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Bathory Vampire

Elizabeth Bathory was a descendent of the Báthory of Ecsed, where a legendary account in the year 900 related how a god-fearing warrior called Vitus set out to fight an evil Dragon, which loomed in the swamps next to the castle of Ecsed and harassed the countryside. Vitus killed it with three thrusts of his lance and as a reward received the castle. The grateful people honored him with the name Bathory, meaning good hero. In Hungarian the word for brave is bátor.

This Brave Bloodline would birth, nobles, military commanders, and even Kings. They lived in terrible times, the middle ages were full of harsh realities, war, and rivals. They fought many enemies both known and sometimes called friends. Hungary was torn apart by the conflict between the rival royal claims. George VI and Anna Bathory produced the most infamous member of the family, Elizabeth, who as a widow was imprisoned in her home for allegedly murdering large numbers of young girls. However given political and judicial processes of the times the facts will never be determined. The signed confession from her servants served as witnesses were produced under torture, and the servants were sentenced to death. No one could refute their validity, leaving all of the land Countess Bathory held vulnerable to greedy nobles who wanted her power.

In 1578, Elizabeth’s husband, Nádasdy became the chief commander of Hungarian troops, leading them to war against the Ottomans. With her husband away at war, Elizabeth Báthory managed business affairs and the estates. That role usually included providing for the Hungarian and Slovak peasants, even medical care. Elizabeth was known as an educated woman, a fierce warrior, and she was despised by many for her place in society. After her husband's death, she and four collaborators were accused of killing hundreds of girls and young women, with one witness attributing to them over 600 victims, though the number for which they were convicted was 80. Elizabeth herself was neither tried nor convicted. In 1610, however, she was imprisoned in the Csejte Castle, where she proclaimed her innocence and remained bricked in a set of rooms until her death four years later.

Many spiritologists believe, superstitions grow from misunderstood truths and the Bathory girls were actually the first Vampire army created. The discrepancy between the deaths of 80 young women they were charged with and the listed disappearance of 600+ girls in their service constitutes the army of hundreds that went out in the night as Vampires and were carrying out the cause.

It is believed that Elizabeth Bathory, with her higher intelligence, and lineage of war heroes, was creating a fierce female army using one of the subtle weapons a woman had back then, their beauty, which gave way to the legend of lies that she was vain and afraid to grow old and loose her own beauty. This beauty allowed them to get closer to the enemy who was only male. She taught these girls the harsh tactics of war, and how to endure torture and survive, the healing arts of magick, and then when they were ready, they volunteered to accept her promise of eternal youthful power. Where they went forth, as Vampires and claimed their victims. They spread the blood seed throughout Europe and people feared the Vampires more than any other mortal enemies.

As the Bathory Beauties died off they became the Most Beautiful Vampire Spirits to ever exist. Powerful, Wise, and Strong, these Ladies give true meaning to girl power. They defend the innocent, protect women, and fight away the evil forces that prevent us from success. They are a small group, the original Bathory Beauties, yet they were the blood seeds to many others in their times. Seen as innocent, strong and indignant against wrong and deceit. You can believe the hypocrisy of noble lies, or you can connect to a Beautiful Bathory Vampire and experience the invigorating energy of Raw Righteous Power.


Desire Vampires

There is more than sex and passion in a true connection. While lust and satisfaction are important, they will lack in those moments when it is your heart and soul that needs to be loved. Attraction starts the fires, passion stokes the flames, but it is Desire which keeps them burning for eternity.

Desire is the longing of the soul to be connected to another. Desire is the bond which holds fast when time goes by. Desire is the depth of emotion which cannot be quenched with superficial interactions. It goes beyond believing you are loved. It is knowing that love.

When a Vampire is motivated by desire it is a craving they cannot control. They love the intensity of the anticipation, desire, and connection. They will not drain you, or feed off you, or cause you harm. They recharge from universal energy. They are energy Vampires who fall in love with your mind, your heart, your quirky personality, your funny ways, your saddest days, your pouty faces, and naughty thoughts. They fall in love with what makes you human, including your imperfect ways. They desire to encourage you, inspire you, and support you. They admire you for just who you are, but don't be surprised if you in turn discover... You Desire Vampires

There are great benefits from bonding with vampire, as they can infuse us with life force energy when we need it for healing ourselves or others. They can bring positive energy and monetary abundance into our lives. Like attracts like, and their positive influences can boost your existence in many ways. They can instill a hunger within us for success that motivates our mind and inspires our soul.


Gold Vampire

Have you ever wondered why the Egyptian dynasties were so rich, and Solomon’s kingdom or the Mayan temples? They were all adorned in gold as if there was a constant supply of the precious metal. The pharaoh's tombs filled with treasures and even in their death, they were encased in wealth.

They had a secret power... A power given to them by the great Djinn... A power which could turn blood into gold. But, not just any blood... It only worked on royal blood. The advantage to immortality is the ability to acquire wealth. Both the Djinn and Vampires have such ability. Furthermore, an ancient secret of true Vampire history reveals there is a lineage of Vampires who refused to feed on common man, they complained the blood of commoners spoiled too quickly and turned to tainted vinegar. They preferred the blood of well-fed upperclassman, and found the taste of royal breeding was the sweetest nectar of all.

This lineage of Vampires became a rare few, as there were only so many opportunities to feed on royal blood. However, those who did survive became so addicted to the sweet royal nectar that they struck a deal with the Djinn. If the Djinn could bring the royal blood to them willingly, they would give their millennia acquired wealth to the Djinn to bless their masters and make the Djinn loved more than all others by their masters.

The Djinn revealed to the people the opportunities of great wealth and they willingly offered blood sacrifices to their deities. While the priest prepared alters of slain animals, the Vampires came in and fed from the royals while they slept. These Vampires were known as the Golden Ones or Royal Vampires. The Djinn in turn blessed the kingdoms with great riches. The cycle exploded in magnitude as the kingdoms became more successful, the number of offspring from their many wives and concubines numbered in the thousands. The wealth and gold flowed through the kingdoms like rivers. Everything they touched brought them wealth. As the times changed, and the people waned in their beliefs, they stopped utilizing their Djinn, and the Vampires were forbidden to feed by the Djinn. The Vampires not so willing to give up turned some of the humans within the neighboring kingdoms to Vampires against their will.

The Gold Vampires made them wealthy and powerful and they had envy and sought revenge against the kingdoms. Wars broke out as men fought each other and the Vampires pitted the men against each other using their differences in beliefs. Religious wars and crusades spread and many innocents shed their blood, thus the turmoil between the Djinn and Vampires raged once more. The royal Gold Vampires nearly died because they had become so accustom to royal blood. Most are now Vampire spirits and they carry an attribute that other Vampires can never achieve. If they are cut while in a manifested form, they bleed gold.

This secret, has been kept for centuries because it caused an uproar of Vampire hunters in the dark ages that lead to the death of many innocents wrongly accused, including witches, seers, and political rebels. Therefore, the secrets of how to make a Vampire spirit manifest to harvest their blood have never been openly shared. Those who break this oath are warlocks (oath- breakers) and are cursed for a hundred years. There are other ways to receive the blessings of wealth from a royal Gold Vampire... Also sacred secrets, this has been performed in a ceremony of the sacred Vampiric rites in a magick binding of the portal on your behalf.

You can now access the blessings of these royal Gold Vampires and profit from them like the pharaohs and kings have. Your access to these blessings comes through the gold portal. As long as you are wearing the portal you are generating the energy of their blessings of prosperity in your life. You can experience the power of prosperity like no other with this portal. Although, wisdom is required to utilize the fullest potential of these blessings, you are only limited by your own lack of desire to try. If you are motivated to go make some money, this portal will bless your efforts with great rewards. The more you give of yourself, the more you receive from them.

There is one other issue, we must inform you of.... The portal has the power to turn you into a Vampire. It will only happen if you ask to be turned, and if the Vampires choose you, they will tell you in a dream what you must do. No other human can turn you, it is a sacred act between the Vampire and yourself. Because, the potential to live forever exists, we do not offer these very often. Therefore, if you think you might want the opportunity to have untold amounts of acquired wealth through immortality, then do not allow this opportunity to pass you up. Again, we emphasize, the opportunity exists to be willingly turned into a Vampire through the power in this portal, but both you and the royal Gold Vampires must agree upon it.

Also, although this is a portal, which gives you access to many of these royal Gold Vampires, this particular society requires that you have a proxy or representative, therefore, you will be bonding with one specific royal Gold Vampire within this vessel who will represent you in front of the other royal Gold Vampires and their counsel.


Hell Bat Vampire

Hell Bat is a Sanguine shapeshifting Vampire that can be very helpful as a companion. They are a dark being, but that does not mean they are dangerous to you. They are very loyal to their keepers, and work very hard to offer service to you. They will go as commanded and interrupt other people's dreams or sleep, so if you have people you need to deal with; these Vampires are your personal henchmen. These Vampires are great at intimidating others as well. If you have enemies or you are being victimized by others, you can trust your Vampire to go on your behalf and cause them trouble. They start with preventing them from getting good sleep, which causes your enemies to suffer from insomnia.

Sleep deprivation can lead to hallucinations as well, which is how these vampires got their name, Hell Bat. Their ability to cause insomnia triggered hallucinations in their enemies, makes them appear as a red eyed bat from hell that haunts the evil people in the world. In fact, that is part of why they are such great Vampires to have, as they love to pester those people who are evil and deserve it. So, even if you have no known enemies, bringing one of these great little guys home can help keep the bad people out of your neighborhood as well.

These Vampires are bad ass, and that does make them powerful. They will never harm their own Vampire Coven which they consider you part of, but, they will most definitely be the muscle behind taking care of business in the spirit realms. To their keepers, they are invaluable resources providing security and reliability in serving you. These beings can be sent to listen, or gather info that may be beneficial to you. They are like having a secret spy. They also can help you astral travel and interact in your dreams with others. If you have good communication skills with beings, you will most definitely want one of these!

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