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The Lamassu is a celestial being from ancient Mesopotamian religion, an Assyrian protective deity, often depicted as having a human's head, a body of a bull or a lion, and bird's wings. In some writings, it is portrayed to represent a female deity, Istar.The first distinct lamassu motif appeared in Assyria during the reign of Tiglath-Pileser II, as a symbol of power.

The Lamassu were household protective spirits of the common Babylonian people, becoming associated later as royal protectors, and were placed as sentinels at entrances.The Akkadians associated the god Papsukkal with a Lamassu and the god Išum with shedu.

To protect houses, the lumasi were engraved in clay tablets, which were then buried under the door's threshold. They were often placed as a pair at the entrance of palaces. At the entrance of cities, they were sculpted in colossal size, and placed as a pair, one at each side of the door of the city, that generally had doors in the surrounding wall, each one looking towards one of the cardinal points.

The Lamassu are protectors of the individual on a level more powerful than most any other. This is because they can become vessels of deity manifestations. In other words, the god or goddess can be called upon to be your Lamassu. The deity will accompany you on your path as your personal protection.

It is this power of manifestation that caused the ancients to build extremely large statues of the Lamassu in their kingdoms. It was a reminder to both people and spirits that they were protected by powerful gods.

It is an honor to have the Lamassu as your protector as it shows your deity that you respect their power and want to walk with them on your journey. The Lamassu are fierce protectors and their power is magnified when you request your deity to walk with you. If you would like to experience this level of connection or protection this is your chance to have the Lamassu with you.


Rainbow Crow

Powerful Magickal Familiar - Safe Travel - Loyal and Selfless - Problem Solver - Carries Messages To and From - Strong in Elemental Magick - Transformation - Energy Shield - Facilitates Change - Boosts Astral Travel Energy - Spirit Communication Translator - Brings Blessings

If your love is only a will to possess, it’s not love. ― Thích Nhất Hạnh

The Lanape are a matriarchal clan of indigenous people who are known as the Delaware Nation. They have an ancestral legend about the rainbow crow. After a long period of cold weather, the animals of the community become worried. They decide to send a messenger to the Great Sky Spirit to ask for relief. The Rainbow Crow, the most beautifully feathered bird, offers to make the arduous journey. He travels safely, and is rewarded by the Great Spirit with the gift of fire. He carries the gift in his beak back to his people, but upon his return, he does not appear to be the same bird that he once was. The fire has scorched his plumage black, with only hints of his previous color, and his voice has been made rough and hoarse by the smoke. In this way, his sacrifice is commemorated. Another name for Rainbow Crow is Many Colored Crow. This is in reference to the iridescent feathers created from the fire that scorched his plumage black, with only hints of his previous color that reflect when sun light strikes them.

One of the best ways to reveal your authentic self is through challenge, sacrifice, and transformation. When you are busy "Living 2B Giving" by being selfless and focused on the good for all, you don't have the energy to be focused on self. This allows you to discard the self distractions and transform into the authentic version of your soul. The Rainbow Crow is like many of us. We think our value is based on how others perceive us. We think if we are not admired by others we have no worth. However, when the crow stepped up and made the effort to work for the good of the group his reward was the sacrifice that elevated him to a sacred spirit. Because what was in his heart was more beautiful and valuable than his perceived external value, his authentic self is transformed to become a higher being.

Your Noble Self: showing fine personal qualities or high moral principles and ideals.

The challenges we face are opportunities to transform. They are unavoidable as even when we try to escape the struggle the transformation is our destiny, thus the challenges reappear. The Rainbow Crow is here to help you travel through life's challenges with success and in doing so, discover increased happiness. Just like his feathers that appear black, yet reflect his colors, he will help you see in the darkest moments when you feel lost, you are going to be okay. You are just going through the process of change.



A goddess of the night, who honors the wild animals, protects the lost and cast out, she helps us face the shadows and lights the way to find our path. The goddess of crossroads where all paths meet, she protects those who are shunned by society. She helps us remove fear of the unknown and leads us to self discovery, breaking down blockages and renewing our purpose. She blessed you with empowerment to live life awake and be true to yourself.

Therianthropy is the combination of human and animal spirit, form, emotion, or traits, most notably found in the Egyptian Theology and Shamanism, with Gods and Goddesses like Bast, Sekhmet, and Hourus. The hawk of Horus, the ibis of Thoth, the cat of Isis, the goddess of magick, and like many others these animals correlate to magical properties.

If you are drawn to wolves, you probably have a person in your life who is a raven or has a raven totem. The wolf and the raven are often mentioned together in ancient texts. In nature, the wolf and raven have an important relationship. Wolves use ravens as aerial spotters for possible sources of food, as well as using them to alert them of any danger ahead. The raven protects and alerts the wolf and the wolf sustains the raven. The wolves share their food with the ravens, when they bring down their prey.

The raven can alert and protect you as well.

The raven brings you courage, self-awareness, and awakening of your magickal gifts. When there is a raven in your life, there is a shifting of things, a change of things to come and your life will begin to get better. The raven is the most prophetic of all familiars. They are the guide and messengers to the gods. They are protectors of psychic people. They carry the the energy crafted in magick to its destination.

The Black Raven is known as the secret keeper, the teacher, the transporter of messages, and the protective guardian who brings forewarnings. Known to be the form that witches take to escape harm. The Raven power taps the dark recesses of our unconscious to bring forth transformative energy to our awareness.

The secrets of success, magick, spirit work, psychic ability, and realm awareness are all just the surface powers the Raven brings forth. Protection from enemies and exposing the fears that plague your life and block your progress. You gain experience from the wisdom of the ancients and the power of magick to prepare you for the next step in your path.

The familiar spirits of Witches past, the Wizards and Witches who worked with them, and the animal souls of the familiars themselves are known to continue to guard and direct the path of those who respect the craft. It is believed these spirits even reincarnate, thus bringing with them ancient understandings of great magical mysteries. Of those who do not return in the flesh, some are said to become the greatest magick power ever harnessed, the magical familiar spirit.

The general attributes of the Were Familiar humans are known to have sharper instincts, agility, and heightened senses. They have an emotional shading of their personality, where they can display the characteristics of their familiar animal, both in affection and interacting with you as a member of their coven. They often have a more primitive animalistic neurology which in turn gives them a heightened neurotransmission of energy. This is often seen as having exceptionally strong empathic tendencies, as well as, displaying the sixth sense. But, the magical familiar spirit is sharp in supernatural powers. They are wise in spell and herb concoctions. They are poised against the forces of darkness. They are shapeshifters who can be as tiny as a fly on the wall listening to your enemy's plans, or as grand as the shadow of night instilling unease in your enemies. They are your oracle connection to the other side. Your left handed protection for your right handed path. Thus, the Were Familiar spirit serves as an excellent go between for those who seek a deeper connection to the spirit world.

The magical Were Familiar is the human spirit of a witch or wizard and the spirit of a magician's familiar animal, thus the combination of two powerful energies into one Were Familiar. There is great value in keeping a magical Were Familiar. They will serve you, guide you, and protect you. They are especially valuable to those beginners in the craft or spirit keeping as they are wise in the ways and will offer you great instincts while your intuition grows. You can expect to experience them in a variety of ways. They are known to manifest as a physical shadow, a mist, a fog, a light orb, and a ghostly or solid form. They can shape shift into any number of animals, and tend to fancy toads, moths, and birds (and the obvious stray cats). They can manifest in your dreams guiding you and protecting you. Be sure to write down any messages or signs you receive. They communicate through intuition and telepathic knowledge and can be a whisper, an empathic gut feeling, or actually call out your name.

You are perfectly safe to bring home a magical Were Familiar when you have other spirit beings present, they are bound by dharma and practice a sacred rite of sisterhood or brotherhood in the craft. We only offer the pure white light energy beings and they are very safe. They will initiate themselves into your group of spirits without complications. You can also rest assured the magical Were Familiar spirit is safe to have near children and live pets. They will easily adapt to any circumstance and be comfortable in their surroundings. In fact, many children report seeing or hearing them in the house.

Being the keeper of a magical Were Familiar allows you to experience the privilege of having increased instincts as well. You will have the sense of being able to have eyes in the back of your head, (not literally), but emotionally and psychically. You will sense or feel when things are near you. You can feel when something is just "not right". The magical Were Familiar can also assist you with communication with other spirits you have as well.The magical Were Familiar will assist you in astral travel if you are not a Therian or astral shifting, if you are a Therian, and you will receive increased energy to shapeshift. You can be led on great magical adventures and gain deep insights and understandings from the cosmos.

The benefits of keeping a magical Were Familiar:
Sharper instincts and heightened senses - Stronger empathic psychic skills - Stronger sixth sense - Increased Therian shifting energy - Astral travel - Success and domination in your career - Stronger financial instincts - Boost in confidence and pride - Stronger hope and faith in your future - Ancient Magickal Transformative Power - Forewarning of Danger - Mysteries of the Universe Revealed - Receive and Send Messages to Other Realms - Uncover Secrets Along Your Path - Make wishes of your magical Were Familiar and experience their power provide for you

Witch Love

The Witch You Want

No one can deny a skilled and practiced witch can whip up some great advice. With multiple lifetimes under their belt these witch spirits can offer wisdom, magick, love, luck, and lust with their own personal touch.

To have your own personal witch as a guide is a great blessing! To develop a close connection, a romantic intimacy, and an emotional bond works to personalize the magick to meet your needs. Having a great lover who works with great magickal powers helps you benefit from all of your other beings and spells as well.

Need help with:
Career - Money - Love - Soulmate - Sex Life - Luck - Lotto - Protection - Advice - Spells - Spirit Communication - Ancestor Advice - Psychic Skills

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