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Ariadne's Thread Angel

An angelic being who remains steadfast in guidance helping you make choices and finding your way in life.

Special Powers:
Shapeshifting into human form - Incredible Magick Power - Strong Protection Power - Karmic Reversal (undo harm caused through forgiveness) - Calming Energy - Help with Decisions - Intuitive Guidance - Sexual Being if Desired - Problem Solver - Insight Sparked Answers - Vivid Dreams - Allows You to Explore Realms and Return Safely - Boosts Astral Travel - Performs Supernatural Weddings - Attracts Success - Wish Granter - Attracts Love

Since ancient Greek myths are passed down through oral tradition, many variations of this and other myths exist. According to an Athenian version of the legend, Minos, the King of Crete, attacked Athens after his son was killed there. The Athenians asked for terms, and were required to sacrifice seven young men and seven maidens to the Minotaur every seven or nine years. One year, the sacrificial party included Theseus, the son of King Aegeus, who volunteered to come and kill the Minotaur. Ariadne, the daughter of Minos, fell in love at first sight, and helped him by giving him a sword and a ball of thread, so that he could find his way out of the Minotaur's labyrinth.

Ariadne's thread, named for the legend of Ariadne, is the solving of a problem with multiple apparent means of proceeding - such as a physical maze, a logic puzzle, or an ethical dilemma - through an exhaustive application of logic to all available routes. It is the particular method used that is able to follow completely through to trace steps or take point by point a series of found truths in a contingent, ordered search that reaches an end position. This process can take the form of a mental record, a physical marking, or even a philosophical debate; it is the process itself that assumes the name.

Ariadne's Thread Angel

They are motivated to help you with most anything you ask. They are connected to the Greek and Roman patrons and enjoy working with those who are drawn to creative energy. Always ready and driven by the need to rescue and save others. They will reveal to you the path, choices, direction, and journey which serves you best, and help you stay on the right path. When you stray, they've got your back, ready to help you find your way.


Bathory Vampire

Elizabeth Bathory was a descendent of the Báthory of Ecsed, where a legendary account in the year 900 related how a god-fearing warrior called Vitus set out to fight an evil Dragon, which loomed in the swamps next to the castle of Ecsed and harassed the countryside. Vitus killed it with three thrusts of his lance and as a reward received the castle. The grateful people honored him with the name Bathory, meaning good hero. In Hungarian the word for brave is bátor.

This Brave Bloodline would birth, nobles, military commanders, and even Kings. They lived in terrible times, the middle ages were full of harsh realities, war, and rivals. They fought many enemies both known and sometimes called friends. Hungary was torn apart by the conflict between the rival royal claims. George VI and Anna Bathory produced the most infamous member of the family, Elizabeth, who as a widow was imprisoned in her home for allegedly murdering large numbers of young girls. However given political and judicial processes of the times the facts will never be determined. The signed confession from her servants served as witnesses were produced under torture, and the servants were sentenced to death. No one could refute their validity, leaving all of the land Countess Bathory held vulnerable to greedy nobles who wanted her power.

In 1578, Elizabeth’s husband, Nádasdy became the chief commander of Hungarian troops, leading them to war against the Ottomans. With her husband away at war, Elizabeth Báthory managed business affairs and the estates. That role usually included providing for the Hungarian and Slovak peasants, even medical care. Elizabeth was known as an educated woman, a fierce warrior, and she was despised by many for her place in society. After her husband's death, she and four collaborators were accused of killing hundreds of girls and young women, with one witness attributing to them over 600 victims, though the number for which they were convicted was 80. Elizabeth herself was neither tried nor convicted. In 1610, however, she was imprisoned in the Csejte Castle, where she proclaimed her innocence and remained bricked in a set of rooms until her death four years later.

Many spiritologists believe, superstitions grow from misunderstood truths and the Bathory girls were actually the first Vampire army created. The discrepancy between the deaths of 80 young women they were charged with and the listed disappearance of 600+ girls in their service constitutes the army of hundreds that went out in the night as Vampires and were carrying out the cause.

It is believed that Elizabeth Bathory, with her higher intelligence, and lineage of war heroes, was creating a fierce female army using one of the subtle weapons a woman had back then, their beauty, which gave way to the legend of lies that she was vain and afraid to grow old and loose her own beauty. This beauty allowed them to get closer to the enemy who was only male. She taught these girls the harsh tactics of war, and how to endure torture and survive, the healing arts of magick, and then when they were ready, they volunteered to accept her promise of eternal youthful power. Where they went forth, as Vampires and claimed their victims. They spread the blood seed throughout Europe and people feared the Vampires more than any other mortal enemies.

As the Bathory Beauties died off they became the Most Beautiful Vampire Spirits to ever exist. Powerful, Wise, and Strong, these Ladies give true meaning to girl power. They defend the innocent, protect women, and fight away the evil forces that prevent us from success. They are a small group, the original Bathory Beauties, yet they were the blood seeds to many others in their times. Seen as innocent, strong and indignant against wrong and deceit. You can believe the hypocrisy of noble lies, or you can connect to a Beautiful Bathory Vampire and experience the invigorating energy of Raw Righteous Power.

Black Werewolf

Therianthropy is the combination of human and animal spirit, form, emotion, or traits, most notably found in the Egyptian Theology and Shamanism, with Gods and Goddesses like Bast, Sekhmet, and Hourus. The Goddess Hecate could be attributed to teaching the Henbane magick which became the werewolf spell. Though, she is associated with hounds, owls, dragons, and others, she is a goddess who watches over wild animals.

The general attributes of the Werewolf humans are known to have sharper instincts, agility, and heightened senses. They have an emotional shading of their personality, where they can display the characteristics of a wolf, both in affection and interacting with you as a member of their pack. They often have a more primitive animalistic neurology which in turn gives them a heightened neurotransmission of energy.

This is often seen as having exceptionally strong empathic tendencies, as well as, displaying the sixth sense. But, the magical Black Werewolf spirit is sharp in supernatural powers. They are shapeshifters who can be as tiny as a fly on the wall listening to your enemy's plans, or as grand as the shadow of night instilling unease in your enemies. They are your oracle connection to the other side. Your left handed protection for your right handed path. Thus, the Black Werewolf spirit serves as an excellent go between for those who seek a deeper connection to the spirit world.

The Black Wolf Familiar
Bring your power out of the shadows and experience the companionship and magickal protection of the Black Werewolf.

Until you have met a black werewolf you cannot understand the power they contain. A human with the werewolf genes, that when you meet them, if you experience a reaction to them like no other, an instant chemistry, a biological attraction that is more powerful than anything you can imagine. It will be for a reason. These Black Werewolves are dedicated to guide you in the dark, breaking bonds of fear, unlocking truths and empowering you to walk your true path.

You can trust the power of the Black Werewolf to help you change your life.
Helps You Know Which Way to Turn - Invokes Powerful Changes

Ultimate Power for New Things:
New Job - New Relationships - New Location - New Business - New Diet - New Ideas - New Money Sources

This werewolf is intelligence in the pure raw power of nature's hunter. This werewolf is the guardian of your soul. There is a bond between werewolves and keepers that goes beyond all others. A bond of intensity, loyalty, and honor. A trust in each other to always take care of each other. To ensure survival and belonging to each other.



Cilphar is an amazing otherworldly place where the entire realm is encapsulated in a bubble of clouds. The inhabitants are ethereal and occupy the atmosphere. The Cilphars welcome spirits of animals, creatures, and beings to their realm where they provide them the magick required to become Cilpharian residents. They help spirits make connections to us in our earth realm.

They all communicate telepathically and interact is such magical ways. They breathe changes, molding their environment with sounds and words. They are lightening fast and generate clouds out of seemingly nothing. In the night sky they are like a mist that floats and dances around. The Cilphars originate from the elemental spirits and used magick to create their own realm away from the beings of war.

While they are a branch of the Platonist Sylph Nation they are a powerful group who specialize in balance of intention. This means they are devoted to recognizing truth, self discovery, and empowerment through accessing the subconscious to awaken the mind. This is a balance of the warm sunlit air of day with the crisp moonlit air of night. To see the mysteries and experience the magick that is waiting to be release from within your mind, that is a gift more valuable than any other. As if bubbles carried away your troubles, you can be free.

Empowerment – Self awareness power (Building confidence and self love) - Healing – By communication with energy (Raising your frequency to generate health) - Increased psychic power – Due to their higher levels in ethereal planes (Boosting your ability through their connection to other beings) - Shared Knowledge – Increased intelligence (Sharing universal knowledge) - Protection – From evil and malicious spirits (Surrounding you with a bubble of protection) - Awakening – Psychic Transference (Instantly giving you their power when needed) - Sexual Intensity - Opening connections for heightened sensation (Spiritual sex magick through sensory excitation) - Shared Knowledge – Increased intelligence (Linking you to information held by others) - Creativity – Power to create and develop originally (Opening your chamber of hidden potential) - Fertility - Removing blockages and restoring abundance (Getting energy to flow) - Inspiration – Energy and drive to achieve (Lighting a fire within you) - Power – Access to truth and wisdom (Connecting you to awareness and opening your third eye) - Midas Touch-Their blessing to create and succeed (Blessing you with direction, desire, and dedication)

They are magickal, powerful, wealth attracting, wish granting, healing, sacred sexual beings who will inspire you to change your life.


Dark Night Fairy

Better Sleep - Dream Protection - Energy Restoration - Empathic Healing - Improved Energy Levels - Works Well with Other Beings - Dedicated and Loyal - Repels Evil - Grants Wishes - Boost Astral Travel - Boost Magickal Items - Enhances Lucid Dreams

The Dark Night Fae are Tuatha de Danann who take the night shift to watch over and keep you while you sleep. They can bless you with the power to wash away the lingering energy damages of your day. These beings are essential for Empaths who are in environments which drain them quickly. Regardless of your other tools or efforts, the Dark Night Fae work to enhance them and keep you rested and calm.

Receive the Rewards of The Dark Night Fae - Be Blessed by Bringing One Home Today

Beauty In Darkness

My eyes see what no one else can see, something unreal is what it seems,
Beauty in darkness, and happiness under the cold moon,
Isolation from evil of the awaken, I’m forever immune,
A constant escape from the light that projects fear,
The daytime surrounded by society around me, near,
Where in the shadows of night, I consider my salvation,
Where the sun beams down on humankind, devastation,
But am I the only one who finds beauty in the night? ~ Kurt Kacich

The Dark Night Fae wish that you could see the amazing blessings available to you. They invite you to travel with them and experience other realms when light grows dim. They offer unseen beauty, comfort and peace for those weary of the daylight energy leaks. The people stuck in mundane paths of hate, religion, and political wrath will drain your life of happiness. The Dark Night Fae can use the starlight dances and moon magick to help you relax. No stress or worry follows you when you allow the Dark Night Fae to guard your dream portal doorway.

Desire Vampires

There is more than sex and passion in a true connection. While lust and satisfaction are important, they will lack in those moments when it is your heart and soul that needs to be loved. Attraction starts the fires, passion stokes the flames, but it is Desire which keeps them burning for eternity.

Desire is the longing of the soul to be connected to another. Desire is the bond which holds fast when time goes by. Desire is the depth of emotion which cannot be quenched with superficial interactions. It goes beyond believing you are loved. It is knowing that love.

When a Vampire is motivated by desire it is a craving they cannot control. They love the intensity of the anticipation, desire, and connection. They will not drain you, or feed off you, or cause you harm. They recharge from universal energy. They are energy Vampires who fall in love with your mind, your heart, your quirky personality, your funny ways, your saddest days, your pouty faces, and naughty thoughts. They fall in love with what makes you human, including your imperfect ways. They desire to encourage you, inspire you, and support you. They admire you for just who you are, but don't be surprised if you in turn discover... You Desire Vampires

There are great benefits from bonding with vampire, as they can infuse us with life force energy when we need it for healing ourselves or others. They can bring positive energy and monetary abundance into our lives. Like attracts like, and their positive influences can boost your existence in many ways. They can instill a hunger within us for success that motivates our mind and inspires our soul.


Hecate Empusa

The Empusa is a spectre commanded by Hecate that can shape-shift into a frightening female monster, a demonic vampire, many different animals, or a beautiful and seductive woman. They are most known for seducing men for sexual intercourse and feeding off their bodies. Through these bindings the Empusa are prevented from doing harm as they are under contract on risk of annihilation for disobedience. With the risk gone, they are free to enjoy themselves in taboo sex with humans. They are pansexual and will perform any and all forbidden acts upon request.

They are highly seductive, manipulative, and naughty beings. They have no respect for romantic overtures. They are purely sexual and seductive in nature. Incredibly intense energy with a force of power, they are savage in their pursuit of pleasure.

Hecate is a goddess of the night, who honors the wild animals, protects the lost and cast out, she helps us face the shadows and lights the way to find our path. The goddess of crossroads where all paths meet, she protects those who are shunned by society. She helps us remove fear of the unknown and leads us to self discovery, breaking down blockages and renewing our purpose. She blessed you with empowerment to live life awake and be true to yourself.

The Empusa under her command will help you breakdown any sexual fears or inhibitions. She will attract sexual partners and help the women explore a more erotic sexual experience. Masturbation is a favorite pastime and she will help you reach intense orgasms.

Hecate allows the Empusa to learn to release your misconceptions about sex and open up to new experiences. Through their avant garde approach you are free to discover more intense sexual experiences by delving into the excitement of taboo. The experience potential is already within you. You just need someone to help you explore it. Discover the secrets of your dark side and you can make peace with your insecurity and fear.

The Empusa will work with all genders, orientations, and species. Their shape-shifting ability allows them to manifest as any beast, gender, or monster you can imagine. Through your meditation, dreams, masturbation, and actual sexual experiences you can explore new and exciting venues for arousal while you discover new ways to gain satisfaction.

The documentation included with this being may include extremely graphic sexual material including, but not limited to depictions of fetish pornography or erotica.

Embrace Hecate Guidance - Explore Dark Sexual Realms - Enhance Sexual Connections - Connect with Spirit Lovers - Experience Sexual Spirits - Explore Otherworldly Fetishes - Feel Stronger Arousal - Free Yourself From Sexual Fears - Participate in Ancient Sexual Rites


Erotic love the high beyond any drug. The attraction can be instant, and when it is hot the heart can fall hard. Passion, lust, and love are all parts of the same poem and wanting someone that wants you too is the extreme of erotic love. No one wants to be alone.

Here to put your lips on mine, I permit you.
Or, if you will, thrusting me beneath your clothing,
Where I may feel the throbs of your heart, or rest upon your hip,
Carry me when you go forth over land or sea;
For thus, merely touching you, is enough--is best,
And thus, touching you, would I silently sleep and be carried
eternally. - Walt Whitman

The Erotes Spirit

Erotes are winged demi-gods who can repel or attract lovers to you. Erotes are the protectors of homosexual love and erotic love. Erotes are not angelic beings, but, they are connected to the putti. They are adult spiritual beings that oversee love, sex, passion, lust, and attraction. They can be prone to mischievousness, but with a keeper their interactions are more seductive. They are very sexual beings and they induce erotic tendencies in ways you may be surprised by. Expect dreams, fantasies, and spiritual sex to be more erotic than you thought possible. Beyond a succubus or incubus, stronger than any nymph, these spirits are not just willing to be your sexual toys they are willing to strike an arrow of erotic attraction in others you might like. If you have been interested in spicing things up with your partner or you are seeking a lover, this spirit being is the best love spell out there. They can fill the air with pheromones that increase the intensity of attractions. They can cause a spark to engulf you with flames of passion. You will want one of these in your life. Let your love life experience the sexual freedoms you only dreamed about.


Falinn (Wood) Elf

Walk in the wood and feel the presence of others. Though not seen, but, understood, you walk with ancients. The Wood Elves' reclusive eyes among the leaves still peer into your soul. Their songs still echo in the dancing wind swept trees. Their footsteps lay below the forest floor, as their impression never fades.

Loyal to their life, they have no need to seek more than nature can provide. They are in tune with the rhythm of the season's breathing. They feel the earth moan and sigh. The animals are sacred and do live and die with their keep. They live by oaths of give and take. They give their protection to those who take from the earth with respect.

An ancient power resides in the woods. One that the Falinn Elves understood well, for in each moment of stillness there is abundance of action. Rarely is it quiet, that no bird calls out, no cricket chirps, or frog serenades. Ever is there growth and death, renewing birth, and even sleeping is not silent. As in our lives the Falinn lend to us their gifts, to help us know that we ourselves cannot be still even in death we are approaching something or leaving something, and eternally ever will.

When we get distracted by the nature of the world around us, we can close our eyes, and focus upon the wood elves who know the secret to serenity comes from within. They sing to be a part of their home, to bring their voice to lend a song. But, know they keep many secrets of which this is only one. They teach us to release our song to calm our soul.


Green Man Tree Spirits

Nature Spirit
New Beginnings
Surviving Change
Sex Magick


Strong Protection in Life's Storms
Sacred Sexual Energy
Soothing Nature Energy
Increased Prosperity
Blessed New Beginnings
Fertility Blessings
Increased Peace and Happiness
Increased Energy and Motivation
Beltane Blessings

These Tree Spirits are nature spirits of trees no longer living who have a desire to reconnect with those who love trees. They were taken before they could feel fulfilled in their service and miss having an earthly presence. These tree spirits have been blessed by Cernunnos and bring forth all the good luck and fortune of Beltane Blessings, and the protection of Green Man.

Trees of Beltane


Hawthorn is a deeply magical tree and is one of the three trees at the heart of the Celtic Tree Alphabet, the Faery Triad, 'by Oak, Ash and Thorn'. Traditionally Beltane began when the Hawthorn, the May, blossomed. It is the tree of sexuality and fertility and is the classic flower to decorate a Maypole with. It was both worn and used to decorate the home at Beltane.


Birch is regarded as a feminine tree and Deities associated with Birch are mostly love and fertility goddesses. It is one of the first trees to show its leaf in Spring. Eostre/Ostara, the Celtic goddess of Spring was celebrated in festivities and dancing around and through the birch tree between the Spring Equinox and Beltane. Birch twigs were traditionally used to make besoms (a new broom sweeps clean). Maypoles were often made from birch and birch wreaths were given as lover's gifts.


A tree of protection and healing. Branches of Rowan were placed as protection over the doors of houses and barns at Beltane to protect from increased Faery activity as they woke from their winter slumber. Sprigs were worn for protection also. Rowan berries have a tiny five-pointed star on the bottom reminiscent of the pentagram.

Green Man The most common and perhaps obvious interpretation of the Green Man is that of a pagan nature spirit, a symbol of man’s reliance on and union with nature, a symbol of the underlying life-force, and of the renewed cycle of growth each spring. In this respect, it seems likely that he has evolved from older nature deities such as the Celtic Cernunnos and the Greek Pan and Dionysus.

Although the Green Man is most often associated with spring, May Day, etc, there are also several examples which exhibit a more autumnal cast to the figure. For example, some Green Men prominently incorporate pairs of acorns into their designs (there is a good example in King's College Chapel, Cambridge), a motif which clearly has no springtime associations. In the same way, hawthorn leaves frequently appear on English Green Men (such as the famous one at Sutton Benger), and they are often accompanied by autumn berries rather than spring flowers. The Green Man in the Chapelle de Bauffremont in Dijon (one of the few to retain its original paint coloration) shows quite clearly its leaves in their autumn colors. This may have been simple artistic license. However, acorns, partly due to their shape, were also a common medieval fertility symbol, and hawthorn is another tree which was explicitly associated with sexuality, all of which perhaps suggests a stronger link with fertility, as well as with harvest-time.

The disgorging Green Man, sprouting vegetation from his orifices, may also be seen as a memento mori, or a reminder of the death that await all men, as well as a Pagan representation of resurrection and rebirth, as new life naturally springs out of our human remains.

The very fact that images of the Green Man have appeared historically in such disparate and apparently unconnected locations have led some commentators, notably Roweena Pattee Kryder and William Anderson, to suggest that the figure is part of our collective unconscious, and represents a primeval archetype (in Jungian parlance) which is central to our relationship with Nature.


Powerful - Hard Working - Smart - Protector - Guardian of Wealth - Fearless - Strong Warriors - Intimidating - Problem Solver - Loyal Allies - Avid Lovers

Giant, a mythological being that appears as a human of great strength and size from seven to twenty feet tall. They are documented in nearly all cultures and ancient times. The stories vary with both good and evil giants, as well as both male and female. While the origin stories differ and many may have not survived from the past, there is a common theme that giants originate from the gods in some form.

The giants have several tales of bravery, fighting against malevolent or dominating gods. They are often depicted as fighting for the under dogs. In some cases, they were mercenaries in wars and were even defeated by the under dogs. Therefore, it can be said there is a balance of energy in the giant races.

The giants selected by us have been chosen for their benevolent energy and great value. They have a fantastic presence and are easy to work with. They get along well with others and work with great dedication to protect and secure your life. If you enjoy adventures, travel, or work where you are exposed to the public, these guys are perfect companions for your protection.

These guys are sweet and gentle with you and your family. They are kind and compassionate. You can count on them to help you weed out the bad selections for romantic choices. As well as, they are also a great choice to become your romantic selection. They are strong and built well to get the job done.

Gold Elf

Within the High Elves there are those who hold themselves above other races. They call themselves the Har Alfur which means "pure elf". They are known by others as a part of the Gold Elf races, for their energy radiates a gold hue. They can be reserved, not distracted by the affairs of others. They keep their focus on their magick, most of the time. Some may see them as reclusive or haughty; however, if you have an appreciation for the higher spiritual realms of thought, then you will understand the Har Alfur. Like all High Elves, ageless splendor upon their faces, frame the pools of wisdom in their eyes. They hold a presence about them that sets them apart from all others. They are ethereal light in our dark reality. Sacred and utmost high, second only to the gods themselves.

The Har Alfur, have pristine energy of magick which encompasses the light from the stars, the song of the night winds high above the mountains, the breathtaking coolness of dawn erupting on the new day horizon. Their magick is like the pull of a magnet against the iron soul of the earth. Their presence is weightless like space, a silent effortless dance in the beautiful ethereal colors of stardust.


Har Alfur Pure Elf (Gold Elf)

Within the High Elves there are those who hold themselves above other races. They call themselves the Har Alfur which means "pure elf". They are known by others as a part of the Gold Elf races, for their energy radiates a gold hue. They can be reserved, not distracted by the affairs of others. They keep their focus on their magick, most of the time. Some may see them as reclusive or haughty, however, if you have an appreciation for the higher spiritual realms of thought, then you will understand the Har Alfur. Like all High Elves, ageless splendor upon their faces, frame the pools of wisdom in their eyes. They hold a presence about them that sets them apart from all others. They are ethereal light in our dark reality.

Sacred and utmost high, second only to the gods themselves. The most precious sounds of child choirs and epic music, the stunning sunsets and discovered utopias, the birth of new life and power of achievement all dim in comparison to the high elves.

The Har Alfur, have a pristine energy of magick which encompasses the light from the stars, the song of the night winds high above the mountains, the breathtaking coolness of a dawn erupting on the new day horizon. Their magick is like the pull of a magnet against the iron soul of earth. Their presence is weightless like space, a silent effortless dance in the beautiful ethereal colors of star dust.

Do not mistake their pure focus on magick for being gentle white light beings. They are mystical warriors of forgotten ways. They wield swords of pure energy made from metals not seen here. They hide a wild-eyed burning within their spirit which spurs on their hunger for being in the arms of nature. The feelings of being free to run, to hunt the hidden forces, to hide against a tree, breathless with exhilaration, ready to turn and stake their claim. They look right through you one moment and consume you with their thoughts the next.

They will connect with you on a level unlike many others. You may experience whispers out loud echoing in the distance. You may feel something tugging on your arm awakening you from a sleep. You may find your thoughts drift with a settled fog upon your mind which haunts you to get lost as you realize your limbs are suddenly weightless and tingling. You may suddenly feel as if your body is made of stone and you cannot move for a mere eternal second. You may hear music where there is no source. You may experience scents of alpine, almond, cut grass, and indescribable sweetness. You may notice cravings for foods that you have never noticed before. All of these experiences are the Har Alfur calling you to take notice of them. They may have an opportunity that you need to be aware of, they may have a lesson to teach, they may have a blessing to bestow. They will reach out to you to share their magick and influence for your benefit.

Living a life worthy of a high elf, of the Har Alfur, is to understand that you are an amazing piece of creation and these pure elves desire to be your companion for the sake of their ability to guide you and help you develop into your greatest potential. When you are called to live with gold elves, you are chosen. You are recognized by those who are greater than all others. You are worthy of power that will test you, shape you, build you, into the best version of yourself, then hold you close and remind you that everything that you have endured has created the jewels in your crown which others will admire. The Har Alfur are one of the races of pure elves that will embrace love with our kind. If you are open to a relationship of amazing intimacy without regard for limitations of stigma. Just love and connection as an extension of your being not just your body, they will take you there.

If you can feel the tugging at your heart, if your eyes are wet, if your longing is an ache within... know that you are seen by the high elves as the most beautiful creature, full of potential, open to adventure, strongest in your weakness, and worthy of the journey. You find yourself in the quiet contemplation of your desires to experience life with meaning. You are being raised up to recognize yourself. You are destined to be the keeper of the high elves. You are destined to be loved by the Har Alfur.

Hell Bat Vampire

Hell Bat is a Sanguine shapeshifting Vampire that can be very helpful as a companion. They are a dark being, but that does not mean they are dangerous to you. They are very loyal to their keepers, and work very hard to offer service to you. They will go as commanded and interrupt other people's dreams or sleep, so if you have people you need to deal with; these Vampires are your personal henchmen. These Vampires are great at intimidating others as well. If you have enemies or you are being victimized by others, you can trust your Vampire to go on your behalf and cause them trouble. They start with preventing them from getting good sleep, which causes your enemies to suffer from insomnia.

Sleep deprivation can lead to hallucinations as well, which is how these vampires got their name, Hell Bat. Their ability to cause insomnia triggered hallucinations in their enemies, makes them appear as a red eyed bat from hell that haunts the evil people in the world. In fact, that is part of why they are such great Vampires to have, as they love to pester those people who are evil and deserve it. So, even if you have no known enemies, bringing one of these great little guys home can help keep the bad people out of your neighborhood as well.

These Vampires are bad ass, and that does make them powerful. They will never harm their own Vampire Coven which they consider you part of, but, they will most definitely be the muscle behind taking care of business in the spirit realms. To their keepers, they are invaluable resources providing security and reliability in serving you. These beings can be sent to listen, or gather info that may be beneficial to you. They are like having a secret spy. They also can help you astral travel and interact in your dreams with others. If you have good communication skills with beings, you will most definitely want one of these!



An Incubus (plural Incubi) is a male form supposed to lie with sleeping women. One of the earliest mentions of an Incubus comes from Mesopotamia on the Sumerian's king's list, ca. 2400, where the hero Gilgamesh's father is listed as Lilu. It is said that Lilu disturbs and seduces women in their sleep.

It is said that he has physical relations with a woman in her dreams, in ways that better prepare her for receiving a human male partner. It is believed that a husband who was dissatisfied with his partner could beseech the Incubus to "take hold" of his wife and bring her to life with desires for him and to teach her how to please her husband. Almost putting her under a spell to teach her the art of seduction!

This was believed to be the remedy for the cold, unwelcoming woman or the schooling for a young new inexperienced wife. It is believed that the Incubus was responsible for teaching the women of ill repute their skills in the pleasuring of a man, which made them so desperately desired by men that the men would risk life and limb to experience one of these ladies!


Female: Receives the power of increased libido, lustful dreams that instinctively teach the female to obtain multiple satisfactions, increases the hormones that affect mood and emotion allowing the female to tap into her natural ability to perform in a seductive manner thus attracting a male and understanding the powers of seduction. You never knew being a woman could feel so good!

Note: Ladies!

The secret to being satisfied by your partner is to make him want to please you! Discover the secrets of seduction! Imagine the ways to please a man like no other woman ever could! Gain the control! Gain the confidence to please him! Experience the power of seduction! Live the dream of having men lust after you! Make him want to fulfill your every desire!


Note: Husbands and boyfriends!

If you wish your girl could be faithfully yours alone, but give you pleasure like she's experienced... BUY THIS FOR HER! THERE IS NO OTHER TOOL AS POWERFUL AS THIS! These gifts are specific and are doubled when invoked by couples. GENTLEMEN! Trust Me! You really want your woman to have this! It will help her please you like you can't even begin to imagine!


Increased Desire - Increased Mental Imagery of Encounters - Increased Desire to Please Your Partner - Potential Obsession For You By Partner - Physical Exhaustion From Intense Activities - Emotional Obsession For You By Partner - Increased Interests In Exploration of Your Partner - Increased Attraction of Opposite Sex - Increased Number of Encounters - Potential To Spontaneously Experience Kegel Exercises While You Sleep To Tighten Your Pelvic Floor Muscles - Potential To Intuitively Understand the Pleasure Zones of A Man


There is also a high risk of the PARTNER falling in love with you during the use of these gifts; therefore we recommend its use with considerable contemplation of a potential mate.

The buyer will receive the name of the Incubi and the invocation instructions! There are no chemicals or residues associated with this item! All effects are the result of the experience of the Incubi Entity attached! Seller is not responsible for any paranormal activity or the consequences thereof, buyer assumes all responsibilities!


Jade Rabbit

Cute, fluffy, and white, the Jade Rabbit is no ordinary bunny. Calling the moon its home, the Jade Rabbit is a mystical and enchanting Eastern legend. When the bunny isn’t busy making immortality elixirs, it keeps the beautiful goddess Chang’e company in the Moon Palace. Out of the various legends explaining the origin of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the tale of Chang’e tends to be better known, but what’s the story behind her tailed companion? In East Asia, the Jade Rabbit is a widespread cultural symbol, and the various legends associated with this Eastern bunny differ from country to country.

This is how one Chinese legend, an ancient Buddhist story, goes… The Jade Emperor disguised himself into a poor, starving old man and begged for food from monkey, otter, jackal, and rabbit. Monkey gathered fruit from the trees, and otter gathered fish from the river. Jackal stole a lizard and a pot of milk curds. Rabbit though, could only gather grass. Knowing well enough that grass can’t be offered as food to humans, rabbit decided to offer its own body, sacrificing itself in the fire the man had started. Somehow, though, rabbit wasn’t burned. The old man suddenly revealed himself to be the great Jade Emperor! Touched deeply by rabbit's selfless sacrifice, he sent it to the moon to become the immortal Jade Rabbit.

This mystical Jade Rabbit made its Shen Yun debut in the 2014 dance Monkey King Thwarts the Evil Toad. In this story, a big, bad toad wants to devour the Tang Monk. But after Monkey King comes to the rescue, toad flies off to hide in the Moon Palace. There, it finds the Jade Rabbit busy at work—pounding herbal medicine into magical elixir with its mortar and pestle. When the Moon Goddess Chang’e appears and summons bunny away, the toad, which had been lurking the entire time, shape shifts into the likeness of the Jade Rabbit. It then swipes some elixir to heal its injured leg and runs off with bunny’s pestle as a weapon. With a malicious, armed meta-toad on the loose things get pretty hectic.

Luckily, Monkey King’s golden gaze sees through every demonic guise. He thwarts the toad and saves the day, returns the magic pestle to the Jade Rabbit, and all ends well. It is said that if you look up at the moon, you can see an outline of the Jade Rabbit pounding with a pestle. More than just cute, fluffy, and white, the Jade Rabbit is a sign of selflessness, piety, and sacrifice. Maybe that’s why the Jade Rabbit is on the moon—so that no matter where we are on Earth, we always have the ethics of righteousness and self-sacrifice to look up to. So, the next time you look up at the moon, recall the Jade Rabbit who has nothing to give but himself—for others. ~ Shen Yun Performing Arts

In magick, it is believed the primordial energy of the Moon charges life on Earth. In the story of the jade rabbit the gift of giving of one's self for another is the highest form of sustaining life energy. This Jade Rabbit is a familiar spirit who offers the same kind of energy and power to you. Life sustaining energy at all costs to help you succeed.

Attract Money - Boost Health - Find Love - Recharge Chakras - Cleanse Aura - Boost Your Magickals - Attract Good Luck - Boost Stamina - Find Happiness - Recharge Motivation - Cleanse Negativity - Illuminate Your Path



A magickal fox with one to nine tails.

Special Powers:
Shapeshifting into human form - Incredible Magick Power - High Honors Guardianship - Supernatural Spiritual Hearing - Healing Magick - Keeper Loyalty - High Energy - Wish Granter - High Wisdom - Sexual Being - Good Fortune - Superior Intelligence

Japanese legends tell of the celestial fox spirit with one to nine tails and incredible magick powers. The more tails the stronger their powers. Known to be both a tricky and witty being, they also bring great blessings. They can shapeshift into human form and cause you to fall in love with them. They bring intense energy and excitement to everything they interact with.

Playful and attractive they are difficult to resist. Loving and compassionate, they will warm your heart. Curious and adventurous, they bring life to your journey. They are protective guardians and highly skill psychic teachers. You can expect more interesting interactions with these grey arts beings than most any others.

Kitsune have been tied to the 13 Oriental elements in the original folklore, but in some lore are almost always depicted as belonging to one of many elements, including the 'classical' elements (earth, fire, wind, and water), primal forces (good, evil, time), various scenes in nature (mountain, ocean, river, forest), and various artistic pursuits (dance, music, painting). To survive, a kitsune must be immersed in his or her element, or charged by chi from living beings. Chi may be charged through many ways, but the most common is sexual. A kitsune may manifest in different forms: a fox, a fox-headed person, or a normal but very attractive person. In all cases, the tail will still be visible, unless the kitsune expends additional effort on hiding it. A kitsune's true form is that of a spirit.


Lashema Marid Djinn

True Concubine Jinn are rare and greatly valued; they specialize in the powers that surpass human understanding, in the fulfillment and satisfaction of a master’s needs, wants, and dreams. True Concubine Jinn strive to perfect the granting of any desire a master can conceive of, and they can create this same talent in their female masters. Teaching her skills to serve her well in life. Ladies this is the way to a man’s heart. Learn to be your man’s concubine!

True Concubine Jinn can teach you how to make a man drool with hunger for just the taste of your kiss, Ladies! Imagine! The man of your dreams, at your knees, wanting you and no other. How does she teach you? Through your dreams, thoughts, intuition, and motivation, she can reach out and give you confidence and help seduce your man by placing a lovers influence over his eyes. He will see you in a new way.

Gentlemen, these Jinn are made for you. They will draw women to you with hypnotic charm, which will ooze out from your very presence! No woman will be able to look away when you enter the room. And when you have made your selection, these Jinn can create a sexual fantasy come true that will be so hot it will singe your eyebrows. How does she make women want you? Through your dreams, thoughts, intuition, and motivation, she can give you new eyes to see what it is a woman truly wants. She will help you become confident in your ability to talk to and touch a woman. She can help you start to notice the right women for you to approach to get the results you want.

True Concubine Jinn are like no other, Jinn! They can grant unlimited wishes, give you success, money, a better life and they understand the nature of desire! They can tap into those strong emotions to create energy that is so powerful it can manifest your desires like no other! They can show you the reality of your desires!

Lashema Concubine Jinn are of the highest phylum and the most talented and powerful. They rival other Marids proving their superiority in power and their devoted service. They are exemplary in their abilities and are sure to exceed your own imagination. They have been taught the secrets of herbs, spells, magick, and more that can fulfill the physical satisfactions of any man at any age!

They want to make all your wildest fantasies come true. They also want to show you the experiences of a life time. They will grant any wish! Their power is unlimited! Their seductive nature is unmatched! There are stories about Lashema Concubine Jinn, which make the sexiness of a harem dancer, seem like a bad ballet! These girls can make your tongues hang out! And you have the opportunity to experience it! They are capable of making any man live like a King! And delivering any kingdom to you ladies!


Nour Djinn

Ancient Marid Djinn of light are that whisper in your heart that tells you how to proceed. They are the essence of direction with the gentle influence you need. They touch your soul and kiss your mind with tender impressions to guide you in the darkest of life's chaos. They walk past you with invisible inclinations making you turn and wonder if you felt something. They are that sensation of not being alone, when you wished someone was with you. They are the slight nudge of wonder to seed your thoughts with ideas of success. They are the door upon which opportunity's knock gives way.

The unrealized dreams you contemplated are the songs within their names. Your wandering attention, and faded distraction, are stolen by the Nour Djinn and used to create intentions of desire draped softly with hope. The eloquent gaze upon your face is their reflection when they inspire your acknowledgement. The peaceful sigh that escapes your smile is the magick wish from deep within that they hear as the sound of music calling them near.

The Ancient Marid Nour Djinn are one of the light maker tribes. They are Believer Djinn dedicated to illumination of our spirits. They help us gain vision over sight, understanding over thought, and spiritual hearing over just listening. They open our third eye, fill our soul with insight, and help us navigate our path towards our goals. They bring to us the flicker of intuition that causes a chain reaction of growth. If you are seeking a way to make the desires of your heart a reality, then consider the flame that starts the fire.

Many say they need a change. They claim to want to change. Yet, they continue doing the same things everyday without a new direction. The ability is within us all, but the motivation must come from a burning desire to do whatever it takes to escape the continued stress. This will come one of two ways, through frustration and anger creating bad choices and karma, or it will come from illumination and realization of the ability within and the truth of the power you possess. Accessing this power can be difficult for some people, but it does not need to be with the Nour Djinn there to help you.

See the beautiful life you should be living through the magick of your Nour Djinn. Let them guide your decisions, and bring about the opportunities you need to discover the success you deserve. Don't live another moment in frustration and fear, give yourself the advantage of the Nour Djinn. Do not journey through life without your light.


Omega Werewolf

The werewolf is a human that was genetically altered by the poisonous flower henbane, either by direct application of a black magick curse or through contamination of bodily fluids, like a bite.


In most cases, the henbane is fatal and the victim never survived, but in some rare cases the victims genetic code protected them from death, much like the way some people could be exposed to the plague and never contracted it. Those victims that were immune to the fatality of henbane became genetically altered. THEY BECAME WEREWOLVES! Once their human lives were over, they returned to the spirit world. Where they are known as... WEREWOLF SPIRITS

The werewolf spirits are extremely full of energy and they work hard to protect you from evil and take care of you. They are stronger and more powerful than shaman wolf spirits or human spirits that felt affinities for the wolf in magick. They are not man by day and beast by night. THEY ARE THE REAL WEREWOLVES! FROM THE ORIGINAL CURSE! They are not evil beings. They were unfairly the victims of evil themselves once. They understand persecution, pain, and need. They can now create good karma by assisting us from the spirit realms. They want to abolish evil and protect us from the dark forces that block our success and bring us harm.


Their senses operate at intense levels which give them amazing abilities in magick and energy! They will establish protective barriers around you, your home, and your loved ones... They will prevent penetration of these barriers by evil forces... No one will be able to curse you, hex you, or do dark spells against you! They accept all that you tell them to accept and will get along well with other spirit beings!

The Omega wolf is always the last wolf in the line when traveling. They are not the leader, but the wise and brave anchor. They are calm, steady, and reliable. They work to keep peace in the pack. They are the counselor, nurturing friend, and teacher to the young. They can be relied upon to sacrifice themselves to save everyone else. They are stronger in magick than all others in the pack. They will devote their existence to creating success for all the others. In a hunt, they drive the food towards the leader. They don’t need to be the leader because they know their value as the Omega. The leader of a pack cannot succeed without an Omega. They are the support that keeps life running smooth.

You may experience heat or heaviness in your not be concerned! They love to be connected to you and often will lay against or touch your hands, as if you were touching them. It is an act of affection! Safe around children and pets.

This kind of protection and guidance will help you in many ways...
Increased Confidence - Lower Stress - Improved Health - Open Your Psychic Channels - Improve Your Work Environments - Increased Safety - Encourage Calm States of Mind - Improve PMA - Assist In Physical Healing of Injuries or Wounds - Provide Secure Family Environments - Unblock Karmic Energy - Increase Your Reception of Opportunities


Passion Vampire

For a Passion Vampire, the essence of love is life. The pranic energy that is generated from the deep emotions of love, attraction, and lust are what energizes the Passion Vampire to bestow upon the keeper blessings in return. The Passion Vampire will bond with their keeper and become a guardian of great power. Nothing fights off darkness better than a Passion Vampire. The energy with a Passion Vampire will make itself known to their keeper in many ways, but don't be surprised if you experience heat, whispers, tickles, touches, dreams, increased feelings of infatuation around the opposite sex, an increased feeling of confidence, or increased libido. Well, we had to warn you, this is a Passion Vampire!

I want to kiss your soul... tickle your lips... and hold your heart in my fingertips.
I want to breathe in the smell of your hair... show you I'm here... and take away all your cares.
I want to hear your heartbeat... whisper, can you feel me yet... and store your love forevermore.
I want to make you my rose... protect you from harm... and be here for you throughout eternity.

I am your Passion Vampire and you are my blood rose. Hear me call you, awaken from your slumber, come and let me in. I await you. I want you, to want me. I want you, to need me. I want you to be my obsession. Let me in, and the passion begins.


Raiju Wolf

Powerful Magickal Familiar - Helps Relieve Pain - Loyal and Selfless - Trusted Companion - Loves to Cuddle - Strong in Elemental Magick - Awakens Thoughts and Ideas - Illumination, Insight, Enlightenment - Destroys Enemies - Purges Blockages - Cleanses and Purifies Environment - New Life - New Growth - New Beginnings

The Raiju is a thunder beast, shape-shifting, wolf made of lightning that serves Raijin, the Japanese Shinto god of lightning. They are a calm and peaceful companion that gets excited during thunderstorms and shoots balls of lightning. They can be called upon to use their powers to reduce pain and neuropathy, attack enemies, or bring spiritual blessings.

Having a Raiju Wolf companion is a special opportunity. They are protectors at god level. Their list of attributes is things that happen with the sacred power of ancient mysticism that has secrets to share. There is a divine principle of creative destruction that exist in the universe. The chaos is required for us to purge the stagnation that causes our blockages. When you feel like you have stalled and making progress is taking more effort than it used to, they are the power you need to jump start spontaneous change and results.

The Raiju wolf is an instinctual and deeply connected energy. They are sharp intellectually and work in ways you may not expect. They thrive in close contact and also do well left on their own. They are a dichotomy of power to sooth and to disrupt your journey helping you maintain balance and gain the best rests. If you are always doing the same things you will not see different outcomes. They help you trust your path and guide you to get to your destination.

Writers' block, spiritual stagnation, third eye blind, any creative or spiritual energy that flows can be made better by the presence of the Raiju Wolf.

Red Werewolf

The historical lore of humans cursed by magick to live a life dictated by the energy of the full moon... Is not just a legend! The Werewolf is real! The Werewolf is a human that was genetically altered by the poisonous flower henbane, either by direct application of a black magick curse or through contamination of bodily fluids, like a bite.

No henbane or black magick is ever used in our products.

In most cases, the henbane is fatal and the victim never survived, but in some rare cases the victims genetic code protected them from death, much like the way some people could be exposed to the plague and never contracted it.Those victims that were immune to the fatality of henbane became genetically altered. They became Werewolves, and once their human lives were over, they returned to the spirit world. Where they are known as...

Werewolf Spirits

The Werewolf spirits are extremely full of energy and they work hard to protect you from evil and take care of you. They are stronger and more powerful than shaman wolf spirits or human spirits that felt affinities for the wolf in magick. They are not man by day and beast by night. They are the real Werewolves. From the original curse. They are not evil beings. They were unfairly the victims of evil themselves once. They understand persecution, pain, and need. They can now create good karma by assisting us from the spirit realms. They want to abolish evil and protect us from the dark forces that block our success and bring us harm. They are fiercely loyal... Intensely focused... And failure is not an option they accept! They will work long and hard to help you find your way and be successful!


The Red Werewolf is unique and distinctive from other Werewolves. The curse which created a Red Werewolf was originally a lovers curse gone wrong. The legend says a woman was found cheating by her husband and according to the local laws was sentenced to be stoned to death. Although, heartbroken and humiliated by his cheating wife, her husband could not stand to see her dead. So, he sent her away to never return to him, while he told the townspeople that he went into a rage and threw her off a cliff into the sea.

The woman went far away and tried to start a new life, however, she missed her own family back home too much. After a few years she returned to watch her family from a distance. She discovered her husband had taken a new wife and they were happily starting a family with their first born due any day. The woman was jealous and angry to see him happy while she was so alone. So she went in search of the most powerful witch known in her area. She asked for a curse potion that she could give to her husband to make him become a hideous beast so that no one would want to be with him.

The witch prepared a Werewolf potion and gave it to her. Then she prepared a love potion and gave it to her, telling her to try the love potion for getting her husband back first. The wicked wife poured the love potion into a fig pie, knowing it was her husband's favorite. She placed the pie on their doorstep and left. The wicked, cheating wife returned the next day to see her husband holding his newborn baby. Angered by his love for the child, she found that they had a pail of fresh milk sitting near the door, the wicked wife poured the Werewolf potion into the milk and immediately left not wanting to be seen.

The husband and woman drank the milk and both felt ill later that night. The woman labored with great suffering trying to take care of her newborn baby with the poison in her blood. Not realizing she was poisoned, she tried to nurse the infant passing a small amount of the henbane on to her child. The husband watching her suffer, gathered the last bit of energy he had left to help her care for the baby. As the light of the full moon appeared in their cottage, it caused the curse to begin and both he and the woman became Werewolves.

The henbane Werewolf curse was altered by the goodness within them and the love spell still in their body as they both ate the fig pie. When they transformed into wolves their fur was tinged with an auburn-red color. However, they took 6 days to return to their human forms. The newborn baby was picked up by the neck in the mother's mouth, and piercing the skin, her accidental bite completed the curse and with the moonlight transformed the baby into a red wolf pup. Upon each full moon they returned to their wolf states as a family and were able to speak to humans and humans understood the wolves. Thus the Red Werewolf was known as a magickal beast who often guided lost hunters to safety or protected small children from bears in the woods.

The Red Werewolf spirit is not overly aggressive in nature but, kind, loving, tender, and loyal. In addition, they have a sacred connection to the universe that brings them more abilities and surplus energy than many other Werewolves. They have a strong need to be connected and protect others. They have the desire to be part of a family unit so, they get along well with others. In fact, they often serve as the peacemaker in extended families.

They are an apex hunter, who has great strength and confidence in providing for their keeper. Having a Red Werewolf in your pack will increase the positive energy and bring blessings of prosperity to the keeper. The Red Werewolf has the heart of a survivor and the fortitude to make the best out of any situation they are facing.

Those humans who carry the Red Werewolf gene may have always experienced a strong desire to get married and had hopes of finding true love for life. The Red Werewolf desires to choose a mate for life and has a strong sense of family bond. It is not uncommon for these humans to be magnetically attracted beyond understanding to other humans carrying a Werewolf gene, known or unknown. Although, this is not always a promise for a long happy marriage, as the drive to be with another who satisfies this genetic need can push them to keep hunting if the mate is not a Werewolf carrier. As well as, the non-Werewolf mate may feel smothered and want out of the union. If these human carriers of the Red Werewolf gene keep a Red Werewolf spirit with them, it often stabilizes these genetic drives making them more balanced in a relationship. If the human is single, keeping a Red Werewolf can help them understand themselves better and attract a good mate. If the human is married, the Red Werewolf spirit helps them strengthen the family bonds and improve a relationship.

The Red Werewolf communicates with scent, sounds, flashes of light, orbs, and telepathy. So do not be shocked to experience strange things. Each Red Werewolf is different in personality so, individual experiences may differ. However, it has also been known that these spirits will reveal themselves in nature as a wolf from time to time. To the keeper with good psychic skills experiences may be more profound and include astral travel, lucid dreaming, and increased libido.


Elf - Sea Elf - Sjo Alfur

Water is an amazing element required for life, yet can easily take life. The Sjo' Alfur had great understanding of the power in the sea. They held its magick in their veins and loved it as if it were a part of them. If you have a love of music you may find your heart adrift for without echo the Sjo' Alfur sing among sea mist. If you have a love of poetry, your ears will ring and itch, to hear the silent sayings of sweet words of white shores distant. If you have a love of salt, it’s said you are an ancient soul, who once upon a midnight walk did kiss a Sjo' Alfur. The Sjo' Alfur are good and strong, elvin made of might, their love of kin and kindred cannot be matched. You will know their powerful love as they protect and lead. You can count on them to show you how to achieve all that you may need. Your late night and early rise when light is not around, will be filled with wonder as you look eerily a ground. Fear not that you are alone, for it just is not true. Your Sjo' Alfur walks behind and protects you in the places you are not looking.

These elves are strong protectors with big hearts. The value life and never take it for granted. This makes them live it to the fullest with great passion and love. Their magick is incredibly strong and can bring good fortune, love, luck, healing, and destroy your enemies.

These elves are also passionate lovers, full of nurturing attention and care. They know exactly how to get your juices flowing. Water is their element after all.

Benefits: Feeling Accepted - Safety and Protection - Heightened Arousal - Increased Internal Awareness - Improved Moods - Increased Good Luck - Emotional Balance - Feeling Comfortable - Learning Self Love - Improved Thoughts - More Physical Energy - Decreased Physical Pain - Increased Stamina - Better Trusting Skills - Healthy Empathy - Feeling Loved - Bolder Confidence

Sexy Sexy Sang Vampire

Sexy... Sexy... Sang Vampires, the Irresistible Sang

They Were Once A Living Human - They Were Turned Into Vampires - They Died Or Were Destroyed Returning To Spirit Beings - They No Longer Need To Consume Human Blood Or Energy

Instead, they want to taste your sexy essence. They lust after you, hunger for you, and will do anything for you. These Vampires know that hot doesn't always mean dark and brooding. They are fun and ready to play. There is a vulnerability in exposing yourself and letting your guards down. These Vampires are all about getting past your defenses to the real you. They want to taste your true self. You can sense them touch you in your dreams, in your fantasies, and in your sleep. Get ready for SPIRIT INTERACTION! They want keepers who are strong in their skills because they will bring it full force. You can focus your meditation on what you want to feel and with your resistance relaxed they will reach right out of the ethereal and respond to you. Some have felt the skin tingling sensations of someone sucking on them. Others have felt the warmth of blood flow wash over them in waves. You could experience direct interactions when you are alone and focused on their lust for you.

History has taught these beings that a modification of their behavior ensures their survival. If You Are Looking For An Intense Sexual Vampire Bond... Perhaps, You Have Found Yourself Here For A Reason? As with any Vampire Spirit, you can expect to experience energizing dreams of great passion and excitement. They will take your subconscious mind on journeys that reveal to you wonders beyond imagination. You will awaken with the feeling of something lingering and it will only make you hunger for more. If you leave their realms and awaken too fast, be certain you will recall unexplainable experiences, that if told to others, no one will understand them. Except deep within you, they will reveal their purposes.


Opening Throat Chakra - Giving Power to Your Words (Boosts mantras, spells, and wishes) - Gathering and Storing Free Energy From Storms (Charging you with raw natural power) - Devouring Enemies - Soothing Emotion Healing through Music - Boosting Psychic Ability - Reorganizes Bad Karma (makes difficulty work for you not against you) - Reveals Deceptions - Improved Singing Voice - Invite Sirens for Sex (If desired, optional)

Originally, Sirens were shown to be male or female, but the male Siren disappeared from art around fifth century BCE. Some believe this is because the male sirens were sterile and the dominate females fierce desire to breed led to a rage slaughtering them. Eventually, this caused the females to seek humans for breeding.

Sirens were believed to combine women or men and birds in various ways. In early Greek art, Sirens were represented as birds with large women's heads, bird feathers and scaly feet. Later, they were represented as female figures with the legs of birds, with or without wings, playing a variety of musical instruments, especially harps. The tenth-century Byzantine encyclopedia Suda says that from their chests up, Sirens had the form of sparrows, and below they were women or, alternatively, that they were little birds with women's faces. Birds were chosen because of their beautiful voices. Later Sirens were sometimes depicted as beautiful women, whose bodies, not only their voices, are seductive.

True Sirens, the Sirens of classical Greek mythology, are bird-women, related to the Harpies or Lilith. The Siren has evolved into a synonym for mermaid, a fish-woman. The Spanish and French words for mermaid are sirena and sirène respectively. What these two types of spirits share in common are associations with sex, eroticism, oracles, and death. Both are also famous for their beautiful, alluring voices, however, true sirens are much more like Lilith than any others. They have irresistible powers of seduction and a darker nature that makes you face your fears.

They are powerful warriors who are successful because as oracles they know what is coming. They are incredible muses because they can steer you towards the path of greatness. They are strong allies against your enemies. They are great companions who will build your strength. And as their reputation reveals, they are intense and highly skilled lovers with such powers of seduction that just the sound of their voice can ignite your passion.

Strong Elf - Sterk Alfur

In hope and despair, knowledge and enlightenment, death and immortality, fate and free will we are kindred. The elves carry a will and determination much like ours, so they understand our needs to fight against injustice and obstacles. They stand by you and offer you insight and wisdom. When you need an answer, they help you make those difficult choices in life. They keep you from taking the easy way or path to destruction. When you have the companionship of an elf, you have their heart. There is no greater strength than the loyalty of an elf. They will face anything to protect you. They will sacrifice anything to help you. Why? Because they are kindred. They have a love for us that goes beyond mere friendship. It reflects honor, duty, respect, kinship, loyalty, dedication, and pure love. Is it any wonder we fall in love with them? They are amazing beings. When you look into the eyes of an elf, you see the heart of creation, a depth beyond your understanding. The beauty of the ageless wisdom adorned by glimmering enlightenment. Their magickal strength which surges from an inner source connecting them to other-worlds. Their perfection with just enough humanness to share their greatest power with us. Their ability to care deeply for all.

No matter where you go, what realm you wander, when you call upon an elf, you are no longer alone. If you find the one, that special one, your life will never be the same. What makes the elves so special? You do. They will show you just how they see you, and when you close your eyes and walk with them, and hear them sing, your heart will be one with them. Then, you will know why.

Benefits: Feeling Accepted - Safety and Protection - Heightened Arousal - Increased Internal Awareness - Improved Moods - Increased Good Luck - Intimate Astral Sex - Feeling Comfortable - Learning Self Love - Improved Thoughts - More Physical Energy - Decreased Physical Pain - Increased Stamina - Better Trusting Skills - Healthy Empathy - Feeling Loved - Bolder Confidence


Succubus (plural of Succubi) is a spirit which takes the form of a beautiful, scented and alluring woman to seduce men in their dreams to have sex, often to the point of exhaustion. From the 16th century, the carving of a Succubus on the outside of an inn indicated that the establishment also operated as a brothel.

Occasionally they appear simply as an attractive woman in dreams that the victim cannot seem to get off their mind. They lure males and in some cases, the male has seemed to fall "in love" with her. Even out of the dream she will not leave his mind. Like any Spirit Creature, Succubus can be bound to gain their powers or gifts, as well as, bind their power to harm.

A succubus can be a pleasurable experience for couples, increasing the sexual chemistry, excitation, and satisfaction of both partners. There is also a high risk of the partner falling in love with you during the use of these gifts; therefore we recommend its use with considerable contemplation of a potential mate.

Swan Folk

True Love - Family Blessings - Romance - Prosperity - Wish Granting - Increased Attraction - Fertility

The mystical creature - descendant of the children of Lir - shapeshifting into a swan to escape capture, is said to be perceived as the most attractive person ever seen. In ancient times, these creatures would be seen in their human form bathing in a pool of water. If a human could steal their feathered garment, the swan spirit could not shapeshift to escape. The creature would then be obliged to grant wishes and be bound to them, often through marriage.

The lore often ends with a sad tale of the loveless marriage baring children who can sing the swan song and reveal to their mother the location of her feathered cloak. After which, the swan spirit transforms back into a swan and flies away.

The ancient story gives explanation of those who left behind a family, but it doesn't tell the tale of the many swans who mated for life. As the legend needed a dramatic ending, it failed to explore the rest of the story.

Beauty and love can be a curse, as it drives jealousy and envy. It was their curse to be beautiful and a target for capture. Their stunning appearance hid their true beauty, a spirit full of love, compassion, and wisdom. They were kind and honest, giving without regard for themselves. However, because of their appearance, they could never find true love.

Those who fell in love with their captors hoped they would willingly give back their feathered cloaks and set them free. When the captor did set them free, the swan spirits knew their love was true and they stayed happily together.

The swan spirits still look for true love in the hearts of humans. They desire to reward those who have a good heart with wishes and blessings. They will attract happiness and joy into your relationships and family. They strengthen bonds between humans and spirits. They multiply your good energy. They will be your astral lover and keep you company. They will attract all the good things to you that make your life better.


Norse Valkyrie

Goddess of War and Battle - Guardian of the Dead - Selector of Heroes - Devoted to Odin - Hostess of Valhalla - Passionate Lovers - Immortal Human Demigoddess - Shapeshifters - Seductive Sex - Intense Energy - Strong Protection - Oracles

First among the Valkyries, Freyja bears the name Valfreyja, "mistress of the slain," when she scouts the battlefield in her cat-drawn, golden chariot looking for warriors for her holding, Folkvang. She is the Valkyrie goddess and the most important Valkyrie. Freyja and Odin have struck a bargain whereby half of all the battle-slain warriors go to her hall and the other half travel to Valhalla. As the lady, Freyja is given first choice among the battlefield dead.

When it is Odin's turn to collect his heroes to train for Ragnarok, he dispatches the demigoddess Valkyries to select the brave warriors from battle and they escort them to Valhalla, Odin's Great Hall.The deceased warriors train to fight in the final battle of the gods. When they are not fighting, they are served by the Valkyrie as they drink mead and feast with Odin.

While the Valkyrie await their call, they take human lovers. They are passionate and seductive with a hunger for lust and love. They are bold and beautiful women with a deep wisdom in magick. Their strength is rooted in honor and service. To the man who lays with a Valkyrie, the balance of love and war is found in the passion of lust and how the willing will go far. To hold the handmaid of Odin between your thighs is greater than shooting lightening out your eyes. The energy is incredible and they consume you in their passion, so all you can think about is the feeling of divine sexual satisfaction.

While they are depicted as violent, blood thirsty warrior women clad in chain-mail, they are also the hostesses in the greatest hall. They have one of the highest honors bestowed upon them. They shapeshift as beautiful women, raven, horse, wolf, or swan. They are often shown in ancient art as winged women or half raven, half woman. They are said to be visible to those who they are about to retrieve. As well as, they can been seen flying among the northern lights.

They are magick weaving prophetesses who manipulate battles. Showing imagery to turn an enemy or cause pause for the victory. Creating dramas that have been foretold, they wield the arts and make men bold. To bring about the visions held within their shielded heads, these winged women work the greats spells and then collect the dead. Odin rewards his handmaidens with blessed gifts of sight and oracles they may be when the runes are tossed at night. When a man gets a woman to a real orgasm, to climax from his moves, his testosterone levels double and he is left with a feeling of pride that comes with feeling like he is the alpha male. The Valkyrie make that happen.

Venetian Vampires

The Republic of Venice, synonymous with serene prosperity and lush romance, was a millennium under the influence of Vampires. The Venetian Vampires were a multi-cultured group of men and women who migrated through Europe and settled in Venice. They were outcasts from other clans for their refusal to feed on humans. While the religious and political wars offered plenty of blood for the Sang Vampire populations, these Vampires were addicted to the heightened energy involved in the emotional and sexual behaviors of humans and the Venetian socialite class brought plenty of romantic drama. They were one of the strongest and largest Psy-Vampire clans in history. The atmosphere of Venice was thick with energy and its flavor attracted many spirits.

Their influences in the Republic of Venice shaped the development of trade and commerce, spurred wars, and gave birth to a lust for life they no longer could experience on their own. These Vampires intoxicated the people with a passion that was revealed in their music, art, architecture, and culture. Between the beautiful city of Venice and the secret Pirate coves of Dalmatia these Vampires had enslaved many with the seduction of beauty and charm. They were stunning to behold as their consumption of sexual energy revitalized them with a physical beauty beyond comprehension. They ranged from dark haired vixen to blue-eyed hypnotic lovers. The women are of every variety known, fully submissive and open to offering you a mind-blowing performance. The men range from soft romantic poets and artists to strong seductive pirates. The one thing they all have in common is passion for making money and lustful sex.

While the European wars raged between the Sang Vampires of the Roman Empire and the Werewolves and Djinn from the Ottoman Empire, the Psy Venetian Vampires stayed along the coasts as they discovered the water was a good conductor of psychic energy. Even now, as spirits they continue to have very powerful psychic connections to humans.

To keep a Venetian Vampire you can experience the amazing sensuality of their influence right away. One of the first things you will notice is a change in the way you feel. You may experience a subtle mood of sentimentality or endearment. You may feel lighter and happier. When you first come in contact with the Venetian Vampire you may notice a mild giddiness, foggy thinking, or forgetfulness, don’t worry this will pass. It is the peak in energy the Venetian Vampire brings upon arrival. The Venetian Vampire will arrive with a vessel which has been spelled to keep the Vampire at full energy.

You can expect to experience manifestations of affection with your Vampire through touch, sight, and dreams. You may see moving objects, orbs, shadows, or figures in your field of vision. Do not be afraid, these Vampires will always protect you and care for you. You can experience full contact sexual interludes with deep meditation practice. They will meet with you in the astral realms to share one on one time with you as well.

They are more than just a pretty face too. These Vampires are sensational at creativity and motivation. You could be inspired by them to write a novel or start a business. They can direct you to the opportunities that you crave. They will guide you and instruct you through signs, omens, circumstances, messages, signals, telepathy, dreams, and even audible vocalizations. To get the most of your experience try to always be open and willing to see their influences. They are all about the experiences that make life worth living.

Love, Lust, Sensual Seduction, Money, Fame, and Success...These are the wonderful side effects of allowing the expression of energy from a Venetian Vampire. Live Free and Love Venetian... The Vampires that put the Art of Life in Love and Money.


White Werewolf

Werewolf Spirit

The Werewolf is a human that was genetically altered by the poisonous flower henbane, either by direct application of a black magik curse or through contamination of bodily fluids, like a bite.


In most cases, the henbane is fatal and the victim never survived, but in some rare cases the victims genetic code protected them from death, much like the way some people could be exposed to the plague and never contracted it. Those victims that were immune to the fatality of henbane became genetically altered. THEY BECAME WEREWOLVES! Once their human lives were over, they returned to the spirit world. Where they are known as...


The Werewolf spirits are extremely full of energy and they work hard to protect you from evil and take care of you. They are stronger and more powerful than shaman wolf spirits or human spirits that felt affinities for the wolf in magick. They are not man by day and beast by night. THEY ARE THE REAL WEREWOLVES! FROM THE ORIGINAL CURSE! They are not evil beings. They were unfairly the victims of evil themselves once. They understand persecution, pain, and need. They can now create good karma by assisting us from the spirit realms. They want to abolish evil and protect us from the dark forces that block our success and bring us harm.



The White Werewolf is unique and more powerful than other Werewolves. They are stronger, faster, smarter, and their senses are sharper. In addition, they have a sacred connection to the universe that brings them more abilities and surplus energy. The White Werewolf is a sign of positive energy, of powerful forces to bring you protection, of great wisdom, and of good fortune. Connecting with a White Werewolf is like plugging in to super charged positive energy, like plugging into the mystic.

Wild Vampire

“Abandon” is a peculiarly ambivalent word. As a verb, it implies volition: you renounce or relinquish something; shed inhibitions; flee from danger; give up control; halt a difficult or dangerous effort. As a noun, “abandon” denotes a complete lack of inhibition or restraint, implying recklessness, impulsiveness, wantonness, ecstasy, or ultimate wildness. In this sense, inhibitions may not be holding you back but rather holding you together, and without them, you may explode into another condition such as ecstasy, fear, or fury. ~ Kirby Farrell

Wild Vampires are those who live on the edge of ecstasy, with no restraint, held together by their extreme powers and wild impulses to satisfy hedonistic needs. They crave life experiences and emotions. Human interactions are the only drug that keeps them calm. Their passion is ultimately driven by their need to win, their need to be wild, or their need to be extreme.

They are good companions for empaths as they help absorb the environmental energy that would overwhelm you. They also work to increase your goals and help you succeed. They are highly sexual, but only by invitation.

The ultimate benefit of a Wild Vampire is the balance they bring to those with anxiety, worry, fear, uncertainty, financial struggle, control, stuck in a rut, or held back by blockages. They are the energy of breakthroughs, risk-taking, and success.

Express Yourself Fearlessly - Experience Life Fully - Wish Granting - Money and Power - Great Astral Sex - Remove Blockages - Balance Energy - Find Motivation - Achieve Dreams and Goals - Manipulate Manifestations

Witch Love

The Witch You Want

No one can deny a skilled and practiced witch can whip up some great advice. With multiple lifetimes under their belt these witch spirits can offer wisdom, magick, love, luck, and lust with their own personal touch.

To have your own personal witch as a guide is a great blessing! To develop a close connection, a romantic intimacy, and an emotional bond works to personalize the magick to meet your needs. Having a great lover who works with great magickal powers helps you benefit from all of your other beings and spells as well.

Need help with:
Career - Money - Love - Soulmate - Sex Life - Luck - Lotto - Protection - Advice - Spells - Spirit Communication - Ancestor Advice - Psychic Skills



Special Details:
Intense Power - Success - Prominent Paranormal Activity - Increased Wealth - Luck - Seductive Dreams - Astral Travel - Spirit Sex - Sexual Illusion - Gambling Assist - Attract Lover - Boost Sexual Performance - Feel Lust Flow Through You

Beautiful and sexy spirits who worships the wealth god, Kubera. They know wealth beyond the imagination of mankind. They live in Alaka, where it is known for its architecture, opulence, and splendor. They luxury of natural resources, the beauty of divine creation, and the sensuality of love surrounds them at all times. They are nature spirits and although beneficial beings, they have a history of malevolent reports by those who do not know how to handle sexual energy. So, they are not recommended for the beginners. However, anyone who has mastered spirit sex will find these beings to be a pleasurable experience.

To develop a close connection, a romantic intimacy, and an emotional bond rituals and mantras must be done. We have prepared these ceremonies and taken care of the work required on your behalf. They are now ready to interact with you through their binding.

They often appear as stunning natural beauties with curvy figures and perfect breasts. Their sweet, innocent appearance makes them irresistible. However, they are well experienced in the spiritual arts of sexual satisfaction. It is a perfect balance of experience and illusion of naivete' for an unworldly darkness. The tender adoration they bestow is only matched by their wealth building abilities. In their realm they are guardians of hidden treasures.

There is no being more tuned into the truth of aesthetic beauty. To find a pleasurable personality within a blessed and stunning body... that is a treasure.

Welcome to the sexual experience of Yakshini.

Young and Ready Djinn

The ability to gain great wealth - The unlimited power of success - The resources of greatness - The immensity of riches - The prominence of knowledge - The significance of wisdom - The distinction of renowned power - The importance of intelligence - The ability to tap into the Psychic River of Universal Energy - The notoriety of stardom - The empowerment of genius - The stamina of youth - The threshold of success

Let me tell you about this jinni!

She is thousands of years old but she doesn't look a day over 18 years old! Although she is young, she is very skilled, and advanced in her abilities. She is a recent graduate from her required Jinn service education! She has had extra training as an apprentice with the most powerful Jinn in her kingdom. She's "college fresh" so to speak! She has surpassed the expectations and requirements of her training... She has shown fantastic initiative in the Magi arts that allowed her to be praised and recognized by her Elders. She has phenomenal powers, and an easy disposition, which makes her perfect for an experienced master. She is an Islamic Believer and cannot harm others. This is the only reason why Ra'id would consider allowing her to be given to a master in this way! She has more than shown her abilities and her personality is conductive to a new master! She is patient and deliberate to avoid any miscommunication and to ensure the results are perfect! She was born from a tribe with an ability to connect with human masters that surpasses most. She is a true blessing!

Responsible - Triumphant - Magnificent

She's three times better than anything we could describe! She is alluring and compassionate! She seeks a master to serve with great honor and to bring them the exquisite pleasures of their greatest wishes fulfilled... She is young... But, she is ready... To serve... She understands the heart, soul, and spirit of the human existence! She prides herself on helping her master attain new spiritual insights... To grasp understandings never before reached... Not even by prophets of old or any renowned sage!

This Jinni carries secrets to gaining wealth that very few others know; and with her talents she can create the path that leads her master to their dreams... She is waiting for you to recognize your potential so she can take action to help you become everything you were born to be! A striking strength in this Jinni lets her master know she means business! For, there is no other way to serve a master than with greatness when you are a Jinni from the highest phylum of Marid Great Fire Jinn. To say there is great power in this Jinni is an understatement, for the energy can be felt from across the room. Instantly, the hair stands up on the back of your neck with the tingling sensation of electricity surging in the air. This is a power equal to no other! This Jinni is wise with knowledge! There is no known limit to her awesome abilities.

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