your juices flowing. Water is their element after all.

Benefits: Feeling Accepted - Safety and Protection - Heightened Arousal - Increased Internal Awareness - Improved Moods - Increased Good Luck - Emotional Balance - Feeling Comfortable - Learning Self Love - Improved Thoughts - More Physical Energy - Decreased Physical Pain - Increased Stamina - Better Trusting Skills - Healthy Empathy - Feeling Loved - Bolder Confidence

Strong Elf - Sterk Alfur

In hope and despair, knowledge and enlightenment, death and immortality, fate and free will we are kindred. The elves carry a will and determination much like ours, so they understand our needs to fight against injustice and obstacles. They stand by you and offer you insight and wisdom. When you need an answer, they help you make those difficult choices in life. They keep you from taking the easy way or path to destruction. When you have the companionship of an elf, you have their heart. There is no greater strength than the loyalty of an elf. They will face anything to protect you. They will sacrifice anything to help you. Why? Because they are kindred. They have a love for us that goes beyond mere friendship. It reflects honor, duty, respect, kinship, loyalty, dedication, and pure love. Is it any wonder we fall in love with them? They are amazing beings. When you look into the eyes of an elf, you see the heart of creation, a depth beyond your understanding. The beauty of the ageless wisdom adorned by glimmering enlightenment. Their magickal strength which surges from an inner source connecting them to other-worlds. Their perfection with just enough humanness to share their greatest power with us. Their ability to care deeply for all.

No matter where you go, what realm you wander, when you call upon an elf, you are no longer alone. If you find the one, that special one, your life will never be the same. What makes the elves so special? You do. They will show you just how they see you, and when you close your eyes and walk with them, and hear them sing, your heart will be one with them. Then, you will know why.

Benefits: Feeling Accepted - Safety and Protection - Heightened Arousal - Increased Internal Awareness - Improved Moods - Increased Good Luck - Intimate Astral Sex - Feeling Comfortable - Learning Self Love - Improved Thoughts - More Physical Energy - Decreased Physical Pain - Increased Stamina - Better Trusting Skills - Healthy Empathy - Feeling Loved - Bolder Confidence

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Appalachian Fae

The first Native Americans arrived in the Appalachian Mountains approximately 16,000 years ago. They indicated through lore and legends the area was inhabited by little people upon their arrival. They said these little people were not born and did not die, as well as, they held strong magickal powers and helped keep harmony between the land and people. They said there were three different tribes of these little people, the Dogwood People, the Laurel People, and the Rock People.

When the Europeans arrived they found the similarities between the little people and their European fae to be striking enough to call them Brownies. To the mountain folk, they're known as the Appalachian Fae.

These adorable little people can bring so much happiness to your life. If you are ever in the Appalachian Mountains be sure to keep a look out for these lovely little people, as they are not shy and will come to see who you are as they watch from behind the trees. You may even hear them laughing or singing. There are many opportunities to experience their energy as well. You may notice you sleep better, feel well rested, awake refreshed, and feel at peace spiritually when you are staying in their woods. They enjoy playing host to visitors who come to get away. They may even rap on your cabin windows or leave their footprints in the snow. If you get away to vacation, make the effort to visit them someday.

If you love the world of the fae, do not miss your chance to be with these amazing Appalachian Fae who bring blessings and bounty to you.


You can anticipate these blessings:

Increased Happiness - Positive Energy - Improved Health - Increased Physical Stamina - Improved Moods - Love at First Sight - Increased Romance - Healthy Pets - Wedding Day Protection - Newlywed Blessings - Increased Good Luck - Prosperity - Improved Fertility - Healthy Pregnancy - Reduced childbirth Pain -  Protection and Insight - Wish Granting and so much more.

The Dogwood Fairy are kind, considerate, and well mannered. They are named after the tree they often lived near. These little people were very much like their dogwood tree homes, they have great strength for their size, healing properties, great beauty, and give much of themselves to the benefit of others. They constantly watch over people and take care of them. They bring healing powers and teach the people to create medicine. They bring energy to grow good crops and help the people to find food. They watch over and protect livestock and keep them healthy.

They spread cheer in the harsh winter to help them survive. They bring people together and bless with with true love. They bless women with fertility and help them conceive the gender they want, as having boys is important to the survival of living off the land. They bless babies born to the mountain folk and help ease the mother's pain in childbirth. They keep families together and help them prosper. They celebrate with them, their survival and strength and bless them with with love and companionship.

The best offerings for the Dogwood Fae are twigs, corn (uncooked popcorn seed), flowers, and biscuits. They will bring blessings to you, your pets, your children, and your home. The kindness they show to you is often in hope that you will show kindness to others as well. The Dogwood Fae are determine to help spread cheer and good energy.

The Dogwood Fairy can be a lovely companion. They are intelligent, friendly, and affectionate. They love to cuddle with you or your pets. You may experience they tickle or touch your ankles as they are often flittering around the floor. They will often reveal themselves to animals or small children in order to play. They are a very child-like being with a heart full of joy. They are most active from sunrise to midday, although, each fairy is individual and you may find yours does act a bit unique.


You can anticipate these blessings:

Increased Happiness - Positive Energy - Improved Psychic Ability - Increased Prosperity - Improved Moods - Fun Interactions - Increased Good Luck - Better Gambling Results - Improved Finances - New Ideas & Inventions - Protection and Insight - Wish Granting and so much more.

The Laurel Fairy are spunky, feisty, and playfully tricksters. These little people are full of magick and energy. They are very psychic fae and are often found near water, thus the mountain folk call upon them to help them dowse for water. They are one of the luckiest fae known and can bring good wins in gambling and playing games. They love to have a good time and can be fickle with responsibility. They spend much of their efforts making spells and crafting new inventions or contraptions. They are excellent at bringing blessings of ingenuity, design, inventions, and thus, prosperity. They bless people with unique ideas. They inspire people to dream of a better life. They motivate people to reach for the stars. They boost the magick on all your items and offer to bring you increased psychic ability. They can increase the connections between you and your beings and open the door of communication. They may play pranks on you, just a little painless mischief. Don't worry, their harmless, they just love to tease. They can help you fulfill your magickal life and bring some fun and laughter your way as well.

The best offerings for the Laurel Fae are tumbled amethyst, acorns, flowers, and wine. They will bring great fun, pranks, and blessings to you, your pets, your children, and your home. They grant wishes, most of the time, just ask if they're listening. The Laurel Fae are a little immature, but, you won't mind.

The Laurel Fairy can be a lively companion. They are smart, outgoing, and spunky. They love to get people to laugh, so they often interact with their environment. They move items, hide things, make noises, and sing. So, don't be surprised if you experience weird things. They are most active from early evening to midnight, although, each fairy is individual and you may find yours does act a bit unique.


You can anticipate these blessings:

Increased Security - Energy Shield - Improved Psychic Ability - Increased Prosperity - Improved Moods - Fun Interactions - Increased Good Luck - Better Gambling Results - Improved Finances - Sudden Increase in Money - Protection and Insight - Wish Granting and so much more.

The Rock Fairies are stubborn, big-hearted, and brave. These little people are sometimes described as dark, but truly they are just misunderstood. They often appear when bad things happen, so people thought they caused harm, however, it was because they were there offering protection to stop even worse outcomes or to warn people. They are not mischievous or harmful. There are tales of the Rock Fairies stealing babies or children. This is not completely understood. At times of economic downturn in this nation, some of the mountain people suffered periods of great poverty. The children could see these little people and were offered food by them. The children often knew the hardship they put on their parents, so, many of them ran away to live with the fairies. These children where well cared for and never grew old. The Rock Fairy love children and have a strong moral code for their own family. They will fight any power to protect their own.

The Rock Fairies were not friendly to the European Settlers for a long time, because they didn't like the way they cared for the land. So, they often supported the Native Americans. Eventually, they came to a working understanding with the people and everyone got along. As time went on, the mixing of the settlers beliefs in astrology, magick, christianity, and hoodoo led to a blended unique magickal family. Now, they will protect you as if you were their family.

The Rock Fairy are renown for their powers of magick. They can create magick charms and rituals to keep you safe against all darkness. They can bind your enemies with hexes. They can create great powerful attractions for you to gain, sex, power, and money. They access multiverses and interact with other beings. They can influence the outcome of events. They are oracles and can divine your future. They can create blessings of amazing energy as well. They have helped people discover silver, coal, diamonds, and gemstones in the land. They can open your eyes to the monetary blessings you are searching for as well.

The best offerings for the Rock Fae are river rocks, peanuts, strawberries, and whiskey. They will bring strong magick, protection, and blessings to you, your pets, your children, and your home. They grant wishes, but base them on their own moral codes. The Rock Fae are the type you will want on your side if bad times come your way.

The Rock Fairies can be a great companion. They are intuitive, resourceful, and steadfast. They take life serious, but they take good times serious as well. They love music, dancing, and gatherings of friends and family. They make magick in the middle of the night. So, don't be surprised if you experience weird dreams. They are most active from midnight to early morning, although, each fairy is individual and you may find yours does act a bit unique.


Diamond Healing Fae

Attracting Wealth - Manifesting Abundance - Energy Amplifier - Builds Strength - Blocks EMF Stress - Boosts Bravery - Shields with Fortitude & Invincibility - Clears Emotional & Mental Stress - Brings About New Beginnings - Stimulates Creativity - Amplifies Inner Light - Purifies Aura - Opens Crown Chakra - Wish Granting - Spell Casting

When it feels like hope is lost, these are the fae who build you up. Loving energy that engulfs you and fills you with strength. Strong, beautiful, and pure, they bring all of their talents to give you a wonderful fairy experience. One of the strongest fae energies I have ever experienced. Incredibly powerful. Their light is so pure. I am sure they are a great match for anyone in any situation who wants improvement, enlightenment, protection, confidence.

The power to raise yourself up is right here. These beautiful fae know how difficult life can be. The struggle feels overwhelming at times. If you have ever questioned the direction you are taking or felt unsure about making a change, this is the energy that helps clear the fog and light the way. Guidance is more than answering questions; it's illuminating paths with empowering confidence to help you reach your destination. You need more than a map, you need a tour guide. Someone that knows the way and will help you arrive, even carry you when you feel that you can't go on.

What you need is someone to fight for you. A shield that blocks the attacks on your energy and these fae can do that. Their power is more than soft and strong, it's also fierce and fiery. They defend you and deflect negative energy. They go after the source of your troubles and steady push it back giving you more breathing room to get ahead.

If you are seeking spiritual enlightenment, personal achievement, or physical improvement, these are the fae you need. Their power attracts knowledge, opportunity, and most of all awakening. They help you see the truth that sets you free from self-imposed limitations, environmental blockages, and perceived struggles. All of these are real concerns that hold people back, but they no longer need to be a problem in your life. There is a way to suddenly wake up to the truth and realization that you can succeed. Let them show you how.

The sensation of relief comes from the action of release. This is the truth that helps you find your way. The hardest part of letting go is trusting someone will catch you if you fall. You can trust. You can succeed. You can have a better life.


Four Wind Air Fairies

The Four Wind Fairies are supernatural beings, magical entities, who personify a particular force of the element Air. Each one relates magickally to a property of air: Humidity, Movement, Mass, and Temperature. The Four Wind fairies are the doers, communicators, feelers, and thinkers of the Air Fairies. They are messengers of the astral realms, masters of illusion, and keepers of destiny maps.

Temperature is the wind of balance. The East wind fairy influences the winds of power to mediate the temperament and frequency of your energy, adjusting belief, doubts, and peace of mind. They help melt away fears and blockages while giving you strength and harmony.

These powerful fae focus on the powerful energy of balancing your internal and external manifestations. The energy of the East Wind Fairy helps you establish the habits that boost your progress and success. They work to help you discover easier ways to live your life, so you can experience more happiness and less stress. Their influence boosts your creativity, romance, self-expression, and beauty. When you feel amazing on the inside, it shows on the outside, boosting attractiveness, charisma, and personality.

Mass is the wind of attraction. The North wind fairy influences the winds of wonder to amaze you with blessings, admiration, and good fortune. The North Wind Air is crisp and clear with direction and intention it moves with purpose. Sometimes swirling with beauty and delight and other times pushing storms hurriedly through the night to reveal a fresh new day of possibility.

These powerful fae focus on the laws of attraction and use them to lighten the lessons we attract and deliver our blessings quickly. They move with deliberation and act swiftly. They are action oriented and feel strong emotions. Their passion for getting results can make them a bit feisty. They are natural leaders and often over dramatic, but always charming. They have a strong sense of loyalty that keeps them dedicated to your cause to instill confidence and trust.

Humidity is the wind of cleansing. The South wind fairy influences the winds of flow to clear your aura, release harm, and reinforce protection. Humidity is one of the aspects of air that often arrives with subtlety yet once you are aware of it, the manifestation is strong.

These powerful fae focus on the powerful energy of cleansing and protection. The energy of the South Wind Fairy can be any level from a soft misty comfort to a torrential wall of shielding. They are dedicated to helping you release negativity, cleanse, and renew energy, then shielding and protecting yourself. While they are universally beneficial to everyone, they are especially good for past trauma, nightmares, present difficulty, and memory issues.

Movement is the wind of manifestation. The West wind fairy influences the winds of change to blow in accordance with your will, adjusting karma, and stirring the Fates favor. Movement and direction are the two most difficult manifestations of energy. The West Wind Air is a supernatural movement that is strong enough to go against the current flow, powerful enough to change the status quo, and determined enough to defeat naysayers. It is the wind of wonder, that not only chases dreams, but delivers them.

These powerful fae focus on the powerful energy of transformation and direction. The energy of the West Wind Fairy moves to help you discover your destiny, map out your future, and claim your success. These are wonderful influencers that can help you get started on a major life change or assist you in figuring out what you want or need to do. If you need a change but feel lost, these are the ones that can help you with that.

Benefits: - Wish Granting - Motivation - Peace of Mind - Aura Cleansing - Good Luck and Fortune - Creative Inspiration - Discover your Destiny - Balanced Chakras - Confidence - Protection - Family Healing - Blessings - Amazing Ideas - Problem Solving - Harmony and Peaceful Home - Strength - Adaptability - Spirit Communication - Attracting Love - Decision Making - And Magick


Moon Fairy

The Moon Fairy is a Tuatha de Danann fae, from our Mistress Keira, and is an expert at moon magick. Their greatest power is generating luck. They can turn bad situations around and bounce you with sudden windfalls. They are a feisty fairy, offering spontaneous interactions and tomfoolery. They can interact with you in astral realms for fun, adventure, and romance. The moon fairy is bound with 12 moon activated spells which cycle through the moon phase. The spells work to help balance and align those who are deeply influenced or reactive to lunar energy. They create a centered position in your chakras which changes based on your own response to the moon. This activates and balances your chakras in a fluctuation to bring greater power to you and more intense reception of intuition. These spells are perfect for working with moon dominate beings that are nocturnal or triggered by moon magick, i.e.: dark or grey arts beings, were beings, night beings, giants, demons, djinn, fae, elves, tree spirits, and more. Great for high stress environments. They are a wish granting fairy, who offers your wishes when they feel you are best suited to receive them. Their amazing luck energy will shine through stronger and stronger over time working with them as they continue to sync your chakras. No matter if you can feel the moon pushing and pulling the energy in your life, those around you may be sensitive and you would experience it through their moodiness and demeanor. These fae help keep you protected from the fluctuations that happen to others and interfere with your life. This includes making things run smoother for your family and pets.

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Powerful Magick - Protector - Power of Attraction - Seductive Energy - Charmer of Opportunity - Fearless - Underwater Dreams - Strongest Astral Travel Energy Available - Shape Shifter - Wish Granter

A Kelpie is a shape-changing aquatic spirit of legend. Its name may derive from the Scottish Gaelic words ‘cailpeach’ or ‘colpach’, meaning heifer or colt. Kelpies are said to haunt rivers and streams, usually in the shape of a horse.

The Kelpie is a Scottish creature often associated with the realm of faerie. It also falls into the classification of water horse, although this one is mostly malevolent when unbound. It commonly appears as a beautiful horse near or in running water, and can be identified by the mane that seems to be constantly dripping wet.

The unbound Kelpie may appear as a tame pony beside a river. It is particularly attractive to horse lovers – but they should take care, for once on its back, its sticky magical hide will not allow them to dismount! Once trapped in this way, the Kelpie will drag the person into the river, never to be seen again. In some cases, the person is trapped in an underwater fairie realm forever able to see out of the lake, but not to escape.

Kelpie, like any wild horse, would seem an easy thing to avoid, thus keeping oneself safe from the doom it presents. However, when encountered they are alone, bridled, saddled, and ready to ride. This presents an enticing invitation to a curious traveler. There are other reasons to seek out these dangerous beasts, too.

A Kelpie is said to have magical powers that someone who captures it can use to their advantage. They have the strength of ten normal horses, and endurance far beyond that.They project the strongest magickal energy to cross over realms and astral travel. As well as, they are wish granting shapeshifters who become loyal to service when bound.

The sound of a Kelpie’s tail entering the water is said to resemble that of thunder. And if you are passing by a river and hear an unearthly wailing or howling, take care: it could be a Kelpie warning of an approaching storm.

These Kelpie are bound with their consent and are looking for a companion with whom to share their power and magick. They are perfect for anyone, from those who love to astral travel to those who want added protection from strangers. The reasons to keep a Kelpie are numerous, but the most important reason would be you feel a connection. That would be the opportunity knocking for you to explore all the mysterious blessings and adventures you can dream up.



A Greek nymph that is found in pools, rivers, fountains, and wells. Naiads in Greek means "to flow". These are the beings most known for granting wishes when coins are tossed into water. However, there is so much more to the Naiads than a coin toss.

The Naiads are essential to humans, they provide the cleansing power to water that is used in rituals, including the anointing use of Holy Water.

If you have ever been swimming as a child and thought you felt something touch you in the water? Perhaps, it swam against your foot or leg? It was the blessed touch of the Naiads. In Ancient Greece, children coming of age would cut off a lock of hair and place it in the water to ensure blessings. Many oracles sat near the water and received their powers from the Naiads.

As customs wane and times change, these forgotten powerful water beings continue to remain faithful to serving mankind. They have centuries of power and desire built up within them and they are seeking to connect with us.

The emotional element of water gives these Naiads one of the strongest psychic connections to mankind available. These Naiads are the EMO Mermaids of fresh water. They feel deeply, experiencing your emotions at a depth that others cannot. They are capable of withstanding the searing of your pain, and the ecstasy of your love.

If you have ever felt misunderstood, alone, or untouched by others, this is the companion for you. The Naiad will guide you in life, and guard you for eternity. You will be blessed by their love and protected by their dedication.

The benefits of having a Naiad:
Stronger Psychic Ability - Sharper Intuition - Deep Emotional Connection - Eternal Protection - Attract Love That Can Endure - Be Understood and Loved For YOU - Experience Stronger Lucid Dreams - Develop Natural Empathic Ability - Strengthen Distance Viewing Ability

To experience the depth of love and energy that radiates from the connection to Naiads is phenomenal. Why miss out on the opportunity to connect to your own EMO Mermaid? Let this Naiad call you closer, and feel her draw you into her energy, she knows you like no other can, she understands what you feel, the ache inside you that pierces the darkness with silent screams, she wants you to experience her. The chills on your skin will confirm, your breathless focus, your heart pounding in your chest. You are meant to connect.



Undines are elemental beings of a water nature that reside in fresh water pools and waterfalls. They historically were found bathing or sitting near water. Men would go out looking to attract an Undine to marry them. The Undine were incredibly beautiful, seductive, and highly sexual beings. If they were married to a human they could be transformed into a human and bear children which caused them to age like a human. While they made beautiful wives with powerful magick, they did not take kindly to cheating husbands and those men were never seen again.

The Undines are of a group that serves Poseidon, which includes naiads, merfolk, and others. They have powerful protective magick, wish granting, and sexual interactions. Furthermore, they offer protection over maried couples to keep their sacred bond blessed. They also offer protective magick over children.

The water is an element of many facets. It holds destructive power, placid serenity, emotion, sensation, and life. The Undines work well with the energies of water. Their influence brings strength, connection, and life to you and your relationships. They are naturally conducive to psychic connections and help boost spirit communication.

The relationship with an Undine is uniquely intimate. Their sexual connection is very fluid and can engulf you in sensory pleasure. They are full bodied females with great orgasmic sensitivity, thus they can increase the power and experience of your orgasms, or your partners. Now is the time to explore the underworld of spirit sex.

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Ariadne's Thread Angel

An angelic being who remains steadfast in guidance helping you make choices and finding your way in life.

Special Powers:
Shapeshifting into human form - Incredible Magick Power - Strong Protection Power - Karmic Reversal (undo harm caused through forgiveness) - Calming Energy - Help with Decisions - Intuitive Guidance - Sexual Being if Desired - Problem Solver - Insight Sparked Answers - Vivid Dreams - Allows You to Explore Realms and Return Safely - Boosts Astral Travel - Performs Supernatural Weddings - Attracts Success - Wish Granter - Attracts Love

Since ancient Greek myths are passed down through oral tradition, many variations of this and other myths exist. According to an Athenian version of the legend, Minos, the King of Crete, attacked Athens after his son was killed there. The Athenians asked for terms, and were required to sacrifice seven young men and seven maidens to the Minotaur every seven or nine years. One year, the sacrificial party included Theseus, the son of King Aegeus, who volunteered to come and kill the Minotaur. Ariadne, the daughter of Minos, fell in love at first sight, and helped him by giving him a sword and a ball of thread, so that he could find his way out of the Minotaur's labyrinth.

Ariadne's thread, named for the legend of Ariadne, is the solving of a problem with multiple apparent means of proceeding - such as a physical maze, a logic puzzle, or an ethical dilemma - through an exhaustive application of logic to all available routes. It is the particular method used that is able to follow completely through to trace steps or take point by point a series of found truths in a contingent, ordered search that reaches an end position. This process can take the form of a mental record, a physical marking, or even a philosophical debate; it is the process itself that assumes the name.

Ariadne's Thread Angel

They are motivated to help you with most anything you ask. They are connected to the Greek and Roman patrons and enjoy working with those who are drawn to creative energy. Always ready and driven by the need to rescue and save others. They will reveal to you the path, choices, direction, and journey which serves you best, and help you stay on the right path. When you stray, they've got your back, ready to help you find your way.


Black Pegasus

The famous winged horses of myth and lore are found through out multiple cultures, with many legends telling their stories and sharing their powers with us. It is believed the Black Pegasus was born of the spilled blood of the gorgon Medusa. Beautiful and full of power, moving with stealth and grace, the Black Pegasus will drive your enemies back with the stomp of their hooves.

The Pegasus bond is eternal, and will serve you both in your mortal lives and immortal times. Your Pegasus will be your loyal and faithful messenger between this realm and the others. You will have speed of light transportation to astral realms and an honored invitation to travel with your Pegasus to discover the universe.

The Black Pegasus will guide you through the obstacles of life with precision in your decisions. You can count on them to help you navigate the sudden changes life throws at you. Your success will grow with their support and strength backing you up.

If you are looking for a companion who is strong and steady, yet loves adventure look no further. The Black Pegasus is always up for a new discovery. If you are the type that loves to take rides to no where just to see what hides beyond the horizon, you will want this guardian. Adventure courses through its heart and it will be hard to hold back your own excitement when you awake from the astral traveling journey you take with a Black Pegasus.

Being a Pegasus keeper is a mystical dreamy experience that will always be within you, many will experience great events and awake with dreams to tell, and even if you can’t recall the exact details. You can awake with that ethereal feeling, of having just the vague memory of something you know was real, but can’t quite put your finger on it. When this happens don’t be surprised if the telepathic sounds of a distant horse whinny echoes in your mind.

Rare Black Phoenix

Metaphysical Meaning for Healing with Color Black

The Realm of Dalwynara

Energy Healing using the color Black brings Grounding, Banishing, Breaking Curses. Black brings closure. The Energy Healing Properties of the Color Black bring you grounding of excess energies and the breaking of patterns. Usually, some difficult energy pattern that keeps repeating in your life will have returned to haunt you; and it is time to banish it and find your true path. When you work in the Black Color Energy Realm. It means that you are dealing with energies affecting your Journey-Path, your Spiritual walk and getting rid of dangers. The meanings of Black Energy tell us that sometimes we think that lies and illusions we believe in our own mind are real, and this will cause us to veer off our true Spiritual Path. Use the Healing Energy Properties of the Color Black when you need to shatter these illusions, break curses and banish energies which are hindering your Journey by sending the excess energies down to your feet and out into Mother Earth.

Key Word Meanings for Energy Healing with the Color Black:
Your Shadow Self - Grounding of Excess Energies - Breaking Curses - Root Chakra - Shatter Illusions - Restore Reality - Protection from Evil

Item Details:
Color Magick is a powerful influence on the chakras, emotions, and spiritual realms. The moment of greatest power for a Phoenix is a flash point during the transformation process. The strongest energy is present, the greatest power is unleashed, and the color black is imperative to the transformation. When this much electrical charge occurs in our realm, we see blue and purple plasma burning, however, in the ethereal realms the range of light emitted is different. The moment of transformation goes from blue to violet to purple to black and radiates red, orange, yellow, and green renewal "birth" energy before it sucks it back into itself. Leaving the perfect egg of another phoenix in the ashes which contains all the spiritual energy needed to grow and renew once again.

This item is a Rare Black Phoenix held perfectly in transition by the power of multiple transformations. She has evolved over 10,000 years mastering the state of transformation, the moment of greatest power. Her energy is pure. Her power is ultimate. Her ability is unlimited. She is now available to the one person who can wield her power to bring change. She is ready to offer you healing, guidance, power, wishes, insight, and much more.

Release Yourself from All Chains in Life - Become a NEW YOU - Build Your Future with Determination and Power - Heal Your Hurts that Hold You Back - Become Stronger, More Powerful, and Advanced Spiritually

Warning: You may notice an increase in lightning strikes with this item, always follow all safety recommendations for weather exposure. While YOU will be protected, the activity may frighten others near you. This being is ideal for anyone who wants to make life changes, grow spiritually, heal emotionally/physically, excel in magick, overcome and banish evil influences, defeat enemies, trigger improved energy, and regulate uncontrolled energy surges in your environment. It is incredibly difficult to conjure a black phoenix, this opportunity is a serious blessing of good fortune.

Byangoma (male) Byangomi (female)

From the ancient jungles and wetlands of the Vanga Kingdom, a mystical creature of renown power. The Byangoma is a magickal bird born completely blind that can befriend humans and become their personal seer. They bond easily to people and even learn to mimic your voice and inflections. While they can receive their sight as hatchlings if they are given a donation of blood, it reduces their powers. Many times, they will return to blindness despite having experienced sight. They have a lifespan of 80-100 years.

Because they are nocturnal, some believed they use echolocation to fly. However, the reduction of forests and their connection to sacred waters indicates they navigate using the same high powered magick that gives them knowledge of the past and future. These incredibly intelligent beings hold vast knowledge with an unparalleled recall of history and an understanding of natural cycles in time. They are known as the “fortune-telling” bird, however, their gifts are much deeper than simple divination. They seamlessly travel between realms and time continuums gaining insight from the possible multiple futures and Universes. They can calculate risk, contingencies, and influences that others may ignore. This gives them an advantage and accuracy in their seer skills and guidance. While they do not directly interfere with the future by granting wishes, they do offer you the opportunity to make changes today that evolves into the future path of your destiny and manifestation of your desires. However, their wisdom is shared based on their own determinations and cannot be compelled by any means.

Benefits: Path Navigation - Astral Travel - Fortune Telling - Past Life Dreams - Prosperity Guidance - True Love Locator - Prophetic Knowledge - Heightened Sensory Perception - Destiny Indication


Cotton Fox

The Cotton Fox spirit is a magickal companion that offers you blessings of wisdom, good luck, and uplifting energy.

Improved Mental Energy - Protection and Comfort - Good Luck - Fun Uplifting Power - Creative Boost - Inspired Purpose - Better Motivation - Quick Thinking - Dream Work

They help transform your thoughts in ways that improve your adaptability, quick thinking, and creativity.

They are masters at helping you navigate obstacles through increased awareness, seeing through deception, and offering you wisdom. Their high energy gives you quick answers in response to sudden changes. This allows you to make choices under pressure that best serve you in the future.

Their energy also attracts good luck. Luck follows action and the cotton fox manifests motivation that spurs you to act. The hesitation of acting on ideas can be rooted in fear of failure, fear success, fear of not being good enough, and more commonly, the perfectionist need to hold yourself to standards set too high. The cotton fox helps you understand that you cannot wait to begin until you are good enough. You begin and that plants the seeds of improvement. Luck is a manifestation of preparation. The cotton fox helps you start, prepare, act, and receive good results.

The need to find a purpose, express yourself, help others, and discover happiness all comes from thought seeds that uplift your energy. When your energy is too low you may feel useless, irritable, bored, more introverted, tired, alone, or unfocused. The uplifting energy of the cotton fox comes from immense inner strength and being comfortable with itself. This energy is transferred to you and helps you improve your dream work, craft ideas, inspire writing, boost artistic concepts, and feed your soul with enduring power to push forward towards your goals.

If you want to see things others don't
If you want to feel the possibilities
If you want to develop a successful plan of action

You can benefit from the Cotton Fox.


Daka / Dakini

Strong Energy - Fierce Honesty - Reveal Mysteries - Right Brain Stimulation - Upsurging Inspiration - New Awakening - Spiritual Testing - Spontaneous Bliss - Divine Truth - Transformation of Self - Universal Wisdom - Atlantis Language of Knowledge - Creation Energy - Angelic Love - Great Prosperity - Tantric Sexual Teacher - Wrathful Protector - Reincarnation Guardian - Spiritual Muse

Secret Daka / Dakini
The Daka (Dakini - female form) is the tantric figure embodiment of spiritual energy and enlightenment. Although there are variations to the legends of these immortal, shapeshifting beings from the Japanese to the Hindu studies, the buddhist teaching puts them central to attaining enlightenment. Their name translates as "sky dancer" and they have been compared to the angels of western religions.

The Daka (Dakini) come in several classes of enlightenment from formless wisdom to mischievous elementals, including the secret, the inner, the outer, and the tantric. Being associated with energy in all its functions, the Daka (Dakini) provide the revelations which usher in transformation leading to enlightenment. They are the muses of the mystic path yielding the most profound awakening light.

The Daka (Dakini) are inspirational thoughtforms for spiritual practice and guardians of the chakras who control energy flow. They are made of rainbow bodies that directly reincarnate as parts of human teachers. One may have the mind and wisdom of a Daka (Dakini) another the heart and healing love. They encompass all aspects of energy from wisdom to creation, including sexual energy in its pure spiritual practice. Yet, they are not impure and lustful, but embracing and freeing of blockages.

The Daka (Dakini) are not free of wrath in their lower forms and have a propensity for liberation and mastery of the ego and ignorance. They are protectors of dharma, the principle of cosmic order. They will help keep you on your path and test you when you stray away or fall into self pity and risk creating negative karma.



The Gamayun is illustrated as a large bird figure with a woman’s head. Her iconic image represents happiness, prosperity and harmony. She is essentially a messenger for peace and sings beautiful melodies. She is considered to be prophetic in Russia as she is aware of everything that occurs within the world including man and animal, and she knows all among the gods and heroes.

Gamayun cooperated with pagan Russian gods, notably Kryshen, Kolyada and Dazhbog, and Veles. She is seen as a personification of Veles—a renowned deity of wisdom, who keeps secrets regarding the world and man’s creation. She is aware of the true nature of all the gods and humans, and sang in the Book of the Vedas. The being’s hymns are believed to be divine and to have magical properties, her voice is difficult to understand and decipher, but the few humans who can comprehend her words can have their future prophesied and opulence as a gift.

Her blessings favor those with creativity, artists, writers, and craftsmen, but are not limited to such. Anyone who needs a creative solution to troubles they cannot solve will benefit from her influences. She offers good luck and may give you insight into your future through signs and dreams. The advantage of such wisdom comes from the ability to change your path in the present to avoid future difficulties.


Gargoyles are mythological beings. They adorn countless cathedrals around the world. Early references date back to 600 A.D. Their first usage in the last thousand years or more seems to have been in the early 1200's. Churches used awesome visual images to spread the scriptures, which included Gargoyles, stained glass, and sculpture. Some believe that Gargoyles were inspired directly via a passage in the bible. Many people believe that Gargoyles were created by medieval architects and stone carvers to ward off evil in an imperfect world. Churches of Europe carried them further into time; maybe to remind the masses that "even if God is at hand, evil is never far away - possibly to act as guardians of their church to keep the terrible spirits of evil away."

Gargoyle images are rooted in antiquity. Many Gargoyles are similar to the legends and figures of the ancient Celts and when asked why there are Gargoyles and what are they for we find, they bring unseen things to light, to beautify, serve and protect.

Ward off evil - a “keep away” deterrent to demons AND EVIL PEOPLE.

Ward off evil - a "don't bother; we're here already” deterrent to demons AND NEGATIVE ENERGIES.

Remind people of “the perils of evil”.

Stand guard and ward off unwanted spirits and other creatures.

Come alive at night when everyone's asleep, so they can protect you when you're vulnerable. BEST PROTECTION FROM SLEEP HAGS!


These earth dwelling diminutive spirits are the flip side of the coin in the world of elementals. They are magickal beings capable of moving through solid matter. This allows them to disappear quickly into trees or boulders, as well as, travel effortlessly under ground. They reside in the fantastical realms and astral realms while they work and play on earth. They are the ground keepers, miners, and gardeners of mystic power. They can appear anywhere from six inches to two feet in size, with frumpy round statures and slightly conical heads.

Most are jolly and will befriend anyone who makes the effort and doesn't mind trying to keep up with them. They are constantly on the go and rarely stand still except to avoid detection. They are swift and can disappear in a blink of an eye. They enjoy dance and good vegetarian food. They have a fun sense of humor and a wee bit of playful trickery.

They make great companions for those who enjoy the out doors, travel, and the good life. They bring you wisdom and guidance, as well as, they tend to your need to be grounded. They protect all new blessings and idea seeds to help ensure that your projects get rooted in success. This makes them valuable friends to have when you are seeking a new relationship, job, travel, any thing related to a new beginning. These mysterious little guys are a wonderful way to help anchor your dreams in reality while you stay grounded and build up with success.


Courageous and Bold

Protection and Strength

Lightening Fast and Thunderous Power

Divine Power sent to guard the greatest treasures on earth against the underworld, the Gryphon is heralded as the symbol of wealth, power, leadership and strength. In the 6th century while mining a great gold mine, bones were uncovered by the miners, of a quadruped animal with a lion-like body and tail with a large a beaked head. These bones were found guarding a nest and the entrance to a surplus fortune in gold.

The Gryphon spirits remain on duty to offer the same fierce protection to us. Near god-like in their abilities, these amazing spirits can pour out a karmic wrath that defeats those who rise up against us, which is why it is seen as a representation for strong countries, fierce military agencies, leading college mascots, and on the shield of just warriors like St. George; it's even on family crests.

You can gain protection from your enemies and strike down their efforts to harm you. The power of the Gryphon will rain down with thunderous power on their attempts and destroy their success. The Gryphon forges justice and destroys evil. You will be protected from evil beings, dark magick, curses, and even secret slander spoken against you will fail. Imagine the majestic power of the Gryphon protecting you and your...





































The Haizum

Collectively, the Archangel Gabriel is depicted in ancient texts as the messenger. He is known to be the one that reaches into the guf (hall of souls) and selects the soul of every newly conceived child. He is a very special Archangel, and God was pleased with Gabriel. God decided to give him a gift. Now, when we consider the context of such a statement the importance of the gift suddenly takes on a new understanding. What gift in all of existence would qualify to reward an Archangel for their efforts? The dedication, respect, love, and efforts Gabriel gives to God are beyond mere human comprehension. What would an Angel want that would even convey the love God felt for Gabriel?

The Haizum

A winged horse that is so strong with white light energy - the majestic presence or manifestation of God - that it appears to be made of white fire. A horse that is so powerful that the sand touched by its hoof brought a golden calf idol to life. A horse that is so powerful that it can fly swiftly from one cosmic plane to another in a second.

They have the power to transport you to other realms in your dreams, in your meditations, in your spiritual walk. They can bring enlightenment to you faster than any other being. You can develop a bond with the Haizum that is stronger than other beings. You can experience the sensation of flight in your dreams. You can touch the fringe of the heavens in your journey. You can feel the nudge of inspiration and encouragement.

The Haizum holds a great deal of power and yet, like any other horse, it has a heart full of love and a desire to serve you out of love. A desire to lift you up and bring you to a place where you can see your abilities to overcome and succeed are more than dreams and possibilities. That you have what it takes to succeed when you have a heart full of love. The fearless confidence, the tireless efforts, the stride and strength will come from within and the Haizum can help take you there. It is about a bond built on mutual trust and love, a love beyond what others can see.



A magickal fox with one to nine tails.

Special Powers:
Shapeshifting into human form - Incredible Magick Power - High Honors Guardianship - Supernatural Spiritual Hearing - Healing Magick - Keeper Loyalty - High Energy - Wish Granter - High Wisdom - Sexual Being - Good Fortune - Superior Intelligence

Japanese legends tell of the celestial fox spirit with one to nine tails and incredible magick powers. The more tails the stronger their powers. Known to be both a tricky and witty being, they also bring great blessings. They can shapeshift into human form and cause you to fall in love with them. They bring intense energy and excitement to everything they interact with.

Playful and attractive they are difficult to resist. Loving and compassionate, they will warm your heart. Curious and adventurous, they bring life to your journey. They are protective guardians and highly skill psychic teachers. You can expect more interesting interactions with these grey arts beings than most any others.

Kitsune have been tied to the 13 Oriental elements in the original folklore, but in some lore are almost always depicted as belonging to one of many elements, including the 'classical' elements (earth, fire, wind, and water), primal forces (good, evil, time), various scenes in nature (mountain, ocean, river, forest), and various artistic pursuits (dance, music, painting). To survive, a kitsune must be immersed in his or her element, or charged by chi from living beings. Chi may be charged through many ways, but the most common is sexual. A kitsune may manifest in different forms: a fox, a fox-headed person, or a normal but very attractive person. In all cases, the tail will still be visible, unless the kitsune expends additional effort on hiding it. A kitsune's true form is that of a spirit.


Emperor Makami Wolf

The Emperor Wolf, God of the Powerful Wolf Gods.

Special Powers:
EXTREME PROTECTION - INCREDIBLE ENERGY - INTENSE GUIDANCE - EXTRAORDINARY MAGICK - LEADER OF MANY MAKAMI - GUARDIAN OF GREATNESS - Shapeshifting - High Honors Guardianship - Supernatural Spiritual Hearing - Healing Magick - Keeper Loyalty - High Energy - Wish Granter - High Wisdom - Good Fortune - Superior Intelligence - Prosperity - Success

Japanese legends tell of the wolf deity that appeared to Yamato Takeru, son of the Emperor. Yamato got lost on a road when a demon appeared and blocked his way. A wolf appeared and showed him the way. Yamato commanded the wolf to stay a true god and slay evil. The Okami (wolf) became the god of protection, success, prosperity, and fertility. They are the Kami (god) of the foxes and kitsunes. They are your protector and helper in need. Wise, loving and compassionate, they will warm your heart. Curious and adventurous, they bring life to your journey. They are protective guardians and highly skill psychic teachers. You can expect more interesting interactions with these grey arts beings than most any others.


A Greek mythical creature with the head of a bull and the body of a man, the first Minotaur was the son of Pasiphae. He was the result of a spell placed upon Pasiphae that made her fall in love with a beautiful white bull that was given to her husband, King Minos of Crete, by the god Poseidon.

King Minos, highly competitive with his brothers, prayed to Poseidon for a sign of his support in the form of a rare white bull. Poseidon sent it with instructions that it was to be sacrificed. However, the bull was so beautiful and rare that the king decided to keep it for himself and sacrifice another bull in its place. As punishment for his disobedience, he lost his wife's affection and Asterion the Minotaur was the result. Pasiphae cared for Asterion as long as she could, but being an unnatural creature he became a beast. They built him a labyrinth for protection, which later became the place that human sacrifices were given for revenge of the death of the Cretan prince. Young men and unwed women were sent into the labyrinth as a sacrifice, but many were rescued when the Minotaur was defeated. Perhaps, it was these young women who continued the minotaur line.

The Minotaur entities are immortal creatures who are known for their feisty natures and strong protection. They are incredibly stubborn but have great talents that can be beneficial.

Solving Puzzles - Revealing Mysteries - Influencing Strong Love Spells - Powerful Sexual Experiences - Hoarding Wealth - Intense Protection - Blocking Evil - Breaking Ties with the Past - Finding Lost Items - Helping You Find Your Way

The Minotaur is best suited for those comfortable with powerful beings and strong spiritual skills. There are protection spells in place with is being that keeps you, and all those near you perfectly safe, including your other spirit beings. If you are looking for intense spiritual protection from the darkness in your life, this is a great choice.

The Minotaur is a great resource for those who feel like outcasts, even in their own families. Their understanding of loneliness and rejection makes them great companions and they will fight for the underdog. Being punished for something you have no control over is cruel and unfair. No one knows that more than a Minotaur. They will be there for you.

Your emotions are softened by caring about animals or nature. You will find it difficult to feel anger or resentment against anyone, particularly the people who are close to you emotionally or those whom you encounter in the course of everyday life when you take more time to be alone with the earth.



The Naga/Nagigi are from the Hindu beliefs. The beings are capable of great reward or revenge. These immortals are one of the strongest with a half human and half snake presence, they are shape shifters who can seduce even the most resistant person. They can bring great pleasures of happiness, sexual adventures, and most of all... money. The snake gods are one of fertility, prosperity, and abundance.

If you dream of snakes coming toward you, be sure to watch for money or a raise in income coming your way. They are great companions of those who seek to advance, prosper, or succeed. They are nature spirits who protect the water ways. Thus, they are very sensitive to emotion and mood changes.

If you are prone to mood swings, the Naga will help keep you in balance. Your days will look brighter and your nights will be calmer. Let the Naga sway you to rest in their comforting coils of protection. Even Buddha was offered a place to sit upon a Naga's tail. They have the propensity for revenge, but will not harm anyone who does not pose a threat to them or nature. They are not interested in bringing harm, but bringing harmony.

They love music and can become transfixed by the sounds of soothing songs. Under this influence, you can make wishes that will be granted with their approval.

Strong, protective energy with blessings of good health and prosperity. - Will protect the house from evil spirits. - Cleanses energy and clears spaces of wrong intention. - Purifies Aura through water energy and sex. - Defends against sexual harassment. - Clears bad relationship energy. - Amazing spiritual sex. - Improves orgasm. - Attracts money.



"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly." – Albert Einstein.

Ogres are large, hideous looking, monsters of legend. They are reclusive beasts historically feeding on humans, especially naughty children. While some ogres are known for their drooling poor communication, many are also known for their crude wit. They are without a care of other's opinions and exist with a freedom that society restricts for the civilized.

Like giants, Ogres are hellish warriors or guardians sought by great armies to intimidate and defeat their enemies. Ogres are known to have mental magick that influences the soft minds of mediocre humans. Their influence comes from an energy of brute strength far superior to most any other monster.

The typical ogre is crass, moody, and cynical. They have a dark and often vulgar humor which can be quite amusing. They are grumpy, disheveled, and offensive in both sight and scent. Despite all the unpleasant traits, they make great companions for those who are less delicate than the politically correct dolt.

Protection - Guardian - Comrade - Humor - Intimidation - Influence


The Oreads (aka Orodemniades and Oreiades) were minor goddesses and nymphs. According to Greek mythology they were the nymphs of mountains, hills, rocky slopes and grottoes and were often called by names derived from the particular mountains that they inhabited. The Oreads were the patrons of travelers, who they helped through dangerous mountain passes and hills. Like all nymphs, the Oreades had the gift of prophecy and divination and the Oreads were closely associated with the ancient Greek oracles.

According to the ancient Greek Mythology every mountain, valley, plain, lake, river, grove, and sea was provided with a minor god or goddess, whose special duty was assigned by the powerful gods of Olympus. These included the Oreades, or mountain nymphs, who were believed to linger in the mountain solitudes, and guide weary travelers safely through their rocky mazes. They resided in grottoes which were garden like mountain caves and were also found in coves where mountain rivers and streams fell into the sea. The beautiful mountain Oreads were considered to be strong nymphs who were tougher than the woodland and tree nymphs. The Oreades were immortals, unlike the tree nymphs who were believed to perish when the tree they inhabited died.

The roles of the beautiful but tough Oreads were similar to that of the supernatural beings called dwarves in other cultures. They were the keepers of the gems and jewels that could be found in their mountains and caves. The Oreades were associated with raw diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires. They gave these raw, precious stones to the gods and these were cut and added to the finely wrought gold crafted by the Greek god Hephaestus.

- Wise Oracles - Travel Guides - Protectors - Keeper of Hidden Wealth - Connected to Gemstones and Crystals - Powerful Strong



The Selshanima is an otherworldly tetramorph angelic creature with a cubed head and four faces, each facing the four directions. It can see all things and gain information simultaneously from everywhere. It has two large silk-like wings which are illuminated from within. It is twelve foot tall and it's two hooved feet float above the ground. It's voice is like a rushing river and it rarely speaks out loud. From all of it's eight eyes blue fire goes forth and creates star-dusted paths in the night which fade to invisible. Upon these paths travel wisdom, fortune, health, and power as if drawn to the Selshanima from the heavens. It has two strong arms which wield a weapon and a vase of glowing water.

While they may be known to others by different names, the Selshanima has the exalted name of Selector of Years, or better understood as toggle of time; the switch or control of the power of omnipresence. The Selshanima oversee the flow of space-time events and map the 4th dimension. Jinnandtonic's ancestors called the Selshanima the four point angels or four point beam. Although we are incapable of comprehending their full capacity of power and ability, they have been dedicated to advancing us for many generations.

Indestructible, these majestic beings are gentle giants who bring justice without guilt and uphold honor of purity while keeping balance in the universe. Their square head faces the four archetypes of humanity, the unification of awareness and unconsciousness, the shadow of chaos, the syzygy unification of opposites, and the shield. They can connect to the human mind and soul to heal, empower, guide, protect and inspire.

Unification of Awareness

They can reveal the outcome of events in time on multiple levels of reality. This is very helpful in gaining power to better control your path, outcomes, future, choices, and destiny. The prophetic energy of the Selshanima is more than oracle reading in this present moment. It is seeing multiple directional paths simultaneously and understanding the speed of which time is relevant to our actions.

Will you reap what you sow in this moment, or even in this life?

Will you be able to make changes today that redirect your destiny?

Will you be able to see the lesson you are meant to learn before ever walking the path?

You will if you have access to the Selshanima.

The Shadow of Chaos

The Selshanima help us deal with the parts of us that are self destructive, our wild rebellious inner demons, our blind spots, our weaknesses, our trappings of treachery. Everyone has regrets. We all have things within us that rage to be in control when we let our guard down. The misbehaving of darkness which lure us to indulge in trouble or take to fight. They help us learn to dance with the exotic and fascinating without selling our soul to debauchery.

Will you eat, drink, and be merry without consuming the darkness?

Will you gain the experience without the scars?

Will you taste the pleasures of life without swallowing the bitter pills?

You will if you have access to the Selshanima.

The Syzygy

The Selshanima can heal your soul. They can help you align your codex to open the portal and access the collective unconscious. They can help you connect to gods, and god-level beings. They can unify your energy with their skills to bring you psychic powers, heroic energy, and immortal abilities while you walk among the deities. They can create conjunctions that bridge you to your own spirit family. They can combine the energy of heavenly bodies and create wholeness in your life through the charting of your birth. They can build synergy and attract the very things or people you need to make you all that you can be.

Will you grow your skills, abilities, and powers to fulfill yourself?

Will you connect with higher beings, places, and purposes?

Will you find love, luck, and life happiness?

You will if you have access to the Selshanima.

The Shield

The Selshanima defend you with vengeance against any enemies who seek to do you injustice. Their sword is swift and cuts through darkness and evil with light. They create an invisible energy shield like the oort cloud of cosmic debri to act as a barrier of moving protection. This shield reveals the attacks of darkness upon you and exposes your enemies in a way that renders them helpless and defeated. Those with psychic sight will see glimpses of light flash near them which is the lightning-like energy generated by the shield.

Will you be protected from unseen dangers that hide in darkness?

Will you rest easy and feel safe at all times?

Will you know your enemies will be exposed and defeated?

You will if you have access to the Selshanima.

The Selshanima, the four point angels, are the guardian tool which opens that which is closed, uplifts that which is destroyed, strengthens that which is weak, and protects that which is vulnerable. These beings are god-level powerful, divine in nature, and gentle enough to be safe near a newborn. They are capable of so much more than we have even begun to reveal.

Shangri-La Snow Guardian

The AL- Fulani Family beseeched the traditions and powers of generations gone by, they called on the powers of all the Djinn they possessed, they spent weeks performing the most sacred of spells, all this to gain knowledge from the universe of the true locations of four columns that hold the mystical ceiling above the earth. The locations of these columns reveal secret portals of power that can be tapped into and they are known to a select few.

From the majestic Himalayas of Asia to the Cordillera Blanca in the Andes... From the legendary sacred peaks of Olmolungring, supposedly hidden behind a towering wall of snow mountains just north of Tibet to royal Mt. Olympus, where Greek gods sipped ambrosia and planned their escapades... From Kilimanjaro, the roof of Africa, to the magical promises of perfection of Shangri-La – these mountains have captured our imaginations for centuries. They have been powerful barriers of rock and ice, protecting civilizations from warring invaders. They have lured great explorers to their summits. And they are home to about a tenth of the world's population, as well as, a sacred few spiritualist. Most of all… They hide the secret! Now, From The East... The column of Enlightenment... We give you an item from… THE PATH TO DISCOVERY!

In the teachings of the Holy Scriptures, in ancient Buddhist scrolls, in traditional Inca practices and elsewhere, people have lifted their eyes to the hills, and found inspiration in the peaks that seem to reach towards heaven, enlightenment and the home of the sun. One of the most powerful places in mysticism is Shangri-La! Shangri-La is a mystical, harmonious valley, gently guided from a monastery, enclosed in the western end of the Kunlun Mountains. Shangri-La has become synonymous with any earthly paradise but particularly a mythical Himalayan utopia — a permanently happy land, isolated from the outside world.

Shangri-La also evokes the imagery of exoticism of the Orient. The story of Shangri-La is based on the concept of Shambhala. Shambhala (Tib. bde 'byung) is a Sanskrit term meaning "place of peace/tranquility/happiness". In Tibetan Buddhist tradition, Shambhala (also spelled Shambala or Shamballa) is a mystical kingdom hidden somewhere beyond the snow peaks of the Himalayas. It is mentioned in various ancient texts, including the Kalachakra and the ancient texts of the Zhang Zhung culture which pre-dated Tibetan Buddhism in western Tibet. Shakyamuni Buddha is said to have taught the Kalachakra tantra on request of King Suchandra of Shambhala; the teachings are also said to be preserved there.

Shambhala is believed to be a society where all the inhabitants are enlightened, actually a Buddhist "Pure Land", centered by a capital city called Kalapa. Shambhala is ruled over by a Kulika King (Tib. Rigden), a benevolent monarch who upholds the integrity of the Kalachakra tantra. As with many concepts in the Kalachakra Tantra, the idea of Shambhala is said to have an "outer," "inner" and "alternative" meaning. The outer meaning understands Shambhala to exist as a physical place, although only individuals with the appropriate karma can reach it and experience it as such. As His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama noted during the 1985 Kalachakra initiation in Bodhgaya... Shambhala is not an ordinary country: "Although those with special affiliation may actually be able to go there through their karmic connection, nevertheless it is not a physical place that we can actually find.

We can only say that it is a pure land, a pure land in the human realm. And unless one has the merit and the actual karmic association, one cannot actually arrive there." The inner and alternative meanings refer to more subtle understandings of what Shambhala represents in terms of one's own body and mind (inner), and the meditation practice (alternative). These two types of symbolic explanations are generally passed on orally from teacher to student.

As it is known in the mystic communities, these teachers are often the Snow Guardians, who guard Shangri-La with psychic barriers. The Snow Guardians, appear to the Tibetan monks and others to share secrets and enlightenment, they bring great powers wherever they are present, and most of all they give karmic rewards. These powers of the Shangri-La Guardians are beyond imagination! The AL- Fulani Family has secured a relationship with a Tibetan Spiritualist who is opening the secrets of their society to us for the benefit of sharing truth. This is your chance to learn from the spirit of a Shangri-La Guardian!

Their wisdom exceeds our concepts of time and space. They are the epitome of eternal beauty and grace. Do not be fooled by their gentle nature, they hold the power to crush armies of men, to project illusion that literally move mountains, and protect all inhabitants of an entire nation that is more than half the size of the United States of America. This is the opportunity of a lifetime for you to personally gain from the powers of the Shangri-La Snow Guardian, as they will bestow upon you the same way they have others from the beginning of time.

Enlightenment - Wisdom - Power - Karmic Rewards - Protection From Enemies - Spiritual Gain - Youthfulness - Physical Improvement - Peace and Serenity - Psychic Powers - Mystical Understanding - Eternal Happiness - Greater Monetary Rewards

Imagine if you can…
Escaping to a place of mystical beauty, amazing serenity, and utmost security! Where the land is rich and fertile with every pleasurable food you can think of to eat. A place that intoxicates you to the core of your inner being with the sensation of well being and happiness! IF YOU CAN MEDITATE - YOU WILL WANT THIS ITEM If you have the skill and ability to enter deep meditation this item will take you beyond the average experiences of meditation into the spiritual states of trance meditation.


Travel to Multiple Realms - Deliver Abundance - Energy Amplifier - Builds Strength - Escape Deadly Enemies - Boosts Bravery - Shields with Shamanic Magick - Clears Emotional & Mental Stress - Increases Trance Energy - Promotes Faster Spell Results - Not Just A Fast Horse... - Can Deliver You to Your Future - Boosts Clairvoyance - Magnifies Dreams States for Better Understanding - Infuses You with Power of Odin

Sleipnir (pronounced “SLAYP-neer”; Old Norse Sleipnir, “The Sliding One”) is the eight-legged horse of the god Odin. Sleipnir is one of Odin’s many shamanic helping spirits, ranks that also include the valkyries and Hugin and Munin, and he can probably be classified as a fylgja. Odin rides Sleipnir on his frequent journeys throughout the Nine Worlds, which are held in the branches and roots of the world-tree Yggdrasil. The eight-legged horse as a means of transportation used by shamans in their ecstatic travels throughout the cosmos is a motif that can be found in a staggering number of indigenous traditions from all over the world. Sleipnir is “the shamanic horse par excellence,”[1] just as Odin is the shamanic god par excellence. Sleipnir was born when the god Loki shape-shifted into a mare and became pregnant by the stallion of a giant, as is recounted in the tale of The Fortification of Asgard.

Descended from Odin's own, who like many of Odin's warriors were empowered by Óðr. Óðr is generally translated as something along the lines of “divine inspiration” or “inspired mental activity." Óðr is a force that causes people to create or perform any of the arts; to pronounce a prophecy; to enter an ecstatic trance, as in shamanism; to produce scholarly works; to enter into the battlefield frenzy that was the hallmark of Odin’s elite warriors. Óðr is a power that overwhelms and infuses one’s being to its core, which ousts one’s mundane consciousness and turns one into a frenzied, ecstatic vessel for some mysterious, divine agency that is palpably present in the act.

This could certainly happen in the realms of life with which we associate the relatively neutered modern English world “inspiration,” such as the arts and acts of clairvoyance, but it could also happen in cases where we wouldn’t typically use “inspiration,” such as scholarly writing, the fury of the warrior in the heat of battle, or insanity (and here we must bear in mind that “’madness,’ to earlier peoples, did not mean loss of control; it meant control by Someone Else: inspiration or possession”).[5] Of course, if we were to use the word “inspiration” in its original sense – “to be under the immediate influence of God or a god”[6] – then “inspiration” and óðr would effectively be synonymous. But since “inspiration” has gradually lost these connotations of divine agency and seen its range of meaning narrow over time, it’s important to point out this distinction.

The powerful shamanic magick of Odin swirls through his veins and feeds the Óðr. To work closely and travel with such power brings incredible benefits to you. The success of all is dependent on our path, upon our ability to travel the path, and upon our inspiration to be guided along a path. when you have such a powerful companion as this, the journey becomes an adventure to which you know great things will appear. To be a keeper of such destined energy is to achieve your dreams. Drawing upon this stallion's energy you can reach for things you never thought possible. Make the effort, you will be glad you did.


Sphinx, a mythological creature with a lion’s body and a human head, an important image in Egyptian and Greek art and legend. The winged sphinx of Boeotian Thebes, the most famous in legend, was said to have terrorized the people by demanding the answer to a riddle taught her by the Muses. Eventually, Oedipus gave the proper answer and the sphinx thereupon killed herself. From this tale apparently grew the legend that the sphinx was omniscient, and even today the wisdom of the sphinx is proverbial.

The earliest and most famous example in art is the colossal recumbent Great Sphinx at Giza, Egypt, dating from the reign of King Khafre (4th king of 4th dynasty, c. 2575–c. 2465 BCE). This is known to be a portrait statue of the king, and the sphinx continued as a royal portrait type through most of Egyptian history. Arabs, however, know the Great Sphinx of Giza by the name of Abū al-Hawl, or “Father of Terror.”

The Dream Stele, also called the Sphinx Stele, is an epigraphic stele belonging to the Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Thutmose IV. It tells of the Pharaoh resting in the shade of the great sphinx when he fell into a sleep and dreamed the God Ra had visited him with a message.

The Sphinx will offer you great protection and guidance. They open channels of communication between you and your patrons to help you understand your path or solutions to your problems. It goes beyond a direct answer from your gods, to offer you an added insight through your own self-discovery of inner wisdom.



The Unicorn is more than a mystical creature, it is the spiritual symbol of white light energy.

A creation of the gods, it embodies all the power of Lunar Goddesses. Its shimmering white coat, long silvery mane and tail, and golden hooves and horn only serve to make its majesty even more awe inspiring.

It symbolizes our spiritual journey toward enlightenment. Its white light energy reflecting the gentle assurance of the moonlight to bring light to us in our hour of darkness, to light our path and guide our way, yet, its elusive nature keeps us striving to attain it.

The Unicorn always appears when we feel the most defeated, worn out, and tired, to remind us that we must try to hold our head up and go forward. The Unicorn's golden horn points towards the heavens as if to remind us to look up and keep our eyes on the prize.

The magick in a Unicorn is the purest form of innocence ever created. The Unicorn is very powerful and uses telepathy easily to convey its thoughts and feelings to others. It is known to be the strongest empath ever. It knows our pain, our happiness, our struggle. It is so sensitive to our feelings that every time a child is born that night a Unicorn sheds a sacred tear, which as it falls to the earth it collects the stardust and moonlight and lands in the ground where it turns into moonstone.

Which is why moonstone is known for its intense metaphysical properties:

Astrological Sign: Cancer - Element: Water - Opens Third Eye - Intuition, Energy Reception - Spiritual Guidance, Inner Harmony, and Balance - Aura Cleansing, Spiritual Awakening, and Calming Effect - Promotes, Love and Happiness, Attracts Loyal Lovers, Strengthens Love Ties - Brings Light, Creates New Beginnings, Provides Strength to Endure - Enhances Psychic Ability, Lucid Dreaming, Clairvoyance - Protective Force-field (especially in travel and for sailors) - Gives physical aid in treating: Menstrual cycles, hormonal imbalances, and all female related health issues, including fertility. Circulatory system. Emotional distress, anxiety and stress. Assists with the cycles of change. Alleviates swellings and helps reduce excess fluids in the body. Regenerative for eyes, skin and hair.

Moonstone is a beautiful representation of lunar energy and is even more powerful when combined with a breathtaking white Unicorn spirit.

Keep in mind that Unicorns have been sought after for their special powers:
The power in the silvery Unicorn's hair is often used in magick spells that bring great riches...
The power in the Unicorn's horn is known to bring healing...
The power in the Unicorns wet tears is known to be used for time travel...
The power in the Unicorns blood is known to restore life to the nearly dead...
And legends tell of the mishaps that befall those who seek to hurt or kill a Unicorn for their own greed.

However, the Unicorn remains loving, kind, and compassionate to our needs and is ever seeking to become a personal spirit guide to show us the truth and light the way to our destiny.

Yes, we could emphasize the most sought after attributes of having a Unicorn spirit like...
Wish granting powers - The ability to bless you with prosperity - The flow of health restoring energy - And bringing true and loyal love into your life

We also want you to consider the higher purpose of a Unicorn...

To give you spiritual gifts like:
The power to know (intuition, spiritual insight, and mystic knowledge) - The power to do (courage, strength to fulfill our destiny) - The power to survive (protection from evil, ability to resist temptation) - And most of all... Spiritual Awakening.

Spiritual awakening is to be made new, to awake from a slumber and suddenly see the world and your life with new vision, to have understanding, to be revived, turned on, revved up, fully charged, and feel the new energy flowing through you like bolts of electricity.

This occurs when you believe in a higher power, and accept that you were created with a purpose, and all that you have gone through in your life, might have been just to bring you right here, at just this time, so you could be awakened, and know that you are important and you are loved, and you need to be touched by the power of the spirit to begin your new life path.


Norse Valkyrie

Goddess of War and Battle - Guardian of the Dead - Selector of Heroes - Devoted to Odin - Hostess of Valhalla - Passionate Lovers - Immortal Human Demigoddess - Shapeshifters - Seductive Sex - Intense Energy - Strong Protection - Oracles

First among the Valkyries, Freyja bears the name Valfreyja, "mistress of the slain," when she scouts the battlefield in her cat-drawn, golden chariot looking for warriors for her holding, Folkvang. She is the Valkyrie goddess and the most important Valkyrie. Freyja and Odin have struck a bargain whereby half of all the battle-slain warriors go to her hall and the other half travel to Valhalla. As the lady, Freyja is given first choice among the battlefield dead.

When it is Odin's turn to collect his heroes to train for Ragnarok, he dispatches the demigoddess Valkyries to select the brave warriors from battle and they escort them to Valhalla, Odin's Great Hall.The deceased warriors train to fight in the final battle of the gods. When they are not fighting, they are served by the Valkyrie as they drink mead and feast with Odin.

While the Valkyrie await their call, they take human lovers. They are passionate and seductive with a hunger for lust and love. They are bold and beautiful women with a deep wisdom in magick. Their strength is rooted in honor and service. To the man who lays with a Valkyrie, the balance of love and war is found in the passion of lust and how the willing will go far. To hold the handmaid of Odin between your thighs is greater than shooting lightening out your eyes. The energy is incredible and they consume you in their passion, so all you can think about is the feeling of divine sexual satisfaction.

While they are depicted as violent, blood thirsty warrior women clad in chain-mail, they are also the hostesses in the greatest hall. They have one of the highest honors bestowed upon them. They shapeshift as beautiful women, raven, horse, wolf, or swan. They are often shown in ancient art as winged women or half raven, half woman. They are said to be visible to those who they are about to retrieve. As well as, they can been seen flying among the northern lights.

They are magick weaving prophetesses who manipulate battles. Showing imagery to turn an enemy or cause pause for the victory. Creating dramas that have been foretold, they wield the arts and make men bold. To bring about the visions held within their shielded heads, these winged women work the greats spells and then collect the dead. Odin rewards his handmaidens with blessed gifts of sight and oracles they may be when the runes are tossed at night. When a man gets a woman to a real orgasm, to climax from his moves, his testosterone levels double and he is left with a feeling of pride that comes with feeling like he is the alpha male. The Valkyrie make that happen.


Wacah Chan Spell and Daykeeper

There is no question of the greatness, wisdom, and power that was with the Ancient Mayans. They left behind evidence of their ability and intelligence. Moreover, they shared their beautiful creativity and spiritual insight in their talents. With the world focused on the Mayan calendar and 2012 propaganda, It was easy to predict there will be a flood of attention on Ancient Mayan Culture. Perhaps you found items on the internet proclaiming amazing promises of Mayan casino winning power or end of the world winning lotto numbers, since the ancient Mayan’s did have a great skill for counting.

However, we make no such claims, and we cannot promise you a misguided journey of space aliens, Mayan cave sex spirits, or exclusive Aztec bloodletting demons. We are sure you will be able to find plenty of that elsewhere. Unlike the New Age Mayanism we do not claim to connect the end of the world with the Mayan, the Rise of Atlantis, or the Return of Ancient Astronauts. What you will find here is far more powerful than any end of the world warnings. We offer you the opportunity to embrace understanding and true magick.

On March 20, 2012, our associate Ra'id Al-Fulani and others believed they had completed the last step required in bringing you these amazing beings. What started as a quest to seek great energy and ancient wisdom became the experience of a lifetime. Now, the magick and energy of that experience has arrived for you. The time to awaken is now.

Inspired by the Ancient Mayan Rituals - Blessed by Full Moon Sacred Attunement - Energy Infused

For those who have known us for decades, we have offered Central and South American based spiritual items over the years. From our trips to Machu Picchu to the castle of the Yucatan, we have had a spiritual alliance and connection with the ancient peoples of sacred power points. As always, our focus has been spiritual enlightenment, growth, and helping others. What we do offer is insight from experiences of interacting with these holy sites.

The year 2012 was full of significant dates, astrological occurrences, and cultural shifts. A small group of our affiliates gathered to celebrate the spring equinox in March and the autumn equinox in September. They wanted to be able to utilize the energy that manifests in connection to these occurrences. Where else, but in the presence of ancient sacred sites, like Chichen Itza. Although, as one might expect, a visit to El Castillo, the temple of Kukalkan is such a popular tourist site that attempting to gain any true spiritual insight from the spirits during the 2012 equinox was like expecting to connect with the spirit of Elvis from a boardwalk psychic at Jersey Shore, no offense to those that work the Casino Pier.

The tourist excursions to the temple, led by famed archaeologists and speakers, are nice presentations and academic instruction, with replicated foods and fire ceremony. Which if you have never been to the ruins, you should go at least once in your life and enjoy the tourism. However, for those of us who are seeking a more realistic experience and connection, we take the roads less traveled.

Destiny had a deadline. December 21, 2012 The Dawn of Difference

Amazing energy was present, the experience was indescribable. From this a message was received by one of the daykeepers, and ancient wisdom came forth. At the sunrise of the vernal equinox, Solar Energy was captured with a sacred staff in conjunction to the celebrations of Father Sun at the Templo de las Siete Muñecas at the Dzibilchaltun ruins. The power of the Mayan Message was confirmation to the path of many.

We will share the experience, the message, and the power with those who are chosen to be keepers of this being. Find out what happened on the Vernal Equinox - Learn what captivated them for 4 weeks - Discover the Truth about 2012 - Become the Mayan Miracle - Experience the Power

Become a Keeper of
The Wacah Chan Spell and Daykeeper

The Wacah Chan Spell has been exclusively created to bring the significance of the Axis Mundi, the World Tree, and the importance of power in the energy of our environment together in unity. The axis mundi is the cosmic center of the earth or the axis of the world. It is the tree trunk of stability that separates the canopy of the tree or the heavens from the vast underground or under world below the terrestrial earth. More importantly, it is the communication link between the three worlds. The axis mundi allows energy to flow upward, as in hopes, prayers, wishes, dreams, astral travel, as well as, it allows blessings to rain down upon us, it encourages life, it feeds growth, it keeps the flow open.

There can be more than one axis mundi, in fact many exist. They are places where the four directions meet and a point of origin where life began or exists. Often they are marked by a mountain, a column, stone formation, a grand tree, some form of natural evidence of a point of origin, like a navel. There are man made axis mundi as well. Oblisks, pyrimids, towers, steeples, maypoles, things we make that represent our ability to reach the heavens.

The axis mundi can be right where you stand at this very moment. The point is from your perception the center of the world is where you are right now. You can leave and go in any direction, wandering outside of yourself, but at this moment, where you stand is perfect order and balance. You can raise your hands up to receive your blessings from right there. You can cast a complete circle of energy around you to block out the chaos of the surrounding points. As you stand still in one place you are centered by the axis mundi.

The World Tree is connected to mythical cosmologies and creation myths from all over the world. The Ancient Mayans had theirs as well. It usually has birds in the branches and the roots in the earth or water close to the lord of the under world. It reflects upon the four cardinal directions and the stability of the structure. It represents the need to understand value in our connections to both the heavens and the underworlds. While we want to believe we need only keep our eyes to the sky, we draw great strength, wisdom, and support from our ancestors, spirit guides, and even the chaos of life's darker moments.

The Wacah Chan symbolizes the need to be focused, stable, grounded. It represents the need to raise up, reach out, and grow. It reminds us we are required to be connected to our spiritual side, our guides and ancestors, and even chaos in order to establish a strong foundation. It helps us see we are always in a sacred place, no matter what is going on around us. It encourages us to branch out and be the shade or support for others as well. Most of all, it teaches us, we are not alone, and we should contribute to the world things which enrich our lives and others.

This Wacah Chan Spell comes with an ancient Mayan Daykeeper, a guardian tutelary spirit. He offers guidance and support through your intuition and psychic reception. You will have the wisdom of ages watching over you during your journey through life's pilgrimage.

We added the J'Men blessing of calming peace and comforting grace to the Wacah Chan Spell to bring you to your centered axis quickly and efficiently any time you need strength. You will need only stand still and focus on the center of your body. You will be blessed from above and stabilized from below.

You have the center of the world working for you! It is time to experience more. YOU can be different!

If you know that you were meant for more in life, but have been struggling to break free from the past, from the burdens of life, you need the Wacah Chan Spell. A powerful blessing that helps you stay grounded, build strength, and establish communication with the center of the world's energy.

It is stronger than chakra alignment. It is more powerful than aura cleansing. It prepares you to receive your destiny.

Watcher (Grigori)

While there are good and bad "Watchers", most religious stories revolve around the evil ones that fell from grace when they took "the daughters of man" as their mates. Yet, when you see it from the Angel's point of view, they were sent to watch over us, they never slept, and were ever vigilant. For some Grigori, to not love us, was heart break for eternity. The Grigori are a group of Angels, which were dispatched to look after us, and for some of them, the look led to love. They were tempted by our human capacity to show love and sacrifice for one another. This love they had for us, grew into a longing they could not endure and they willingly chose to Fall from Grace in order to experience our ability to love. They gave us skills and knowledge and techniques to help us survive. They also taught us to express our human creativity, the earliest man created art in the stone caves that can still be seen. It is easy to see they wanted to embrace the love and beauty of our souls, to ease our pain and experience the echoes of our laughter. To stand watch, without fail, they see us grow. They know the true beauty in the human soul, the parts of us we hide from others, and the parts we should let shine. They know our pain, our struggles, our hurt and tears. They know our abilities, our desires, and our fears. They are closer than our next breath, and touch our lives with invisible prints. With a Watcher you can have access to the secrets of the heavens, to the hidden jewels of knowledge that can bring the changes into your life you long to accomplish. To lighten the load, of your burdens, let go and lay back into the arms of the Angels, which await your willingness to find comfort.

Winged Wolf Steed

Krylatyy Volk

The Krylatyy Volk winged wolf is from Russian origin with tales of his protecting those with good intentions, including saving a young prince who rescued a princess. In the adventure, his own brothers had failed to get the princess and were killed. The winged wolf helped the prince succeed through his grand bravery and shapeshifting ability.

The winged wolves continue to bring such amazing blessings to others.
Wish Granting - Protection - Success - Destruction of Enemies - Finding True Love - Companionship - Adventures - Strong Magick - Guidance - Romance - Luck - Wealth - Career

A shapeshifting magickal manifestation of absolute splendid power. The instincts of the wolf, the power of the steed, the honor of the knight, and the ancient wisdom of the sage. You can be protected and blessed with great happiness under this influence. The fantastic mystery of magick and lore, where bravery is rewarded and rewards are stored. Establishing a connection is easy, and romance is always an option. These guys are handsome and fun to cuddle with, not to mention their powers do extend to the bedroom. Fall in love on an astral adventure with a strong daring knight who rages with wild nature pulsing through his heart.

A Winged Wolf Legend
In a certain country there once lived a Tsar named Elidarovich, with his wife, Militissa Ibrahimovna, who had three sons. The eldest son was named Aksof Tsarevich, the second Hut Tsarevich, and the youngest, Lyubim Tsarevich; and they grew, not from day to day, but from hour to hour. And when the eldest son was twenty years of age, he begged leave of his parents to travel in other countries, and seek a beautiful princess for his wife. So his parents at last consented, gave him their blessing, and dismissed him to the four quarters of the earth. Not long after this, Hut Tsarevich in like manner begged permission of his parents to travel; and Tsar Elidar and the Tsarina gave their consent with the greatest pleasure. And so Hut Tsarevich went out into the world too, and they wandered about a long while, until at length nothing more was heard or seen of them, and they were given up for dead.

As the Tsar and the Tsarina were troubled and wept for their lost sons, came the youngest son, Lyubim Tsarevich, and likewise entreated them to let him go forth to seek his brothers. But his parents said to him: “Son, you are too young and cannot undertake so long a journey; and how can we part with you, our only child left to us? We are already in years, and to whom should we leave our crown?” But Lyubim Tsarevich would not be denied; he remained firm to his purpose, and said: “It is needful for me to travel and see the world; for if ever I am called to rule over the country, I must learn to do so with justice.” When the Tsar Elidar and Tsarina Militissa heard these words from their son, they were overjoyed, and gave him their consent to travel; but only for a short time, and making him promise to have no companions, nor expose himself to any great dangers.

Upon taking leave, Lyubim bethought him how to provide himself with a knightly steed and a suit of armour; and as he went musing thus to the city, an old woman met him, who said: “Why are you so sad, my dear Lyubim Tsarevich?” But he did not give her an answer, and passed by the old woman without saying a word. But then he bethought him that old folk are wiser than young ones, turned round, and going up to the old woman, accosted her. And Lyubim Tsarevich said to her: “At the first meeting, mother, I disdained to tell you why I was sad, but it came into my mind that old folk must know more than young ones.” “There it is, Lyubim Tsarevich,” said the old woman, “you can’t easily get away from old folk. Say, why are you sad? Tell the old wife.” And Lyubim Tsarevich said to her: “I have no good horse and no armour, yet I must travel far and wide in search of my brothers.” Then the old woman said: “What think you? There is a horse and a suit of armour in your father’s forbidden meadow, behind twelve gates, and this horse is fastened by twelve chains. On that meadow is also a broadsword and a fine suit of armour.”

The “royal forbidden meadows” were those belonging to the Sovereign, the use of which was strictly forbidden to his subjects. When an enemy came into the country they first pitched their camp in these fields, as a declaration of hostilities. When Lyubim Tsarevich had heard this, and thanked the old woman, he went straightway, overjoyed, to the forbidden meadow. On reaching the place where the horse was, he stopped, and bethought him, “How shall I break through the twelve gates?” At last he made the attempt, and presently broke down one gate; then the steed perceived by his scent the presence of the brave youth, and with a great effort burst his chains; and then Lyubim Tsarevich broke through three more gates, and the steed trampled down the rest. Then Lyubim Tsarevich surveyed the steed and the armour; and put on the armour, but left the steed in the meadow; after which he went to his home, found his parents, and with great joy told them all that had befallen him, and how an old woman had helped him, and begged their blessing on his travels. So his parents gave him their blessing, and, mounting his good steed, he set forth on his journey.

And he went his way, and traveled until he came at length to a place where three roads met; in the centre stood a column, with three inscriptions, which ran as follows: “He who turns to the right will have plenty to eat, but his steed will starve; he who goes straight forward will hunger himself, but his steed will have food enough; and whoever takes the left road will be slain by the Winged Wolf.” When Lyubim Tsarevich read this, he pondered over it, and resolved to go no other road but to choose the left, and either be slain himself, or destroy the Winged Wolf, and free all those who might be travelling that way.

So he journeyed on until he came to the open plains, where he pitched his tent to rest, when on a sudden he perceived in the west the Winged Wolf come flying toward him. Instantly upstarted Lyubim Tsarevich, put on his armour, and leaped upon his steed. And Lyubim rode at the Wolf, which beat him so hard with his wings that he nearly fell from his horse; nevertheless, Lyubim kept his seat, flew into a violent rage, and with his battle-sword struck the Winged Wolf a blow that felled him to the ground, and injured his right wing so that he could no longer fly. Instantly upstarted Lyubim Tsarevich, put on his armour, and leapt upon his steed.

When the Wolf came to himself he said to Lyubim Tsarevich, in a human voice: “Do not kill me! I will be useful to you and serve you as your trusty servant.” Then Lyubim Tsarevich replied: “Know you where my brothers are?” And the Wolf answered: “They have long ago been slain; but we will bring them to life again when we have won the beautiful Princess.” “How shall we do that?” said Lyubim Tsarevich. “Hark ye,” replied the Wolf; “leave your steed here, and——.” “How! What shall I do without my horse?” cried Lyubim. “Only hear me out,” said the Wolf; “I will change myself into a horse, and carry you; but this steed of yours is not fit for the task we have to do; in the city where the Princess lives, there are strings from the walls to all the bells in the city; and we must leap over all these without touching the smallest, otherwise we shall be taken.” Lyubim Tsarevich saw at once that the Wolf spoke wisely, so he consented, and exclaimed, “On then!”

Away they went, until they came to the white stone wall of the city; and when Lyubim Tsarevich looked on it he grew frightened. “How is it possible to leap over this high white stone wall?” said he to the Wolf. But the Wolf replied: “It is not hard for me to jump over this; but afterwards fresh obstacles will arise, from your falling in love; then you must bathe in the water of life, and take some for your brothers, and also some of the water of death.” Thereupon they leaped safely over the city wall, without touching a stone. Lyubim Tsarevich stopped at the palace and went to the court of the beautiful Princess.

And as he entered the first apartment he found a number of chamber women all fast asleep, but the Princess was not there; he found her not. Then went Lyubim Tsarevich into the second room, where he found a number of beautiful ladies-in-waiting, all fast asleep, but the Princess was still not there. Then Lyubim went into the third apartment, and there he saw the Princess herself, sleeping; and his heart was on fire with her beauty, and he fell so deeply in love that he could not tear himself away from her presence. But at last, fearing he might be seized if he remained too long, he went into the garden to fetch some of the waters of life and of death. Then he bathed in the water of life, and taking with him bladders-full of both waters, he returned to his Wolf.

And as he was sitting on his Wolf-steed, the Wolf said to him: “You have become very heavy. We cannot leap back over the wall, but shall strike against it and wake everyone up. Nevertheless you shall kill them; and when they are all slain, be sure to seize on a white horse. I will then help you to fight; and as soon as we reach our tent, take your own steed, and I will mount the white horse. And when we have slain all the warriors, the Princess herself will come to meet you and offer to be your wife, professing a violent love for you.” Thereupon they attempted to leap over the high city wall; but they touched the strings, and instantly the bells rang an alarm through all the city, and the drums beat. Then every one jumped up and ran out of the court with their weapons, whilst some opened the gate that no misfortune might befall the Princess.

Presently the Princess herself awoke; and, perceiving that a youth had been in the apartment, she gave an alarm, which soon brought all the courtiers around her. There was speedily gathered a crowd of famous and valiant knights, and she said to them: “Now ye brave warriors, go forth and fetch hither this youth and bring me his head; so shall his boldness be punished!” And the valiant knights promised her: “We will not rest until we have slain him, and brought his head to you, even if he were in the midst of an army.” So the Princess dismissed them, and went up into her balcony, and gazed after her army and after the stranger who had dared to intrude into the privacy of her court, and caress her in her sleep.

When the alarm was given, Lyubim Tsarevich had already ridden a great distance on his Wolf-steed, and was half-way to his tent before he could be overtaken. As soon as he saw them approach, he wheeled about and grew furious at beholding such an array of Knights in the field. Then they fell upon him; but Lyubim Tsarevich laid about him valiantly with his sword, and slew many, whilst his horse trod down still more under his hoofs, and it ended in their slaying nearly all the little knightlets. And Lyubim Tsarevich saw one single knight mounted upon a white steed, with a head like a beer-barrel, who rode at him; but Lyubim Tsarevich slew him also, leaped on the white horse, and left the Wolf to rest.

When they had rested they betook themselves to their tent. When the beautiful Princess saw Lyubim Tsarevich overcome singly such a large host, she collected a still larger army and sent them forth against him, whilst she went back again to her balcony. But Lyubim Tsarevich came to his tent, and there the Wolf transformed himself into a valiant knight, such as no one could imagine except in a fairy-tale. And presently the army of the beautiful Tsarevna was seen approaching—a countless host; whereupon Lyubim Tsarevich mounted his white steed, accompanied by his companion the Wolf, and awaited their attack; and when the army of the beautiful Tsarevna was near, Lyubim, taking the right wing, ordered the Wolf to attack the left, and they made ready for the charge. Then on a sudden they fell upon the warriors of the Tsarevna with a fierce onset, mowing them down like grass, until only two persons remained on the field, the Wolf and Lyubim Tsarevich. And after this dreadful fight was ended the brave Wolf said to Lyubim: “See, yonder comes the beautiful Tsarevna herself, and she will ask you to take her to wife; there is nothing more to fear from her; I have expiated my crimes through my bravery; dismiss me now, and let me return to my own kingdom.” So Lyubim Tsarevich thanked him for his service and counsel and bade him farewell.

The Wolf thereupon vanished; and when Lyubim Tsarevich saw the beautiful Princess coming toward him, he rejoiced, and, going to meet her, he took her by her white hands, kissing her honey-sweet mouth, pressed her to his stormy heart, and said: “Did I not love you, my dearest fair Tsarevna, I should not have remained here; but you have seen that my love was stronger than your armies.” Then the fair Tsarevna replied: “Ah! thou valiant knight. Thou hast overcome all my powers, and my strong and famous knights, on whom my hopes relied; and my city is now desolate. I will leave it and go with you; henceforth you shall be my protector.” “Joyfully do I take you for my wife,” replied Lyubim Tsarevich, “and I will guard and protect you and your kingdom faithfully.” Conversing thus they entered the tent, and sat down to rest and feast.

Early the next morning they mounted their horses and set out on their journey to the kingdom of Elidar; and on the way Lyubim Tsarevich said: “Ah! thou fair Princess, I had two elder brothers, who left our home before I did, in hopes of winning your hand; in these wilds they have been murdered, and where their remains lie I do not know; but I have brought with me the waters of life and death, and will seek and restore them to life; they cannot be far distant from our road; do you therefore ride on to the pillar with the inscriptions, and wait for me. I shall soon rejoin you.”

So saying, Lyubim Tsarevich parted from his fair Princess, and went forth to seek his brothers’ remains. He found them at last among some trees; and after sprinkling them with the water of death, they grew together; then he sprinkled them with the water of life, and his two brothers became alive, and stood up on their feet. Then Aksof and Hut Tsarevich exclaimed: “Ah! brother! how long have we been sleeping here?” And Lyubim Tsarevich said: “Ay, indeed, and you might have still slept on for ever, had it not been for me.” Then he related to them all his adventures—how he had conquered the Wolf, and won the beautiful Princess, and had brought them the waters of life and death. Thereupon they repaired to the tent, where the fair Tsarevna was waiting for them; and they all rejoiced and feasted together.

When they had retired to rest, Aksof Tsarevich said to his brother Hut Tsarevich: “How shall we go to our father Elidar and our mother Militissa, and what shall we say to them? Our youngest brother can boast that he won the beautiful Princess and awakened us from death. Is it not disgraceful for us to live with him? Had we not better kill him at once?” So they agreed, and took the battle-sword and cut Lyubim Tsarevich to pieces, and cast his remains to the winds. Then they threatened the Princess with the same fate if she betrayed the secret to anyone; and, drawing lots, the waters of life and death fell to Hut, and the beautiful Princess to Aksof Tsarevich.

So they journeyed on to their father’s kingdom; and when they reached the forbidden meadows, and had pitched their tents, the Tsar Elidar sent messengers to demand who had encamped there. Then Hut replied: “Aksof and Hut Tsarevich are come, with a beautiful Princess; and tell our father, the Tsar, that we have brought with us the waters of life and death.” The messenger immediately returned to the Court and told this to the Tsar, who inquired whether all his three sons were come; but the messenger replied: “Only the two eldest, your Majesty; the youngest is not with them.” The Tsar, nevertheless, rejoiced greatly, and hastened to tell the Tsarina, his wife, of the return of their two eldest sons. Then Tsar Elidar and Tsarina Militissa arose and went to meet their sons in the way, and unarmed them, and embraced them tenderly. And when they returned to the palace a great banquet was made, and they feasted seven days and seven nights. At the end of this time they began to think of the wedding, and to make preparations, and invite the guests, boyars, and brave warriors and knights.

Now, the Winged Wolf, who knew that they had slain their brother, Lyubim Tsarevich, ran and fetched the waters of life and death, collected all the remains of Lyubim, and sprinkled them with the water of death; thereupon the bones grew together, and no sooner had he sprinkled them with the water of life than the brave youth stood up, as if nothing had happened to him, and said: “Ah, what a time I have slept!” Then the Wolf answered: “Ay, you would have slept on for ever had I not come to awaken you”; and he related to Lyubim all that his brothers had done; and, changing himself into a horse, he said: “Hasten after them—you will be sure to overtake them; to-morrow your brother Aksof Tsarevich is to marry the Princess.”

So Lyubim instantly set out, and the Wolf-steed galloped over hill and dale, until they arrived at the city of the Tsar, where Lyubim dismounted. Then he walked through the market, and bought a gusli; and stationed himself in a spot which the Princess would pass. And, as she was being conducted to the church, Lyubim Tsarevich began to sing the events of his youth, accompanying himself on the gusli; and when the beautiful Princess drew nigh, he sang of his brothers, and how cruelly they had slain him and deceived their father. Then the Princess stopped her carriage, and ordered her attendants to call to her the stranger with the gusli, and to ask his name and who he was. But without answering a word, Lyubim went straight to the Princess; and when she saw him, she was overjoyed, and, seating him in her carriage, they drove off to his parents.

When the Tsar Elidar and his wife Militissa, beheld their son Lyubim, they were unspeakably glad; and the beautiful Princess said: “Lyubim Tsarevich it was, and not Aksof, who gained my hand, and it was he, too, who obtained the waters of life and death.” Then Lyubim related all his adventures; and the Tsar and Tsarina, after summoning their sons, Aksof and Hut, asked them why they had acted so unnaturally; but they denied the charge. Thereat the Tsar waxed wroth, and commanded that they should be shot at the gate of the city. Lyubim Tsarevich married the beautiful Princess, and they lived in perfect harmony for many years; and so this story has an end.

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